MANY Reasons To Celebrate!

Alright, ladies.
(and the few gents who read my blog-aka Billy & Beau)

There is SO much going on this week.......
to L O V E.

and I have finally uploaded all my pictures
from Thanksgiving & other various birthday celebrations
 to finish my recap today!

Let's chat about all these celebatory reasons, shall we?!

#1. I got 4 Christmas presents done yesterday. This is HUGE for me...I don't remember the last time I got gifts bought before December even hit. I'm feeling prettyyyy good..don't burst my bubble for those who have all their shopping done!

#2. The VS Fashion Show last night was by far one of my favorites they have ever done. The aquatic section {along with most of the others} blew my mind and had me hoping a pair of huge wings show up under my tree for Christmas....oh, and light up tutus and bras.

Pinned Image

Fun fact: Not many people know, but the owner of VS lives in Columbus and last year on the fashion show they played Ohio State's hang on sloopy when the girls walked down the runway for a bit! It was prettyyyyy cool, if I do say so myself ;)

#3. Did you guys also see what happened last night in sports?! #2 OSU basketball had a big game against #4 DUKE and well.....WHOMPED on them! Wasn't even close! Final score?

No big deal.
In addition, I know you all have probably already heard, but Urban Meyer has accepted the head football position at Ohio State and obviously, everyone and their dog in our city is over the moon excited!!!!! I have even more reason to like this deal because I went to BGSU and Urban Meyer also coached at BGSU and totally turned the team around! So now, not only has he represented my college team, but now my hometown team. Let's just forget he ever coached the gators, shall we? just kidding, Florida fans. :)

I will be honest though...
I still miss my Jimmy Tressel and wish he were still the coach somewhat.

#4. I woke up to a tweet from Michael Stagliano from the Bachelorette & Bachelor pad 2. Well, he tweeted both me and Kristin, responding about his upcoming trip to Columbus {weekend of Jan 7th}. I'm still a newbie with Twitter, but this must mean I'm somewhat cool right? or just that he's trying to promote his new singing career. I tried to contain my excitement when I shared the news with Billy. Michael was my fav on Jillian's season and I loved him on BP2. You better believe I'm going to round up my single friends and try to "run into" him that weekend...

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#5. The Columbus blogger meet up is THIS SATURDAY! I'm so excited to meet 20-some bloggers & friends around the area..some of which I've talked to for months now. It will be so nice to put a name with a face!

...and then blog about it, of course.

Thanksgiving weekend we had a lot going on -- many many reasons to celebrate! Not only was it the yummiest holiday of all, but it was my Dad's 60th surprise birthday party, the OSU/Michigan game {let's not talk about it.}, my niece Mara's 7th birthday party, and my good friend and cousin came home from Colorado to visit. That's like celebration overload right there and I loved every minute of it.  

At the same time, it was also the last party / weekend in my parents house as they are officially moved out now :( There are so many great memories from the house and I just wanted to stay there all day. My Dad's 60th party was a great way to spend the last weekend there.

the view.

the back of my parents house.

such a fun, beautiful home. I will miss it so much!

For Thanksgiving, we went to my Aunt Donna's house in Xenia/Springfield area which is about an 1 from our house. There were about 50 of our family members there and it was a grand ole time! Our thanksgiving is a whole day thing...we get there around 1pm, snack and drink for a couple hours, eat around 5pm, and don't head home until around midnight. My family always has the tradition of picking teams & playing euchre, but they also started a talent show tradition. This year, all the kids in the family got up and sang songs or did tricks they had been practicting. It was so cute!

You can kinda see all the kids sitting here. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many other pictures. Too busy eating I guess ;)

My niece Mara turned 7 and her birthday was the day after Thanksgiving. She is getting so big so quickly!! I just can't believe it..she's like a young woman and it makes me sad. Here's what I wore and pictures from the day.

{boots: Charlotte Russe, top: Target, Jeans: American Rag, belt: from another shirt, watch: La Mer collections}

the birthday girl and family pictures.

So, I've mentioned it before but for those of you that don't know..my stepbrother has quintuplets - 3 girls and 2 boys! They also have another baby who is almost 2 :) That is the quintuplet girls pictured above.

Billy playing rock paper scissors with my nephew Brady.

The next party was my Dad's 60th surprise party. That morning of, he was still clueless even when people were showing up for the party. He knew that some of us were coming over to watch the OSU/Michigan game, but he didn't know the extent of WHO all was coming. It ended up that 60 of our closest family and friends showed up! He was so surprised. I made two big batches of cowboy cavier and it was a big hit. I also put up some pictures of when I was younger with my Dad scattered around the basement. I wouldv'e liked to do more, but I just didn't have enough time with everything going on.

my family.

