...that's my 'word' for 2012.

The other day as me and Billy were driving in the car, I told him this year, for me, is all about growing as a person.
challenging myself.
taking myself out of my comfort level.
trying new things.
taking risks.
 living {and growing} in the moment.

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As most of you know, I got injured badly at the end of last September playing soccer. Sometimes it takes an injury for you to realize how lucky you are to be in good health. All my life I've played sports, eat pretty healthy, and been in decent shape. I run a lot and have participated in various 5k's, but I have yet to actually challenge myself. When I got injured, I thought about not being able to run again, and was aggravated that I never tried to run a half marathon or push myself past my limit.

This year I'm changing that.

I've decided to run in the Columbus Cap City half marathon this May, alongside Alicia, Holly, and my cousin Megan. It's time for me to push myself and take advantage of being young and healthy.
 No excuses.
I don't want to be just comfortable.
I want to do something I have yet to do, while I still can.

Ooh, and you better believe we will have awesome hot pink shirts
that contain a saying like, "Bloggers do it better".

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It's not just about fitness, either.

I plan on growing as a person as well.

I wish I could share with you what I'm trying to do, but I can't right now, until I know it's a for sure thing. But trust me...when I know, you'll know. It has been something I've been wanting to do for year now and I pray it falls into place.

(my fav quote)

Other various things I would like to do to grow are:
-save more money
-spend less
-work harder

So, what is your 'word' for 2012?

I encourage you to take some time to think about what you want out of 2012.

 ...then share with me. :)

 How will you make this year better, more memorable, than last year?
How do you want to grow as a person?

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  1. Great post Katie, you have a unique way of making people think, my friend.

  2. If you're preggers for KBSB12 I will punch you! ;)

    I'm so impressed you are going to do a half marathon! And it's so fun you're doing it with friends! I thinks it's so much more motivating when you have peeps around you...at least it was for the one and only 5k I've done. :)

  3. So excited for you friend! Completing a half marathon is a major accomplishment!!! Did my first one in December! <3

  4. Congratulations on training for your first half-marathon!! :) I am about to run(probably walk due to my lack of training) my 5th half marathon at the beginning of March!! :)

  5. Growth is such a great goal to work towards this year. LOVE this first saying...has special meaning to me. :)

  6. My word is growth too! I did a post on it a few weeks ago! Super excited for you. I know you'll rock that race! :)

  7. I'm so curious now about what you've been wanting to for a year... Blog about it if it happens? I have a word or 2012 too. Mine is potential. http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/2012/01/2012-living-up-to-my-potential.html

  8. You are going to rock that half marathon in your pretty pink shorts! I did my first last December and it is such a feeling of accomplishment! Good Luck in your training and can't wait to (hopefully) hear what you have been wanting to do for years!

  9. I have the same mentality this year and I'm embracing the concept of growth like I never have before. I think it's easy to just sail through life but I don't think that's the right thing to do.

    SO happy for you and the challenges you've set this year. YAY!! :)

  10. I've already blogged about mine - WAIT! Wait on the lords timing in my life.

    I am dying to know what you are hoping to accomplish on a personal level. Whatever it may be - good luck and keep your mind and spirit focused! :)

  11. I've already blogged about mine - WAIT! Wait on the lords timing in my life.

    I am dying to know what you are hoping to accomplish on a personal level. Whatever it may be - good luck and keep your mind and spirit focused! :)

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  13. What a great word! I posted my word:http://barefeetmakemehappy.blogspot.com/2012/01/positive.html

    I know that you will grow with grace :)

    Love this blog!

  14. Good word choice. That is awesome you are doing half. One day I will too. :) Here's to growing!

  15. That's so great! :)

    I love the word choice!

    Good luck with your goals!


  16. Loved this post! Such inspiring words :)

  17. That's an awesome word for a new year. I can't wait to hear about how else you plan on growing. Good luck with whatever it is. I know you can do it, and do it great! :)

  18. I'm running my first half this spring too! So nervous but excited!

  19. What a beautiful post! I love it! Your blog is so cute, and awesome!

  20. I have thought about this all day.. what word I would give you... I thought long and hard and i come up with "morning". I am the most horrible morning person you WILL EVA meet.. Like i'm one you can't talk to until an hour after i wake up..BUT i don't want to be.. B (the hubs) is a morning person and i would love to be.I think you can be more productive in the morning.. Workout, get a good breakfast (in stead of none at all) make yourself more look worthy. if looking at ppl in scrubs all day can be in any way cute i guess. but i feel like i miss out so i am glad you wrote this post and this make me want to strive to be a better morning person. SO THANKS!

  21. Such inspiring and encouraging words!
    I plan on signing up for another 5k soon so I'll start working out regularly again!

  22. This is such a great post Katie! For me I'm hoping this year brings CHANGE. I want things to be different in my life, I want to grow up and move on.

    A half marathon...girl I'm doing well if I could jog down the street. Maybe I should change that too.

  23. Love all these messages for positive change in 2012...I'm inspired by that first one already...it's all about celebrating achievements already made...not wallowing in those undone...GREAT post!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  24. You go girl!! Growth is such a great word for 2012! I love it.

    And I'm so thrilled you're going to run a half marathon! You'll love it. Just be ready to be hooked instantly and also to tear up several times while running it (because you're ACTUALLY doing it). It's the most amazing feeling I've felt in my life up to this point, and I even cried one time during my second one to think that I was actually doing this! It's amazing. You'll love it. My goal is to run a full this year, and I think I might break down like a small child at the finish line when I finish.

    And all of your other goals are so great as well. I would like to save more, and I would like to try to DIY some wedding elements without it looking too DIY so that we fit this wedding into our budget...

    Keep us updated on your training. I want to follow along every step of the way.

    Also...do you read skinnyrunner.com? You'll love her. And the blog "These Happy Miles" puts up a weekend playlist quite a bit so that you can change your music out for your long run. And Sweat Once a Day and Ali on the Run are two of my other favorite running bloggers. Oh you're going to be so so hooked on running long long distances!

  25. Growth is a great word! I will be there with lots of love and support, and who knows you might just help me grow too :) Can't wait to run that half with you! xoxo

  26. Great post!! Very inspiring:) Good luck with your training for the half marathon!

  27. Half marathon! Look at you girl!! Good luck!! I will be there to support you!! Maybe a big sign that reads "RUN, SUPERFOX, RUN!!!'

  28. Thanks for posting something so inspiring, I will give some thought about my "word" :)Half Marathons are a great start, especially for a soccer player (I ran my first three 1/2 marathons this fall and winter, and my co-ed soccer games were great cardio training for them). Good Luck!

  29. This is a fantastic, inspirational post!!! I needed to hear that this morning. Thanks, doll! :)

    oxox. Fitness Gal

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