You Know A Weekend Is Well Spent....

#1. You watch 2 movies in 1 night: Ides of March and Bad Teacher
(...and still fall asleep before the clock hits midnight.)
#2. You are actually with it enough not hungover to make it to a morning spin class
(...and get your butt kicked and actually enjoy it.)
#3. You finally find new curtains for your family room after searching for months
(can we say World Market?! thank you.)
#4. You build a fort in your family room like you're 12 years old again.
..it's not like we do this every weekend, FYI ;)

...and admit it was a pretty damn good time
for a Saturday night.
#5. You indulge in some late night fro yo because it sounds more appealing
than an actual dinner.

(my fav mix is: chocolate and raspberry fro yo with choc chips, strawberries, and oreos on top)
 Love in a cup. pure love.
#6. You spend excessive time in Hobby Lobby picking out supplies
for upcoming DIY projects
(...and don't even care how much time has passed because you have all day to do anything.)

#7. You drink wine alone

hey..I have my best ideas when I have one glass of wine
and no intentions on leaving the house.
#8. You finish reading the Hunger Games and then relate your own life to the story.
Like, telling your husband to give your dog more food
 because he NEEDS more food to survive
(...hint: I did that.)
#9. You actually have time to paint your own nails
...versus paying someone to do it.

My new fav nail polish
"Fly" by OPI (in Nicki M. collection)

So, what have we learned here?

You know your weekend is well spent when...
 you do a whole lot of NOTHING.

(..these kind of weekends are necessary
once in a while, don't you think?)

Last but certaintly not least--

Let's talk about about how much I'm crushing on my new blog design.
KC&CO got a makeover.

So, what's new here?

<---On my left sidebar, new networking icons.
Find me on twitter, pinterest, and facebook.

<---Personalized pages are added for: About Me, Our Wedding, Fashion, Recipes, and DIY projects. You can click there to see posts related to those topics! It's much more reader friendly and makes it easier to find things you are looking for.

<---A new BUTTON. If you currently have my old button on your blog...thank you, and I love you for it. But, will you do me a favor and update it to this new button?

<---Don't you just love the graphics with the arrows and pastel/glitter confetti dots?!
I've been loving pastel colors lately..mint green, light pink, and some gold?
Right up my alley!

I loved my last design, but this year I really wanted to switch things up and go with a more simplistic design. Tone things down and clean it up a bit you could say. I owe all of this wonderfulness to...

my good friend Drew

Drew is extremely talented and is one of the sweetest girls I've met here in blog land. She just started doing blog designs (she's also an amazing design contributor for Jen at Made By Girl...amazing, right?!) so if you are interested in getting a new design, you better hurry up and contact her!

Thank you, Drew.
I'm in love with my design.

Only 7 more followers
until I announce my giveaway! So close!
*Spread the news for an extra entry: tweet, blog, anything.

thanks, friends!


  1. Love the new design! SO CUTE! :)

    I painted my nails blue this weekend too!!! Love it!

    The fort is precious. Absolutely love that you two build forts.

    Can't wait to see what DIY project you have up your sleeve!!!

    I'm switching your button up right now! :)

  2. Ok several things...
    1. Making a fort is the most fun thing ever!
    2. I got the new lime green niki manaj color this weekend too and love it! :)
    3. I am OBSESSED with your new blog yayyyy so easy to navigate!! I think I am wanting a new something too...? I will contact Drew maybe because PLL did my last one but she's a little busy these days I think!
    4. Can't wait to see the DIY projects... theres lots on my list too right now!!! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the new design :)

  4. I had a similiar relaxed weekend..I watched 3 movies in a row (whoops) and ides of march was one of them. Love me some ryan g!


  5. P.S. LOVE the new look!

  6. I am LOVING the new design! I'm loving pastel colors too! I've updated your button on my blog :)

  7. Love your new design!!! It's so cute! Love the nail polish! I need to get some more. That frozen yogurt looks SO good, oh my gosh. Sounds like a good weekend to me :)

  8. I love the new design, it's so fresh and so clean :) We watched Ides of March too, but I feel asleep throughout the whole movie. I'm stealing your idea for a fort, that's genius!!!!

  9. Very cute design! Love the clean look of it! Also, forts are the best....ever!!! Looks like a guhreat weekend!!

  10. Your weekend sounds so fantastic! That's what I wish I could do EVERY weekend! :)

    And I also have my best ideas while i'm drinking wine. :)


  11. love the new design! so cute!

    looks like you had an enjoyable weekend! that def. looks so much better than dinner ... and the combo, i must try!

    cute nail color too!

