MiMO Monday {Inspired By Fashion!}

Happy Monday, lovahs!

I woke up this morning with a whole new perspective...
-short work week
-only 3 days until Florida

...I got this!
Then instantly, I was like...crap, I have so much to do before then.
{my to-do list is a little overwelming at this point}

Moving on...I finally get to link up for MiMO Monday! Have you heard of it?!
 It is the cutest idea (good going Holly and Chelsea!) and I've been wanting to do it for a while. Basically, you find an outfit from Pinterest that inspires you, and you make it your own by using similar items in your closet.

Friday night, Billy and I had date night at a cute local restaurant and I knew I wanted to do my MiMO outfit for it. My inspiration came from the adorable Rachel (fellow blogger!) at Pink Peonies. She has the cutest fashion blog and I seriously adore her style.

This outfit was really easy to recreate and super inexpensive.
(although, I'd really like a pair of those Tory Burch boots Rachel is wearing..LOVE them)

Boot socks-H&M
Skirt-Forever 21 ($9!)
Sweater-Forever 21 ($9)
Necklaces-Charming Charlies and Forever 21

How'd I do?!

The rest of our date night looked like this...

jumbo scallops (mine) and chicken pasta (hubs)

On Saturday, Holly had a bunch of us girls over to have a wine night and celebrate her blog's birthday ;) She had about 15 bottles of wine with cute namecards in front to say what each wine paired well with. It was so much fun and we even convinced some of the other girls to run the half marathon with us this May! So exciting.

Afterwards, Alicia forced convinved Kelsey and I to go watch this band play at a local bar. Turns out, this band was ah-mazing and we danced for 3 hours straight. I'm talkin' no sitting down for the whole time. Seriously, a great time had by all.

I wore my new yellow necklace
with a hot pink blouse.

{awful, awful quality but I was in a rush..}

How was your weekend?!

A special Happy Birthday to my stepmom, Judy!<3

*Tomorrow I'm sharing what goodies {aka: recipes} I made for our friends Superbowl party & also a really yummy appetizer I made for Holly's wine party (along with the giveaway winner) so make sure you check back for that :)
**You have until tonight at midnight to enter my Snappy Straps GIVEAWAY!


  1. In a "Who Wore it Best" competition, you win hands-down! LOVE that first outfit!!!

  2. Love your MiMO outfit!!! Good job girl... you look so cute!!

  3. I love the outfit!!! Looks so cute on you! And what a great wine party idea. Sounds fun!

  4. I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! UGH! Come dress me! lol!

  5. you did incredible with your recreation! love it!

    looks like a fun weekend ... loving the hot pink blouse with your necklace too!

  6. Your inspired outfit is so cute on you! I love the stripes!

  7. I already told you your mimo outfit was super hot... but seriously - I love yours better than your inspiration!

  8. THe outfit turned out better than the original...LOVE it! :)

  9. You look great in your re-created outfit. Love the stripes as well. Also in love with your pink blouse. :)

  10. SUCH a cute outfit! Love the skirt! You totally rocked it :)

  11. I agree with you, those Tory Burch boots are awesome. But I like your outfit better! And I LOVE that fucshia top. It looks so good on you!

  12. Both outfits are really adorable, thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  13. You are just too cute. Love the outfit, obviously, anything b&w makes my heart melt. :)

    The wine party looks soooo fun! I want to steal that idea!

  14. I love both your outfits! So cute. Nice work. Sounds like a great weekend!!

  15. HOTTIE! I love that MiMo outfit!!! So, so, so cute. And that necklace with the purple shirt is to die. I've been MIA in the blog world and I am just now seeing your new blog design and i LOVE IT!! Looks so good!!

  16. You looked gorgeous! So glad you linked up with us :)

    Thank you so much for coming Saturday night. Your appetizer was the bomb.com and I just love you to pieces!!!

  17. that pinterest outfit...hubba hubba!!! love the booty pop :-)

    i have that black and white forever skirt! love it!

    i think that wine party looks like a blast!! i need to do this...so adorable

    happy birthday to your stepmom!!!


  18. i LOVE both of your outfits, you always look SO cute.

  19. Love both of the outfits!! What a fun little party idea with the wine. Right up my alley..

    Can't wait to hear your recipes.

  20. your adorable! I love the outfits! and the wine party sounds like a really good time!

  21. You look so cute! Love the MIMO re-creation.

  22. First of all, i LOVE your re-created outfit! What a fun link-up might have to try it! Secondly your pink blouse is the perfect color pink for my taste...I'm going to have to copy you on that!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  23. such a fun weekend! i love the idea of a birthday party for your blog!!

    and im considering running a half in april in nashville.....that's like halfway right? you should cooooome! :)

  24. That link up is such a great idea! I'll have to link up with them sometime :) I love BOTH your outfits, very cute!

  25. You go, girl!!! Both of those outfits are so fab! Love it. Hope your short week flies by :) So jealous of your soon-to-be warm weather travels!

  26. Love your outfits!! You are rockin that skirt =)

  27. You totally killed this outfit! I can't believe how perfect it is. Wish I was headed back to FL! Have fun :)

  28. Forever 21 is a life-saver on the wallet and wardrobe :) You pulled it off great!

    xo Shane

  29. That necklace is amazing! Such cute outfits :)

  30. Wow--your outfits are SO cute!!!

  31. Cute outfits! Good job on the re-creating that picture it looks awesome!


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