Love Like This

Happy Monday everyone!

Can we rewind to Saturday night?! 
Amazing. Sigh.

If you thought Michael Stagliano was cute on television...
you were wrong.

He is about 12 x more handsome in person.
singing. with a guitar. 
like so.

He is currently doing small acoustic shows, called Love Like This tour, and me and about 12 girls were so excited to hear him sing and meet him in person in Columbus on Saturday. The girls and I decided to go out to eat before his concert (like 2-3 hrs before - good idea Katie) at a mexican restaurant about a block away from where he was playing that night. Mexican, Margs, and Michael Stagliano...it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Well,we had such a good time and enjoyed one too many margaritas and then it was time to go hear him sing. Let me be the first to tell you....if he ever comes to your city (which he talks about on his Twitter a lot), make SURE you go. He has amazing talent (his music kind of reminded me of John Mayer) and had everyone in the crowd laughing at times. William, also from the Bachelor and a good friend of his who lives here in Columbus, was also there to support him. They talked in british accents back and forth with one another at one point ha ha.

(the girls with William)

...the best part?
(besides getting to meet Michael and hear him sing)

the shout out he gave me
my hug.

I was the 2nd shout out of the night (and I'm pretty sure the 1st one was for a really young girl so that doesn't really count, right?) It was so sweet and all my girlies cheered and I was blushin' hardcore. After the show, he promised everyone "hugs" (how sweet?!) and the chance to get a picture with him. I may or may not have been told about 9 times that I look like Holly (his ex) and I can't say I was hating it, even though she is obviously way more gorgeous than myself. Come on now..let's be serious. Either way, I was flattered.

When I talked to Michael, he mentioned he was staying with family and that's why he wouldn't be "going out" after the concert. The following day, I saw on his Twitter that the family he is staying with is trying to adopt an orphan child with Noonan's Syndrome, and he's trying to help raise money for it. The boy, Ryan, is extremely sick and is not getting the treatments he needs. The parents have a blog that you can read their story and even donate money if you are able to. Being that I was adopted myself, this story touched me so much and I knew right away I wanted to donate. It's also somewhat inspired me to share my adoption story with you all. 

I would *love* it if you would all take a moment of your day 
to go read this families blog. 

You will see that Michael wrote a really heartwarming post on it yesterday.

....as for my adoption story?
you'll have to come back later this week to read that ;)

Lastly--here are some other random pictures from the night. 
Hope you all had a good weekend, too!

Me, Kelsey, and Holly
...the gals in green!

Best friends since high school :)

Best friend Angela

Me and Kelsey

Overall, one of the best nights. 
best. best. best. :)


  1. I had a blasty blast with all you ladies on Saturday! We need to make this a regular occurrence! love you whole bunches! xoxo

  2. Wow!! Awesome that you got to meet him!!!

  3. You always have the best weekends! :) Looks like fun, child! And you wore your green!! Gorgeous as always! xo

  4. Um, one word. AWESOME. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

  5. ahhh so awesome! Looks like y'all had a great time..love all the pictures!

  6. great pictures! def. looks like you had the best time! so fun!

  7. Love all of this. Every single bit of it! Michael AND William are def two of my favorites so I am uber jealous you met both.

    I hope your knee gets better, friend. Sending you warm, healthy, fuzzies today! :)

  8. That is SO awesome! I would LOVE to hear him sing. I love that he is a genuine guy :)

  9. New follower and so jealous! He is gorgeous! Looks like a great time!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! Michael...yum!

  11. So jealous. It's not even funny.

  12. um...this sounds like so much fun. i was thinking the SAME. EXACT. THING...you look just like holly.

    kinda jealous you met William. i want him to be my boo.

  13. What an awesome night! Im going to have to see if he is coming to Dallas. SO jealous that you got HUGS from him:)

  14. That is amazing! I love this story and that you got to meet two guys from The Bachelor. I should have come down to Columbus for the night. ;)

  15. Love it! I really should have stayed longer!! :) I didn't get many pics :( wait ... Did stag tell u u looked like holly??? Omg amazing!

  16. Looks like y'all had a blast on Saturday and I will def check out some music and his twitter!

    Can't wait to read your adoption post this week as I'm sure I will be touched and probably like you and this blog even more! :)

  17. YOU DO LOOOK LIKE HOLLY! Girl you are smokin' hot! I am so glad to hear you all had a great time, sorry I didn't make it out {insert loser face here} happy Monday superfox, let's get drinks this week!

  18. Awww yay! I'm so glad he did a shout out to you! You deserved it! It looks like y'all had a great time!

  19. So much fun!!!!!!!!!! He is so cute! And I think you are WAY WAY WAY prettier than Holly!!!!!!!

    Looks like a great time! Have a great night!

  20. The FIRST thing I noticed scrolling down was William! I zeroed in like a lazer beam. I couldn't stand that guy! Although I couldn't stand Ashley either and we did conclude that he was probably a nice guy in real life. Was he? What a fun night! I gotta see if Michael is coming to Denver...

  21. You've been tagged! http://ashley-lifeunscripted.blogspot.com/

  22. That is so awesome! I always tell my students who are adopted that their parents specially hand picked them out of everyone in the world. They love knowing how much they are really loved from their parents. It is such a special thing to do. Thank you for sharing the blog!

  23. I am so jealous!! They are both so cute!! Does it seem like he is over Holly? I hated watching all that go down on tv :(

  24. all i have to say is...

    hes gorgeous

    youre gorgeous

    hes REALLY freakin gorgeous

    ALLLL of your friends are gorgeous...like fo real!

    and i agree with jess...you have the best weekends ever and im SO HAPPY he shouted out to you! WAHOO! youre basically famous

    and i must agree...you in green=fantastic!


  25. Funny thing. I was only a few doors down. Gotta love the Short North. :)

  26. um you looked amazing (duh) LOVE that shirt and michael looks like he is LOVING some katie....bill better tag along next time ;)

    looks like a blast!

  27. katie you look so prettttty! that is such a cute phote of you and michale the hottie. this looks like a night full of fun fun fun.

  28. Looks like a blast!! I didn't know he was a singer?? I will have to look up his music! He clearly was in love with you from those pics haha ;) Holly who???

  29. i didn't know michael sang! i loved him on bachelor pad. i totally am going to look up and see if he's coming to my city.

    and wait, did HE tell you that you looked like holly? or did other people? is holly still engaged to whats his face?

  30. Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to read your adoption story

  31. Wow! Exciting! So glad you girls had a good weekend!

  32. OMG I think I am more jealous that you all met William than I am about Michael! I loved William, such a cutie!

  33. So fun! I was actually just looking at his twin bro's & Deanna's wedding pics yesterday! It said he sang "Marry Me" by Train at their ceremony and I about melted when I read that.

  34. Oh my gosh! How fun! I'm so jelly. Maybe he will come to Denver and I can drag some of my gfs to go! He seems like such a genuine sweetheart and he is definitely easy on the eyes ;) I must have missed his season of The Bachelor because I didn't recognize him when he was on Bachelor Pad

  35. wait, didnt william get engaged to holly?!
    and you do look like her!

  36. ohhhhhheemmmmgee!!!LOVE THIS!!


  37. That's so awesome you got to meet Michael! He was definitely one of my favorite contestants. He seems like such a genuine guy.


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