  12. love the new design!! i have a wknd schedule (cleaning ect.) and this wknd i did the same thing! UMM NOTHING! and it never felt so good!!

  13. LOVE your new look! It's perfect for you! And it sounds like you had an amazing weekend....low key weekends are the best!

  14. Your layout looks AMAZING!! Drew did a beautiful job!!! :)

  15. your new layout looks SO great! i'm currently getting mine re-done and i am SO excited.

    i loved the ides of march! and that nail polish is SO cute.

  16. LOVELY weekend!!! My weekend def involved some froyo :) MIGHT have been the highlight of my weekend <3

  17. Sounds like an awesome weekend. You blog looks great!

  18. Looks like fun, glad you had a great weekend!

  19. It looks awesome! I love the simplicity of the design. Your only 7 more followers away? That'll be cake! I tweeted but am hoping to get a post up with a link to your blog before you announce the giveaway. If not, maybe I'll push you over the 900 mark!

  20. Love the new look and your weekend sounds perfect!! :)

  21. I love those kinds of weekends! Can we have a sleep over and build forts?! With wine of course :)

    LOVE your new design and I guess I will go through all the TROUBLE of replacing your old button with your new one on my side bar. Ugh ;)

    I spy shamrocks!!! Perhaps a DIY party, wine and girl time in our future???

  22. Loooove the new design! Sooo cute! Amazing job, Drew! :) Pretty pumped for this giveaway too ;)

  23. I'M BACK!!! OMG Katie, your new design is SO ADORABLE! I just love it! Super cute and super trendy!!! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!! THE FORT! SO jealous! I cannot even remember the last time I made one. You and the boys are sooo adorable!!!

    THAT FRO YO looks amazing!

    Miss you girl and cannot wait to see you on Thursday!

    XO, JP

  24. The new design looks great! The colors are very similiar to the colors I'm using in my wedding! :) I live for weekends like the one you had this past weekend!

  25. YAY! for the new blog design!! It was truly a pleasure working for you, my sweet friend!

    I LOVE that you guys built a fort this weekend! I remember making them with my sister everywhere when we were younger! Such a fond memory!

  26. I love your new blog design!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend of doing whatever you wanted!Sometimes it is nice to not have so much going on.

  27. sounds like a great weekend!
    Love the make over! :)
    I need to make over my blog!

  28. New follower girl! Your blog looks amazing!! Drew is pretty wonderful :)

  29. love the new look, Josh & I watched Bad Teacher this weekend too.. only we didn't have a super cool fort to do it in, I'm jealous.

  30. Those are my favorite weekends :) I love that you guys made a fort! I am so in love with the new layout! It's gorgeous!

  31. Love the new design! I loved the one before but I like this one more! I like that its simple and cute! Good choice maam!

    Grabbing your new button right now and switching it out on my blog!

    Glad you have a good weekend!

  32. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! And I'm loving that nail polish and your newly designed blog!

  33. LOVE the new look!

    We watched Ides of March this weekend too and also did a lot of nothing and it was bliss! Can't wait to see the new window treatments! World Market better watch out because I am headed its way soon!

  34. Your new design is amazing! I love it! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend of nothing as did I. You are absolutely right, sometimes they are NEEDED!

  35. Cute design! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

  36. Ahhhh loooove the new design :) so so cute! and yaaaay you are 1 away from 900 as we speak. You got this girl! Also, have I mentioned yet how jealous I am of your fort? Okay so anyhow, that's it. Love the design but love you more!

  37. The blog looks great!!! Weekends of nothingness are my FAVORITE! I asked Jason this weekend if next weekend we can NOT make any plans...so looking forward to it!

  38. We definitely enjoy a good fort night around here :-)

  39. Love the new design!! It's so pretty! And yay! You hit 900. You gained that many in one day? Wow!

  40. OMG the design!! SO adorable and so clean and fresh and pretty! its so you :-)

    im so excited you and billy do forts. you guys have the cutest relationship ever! Can we make a big ass fort for your birthday weekend!?!?!

    i love the way you did all your personalized pages! im gonna have to go stalk those!

    i also need a button because i dont have one! and i need to put buttons on my page of fabulous people like yourself!

    cant wait for your giveaway!!!! i hope its you in a box!


  41. Hi Katie! I learned of your blog through Drew's Coral Cafe. I'm an Ohio girl, also a Buckeye fan! Love your space here :)

  42. Love the new look!! It's fabulous!! :)

  43. love the new design :) and where is that FRO YO from!? that looks amazing!!!!

  44. i love days spent like that! and you're making me want to build a fort..and invite people over! how fun would that be!


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