Dad was tired of pictures at this point haha

picture boards my aunt made of my Dad's football career
 in high school and college

watching the game in the theatre room for our last time..

2 things to notice here:
My Dad's cah-razy friend who wore these sandals with socks. NOT OK. ha.
Yes, that's me choking my best friend Lindsay. who is a Michigan fan. hiss...boo.

Michigan won this year, but the previous 7 years we have won and now that we have Urban Meyer I think our winning streak will be returning!

OK...Almost done...enjoying a night out with friends! :)

A special CONGRATULATIONS to one of my best girlfriends, Rachel {pictured far right below} on finding out she is having a baby GIRL!!!

Oohh, and look who I got to hang out with for her birthday celebration...

so much fun.

WOW...Sorry for so many pictures but I wanted to get the recap done :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Deck The House with Glitter and Christmas Cards!

Fa LaLaLaLa...


Happy Tuesday friends!
{thumbs up..}

I don't know about you, but I'm so happy we made it past yesterday. The first day of work after a long holiday weekend always seems so long and well, somewhat terrible. Add some rain on top of that and you got yourself a sweatpants, hoodie, and movie kinda night. Yep, that's what I did last night..not sure about you. :)

The Krysh household is all decorated for Christmas, except for our tree which we are doing on Friday, and I'm L-O-V-I-N-G it. I'm a sucker for pretty decorations {shiny and glittery..what?}, comfort foods, Christmas movies, sugar cookie candles that I often want to eat, and snuggling up on the couch. I started decorating our house a little early {like before Thanksgiving} this year, but I really enjoy getting the most time possible to enjoy them.

{runner: Target, candle: Yankee Candle, centerpiece: DIY}

This centerpiece was such an easy DIY. My girlfriend Jessie gave me the inspiration and I decided to use it for our kitchen table. All I did was take a clear round vase I already had at home and filled it with red bulbs {or whatever color you prefer.} Then, I put the silver twigs {found at Hobby Lobby} in between the bulbs to hold them in place. For the final touch I used a hot glue gun to add a ribbon around the top to jazz it up a bit. Very inexpensive and hey, I think it looks pretty cute!

and if you don't think so...
well, back off.
just kidding ;)

I linked up @ Hi Sugarplum to share this easy DIY Christmas craft!
If you want to check out other crafts to make, go visit her blog because there are soo many cute ones.

and then last night I came home to these...

they are beautiful and match our Christmas decor..
double. bonus!

thank you, babe.

It's almost December...holy cow!
I really can't believe it, but I seriously love the holidays. I'm hoping to get our Christmas cards sent out in the mail soon {you know, that is if life doesn't get in the way}, so I figured I'd share our cards this year!

I decided to order our Christmas cards
 from two different places {yeah, I'm that indecisive}:
Shutterfly {because they are reliable and cute} and Vistaprint {because I had a great coupon.} I was nervous the ones from Vistaprint would take longer to arrive, so I figured I could send out the Shutterfly ones in the meantime while I was waiting. I didn't want to be stuck with nothing...because well, that would be just awful.

<insert control freak comment>

Here they are!

{designed from Shutterfly}

{designed from Vistaprint}

I decided to keep the same pictures and wording just to keep it easy, but switch up the designs. The picture of me and Billy kissing and holding up the "1 year" sign is from our 1 year wedding anniversary trip to Boston. You can read about that here if you missed it! I thought it was a cute picture to include this year on our cards. I'm really happy with how both of them turned out!

 What do you think of our Christmas cards?

Where did you order yours from?

Also, I know that I would love to get some Christmas cards from my blogger friends, so if you would like one of ours, leave me a comment or email me and I can make sure I get your address. We can do a little swapsies!! :)

Tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
and I'm not kidding when I say I look forward to watching it every year!

It gives me motivation every winter to get my booty out of the house and RUN. I'm also known to print out pictures of some of the ladies and tape them on our refrigerator door {I know Billy doesn't object...} Don't judge me until you try it. However, I'm not usually injured every year like I am this year, so it looks like I won't be able to take any aggression out on the treadmill.

sad face.

For now, I'll just dream about magically developing Marissa Miller's body.

{PS-My Thanksgiving full recape will be tomorrow. My camera died on me this morning!}


Thanksgiving in {Half} Review + KEP Winner

How was your Thanksgiving everyone?

Ours was busy, but wonderful! I think we had a different birthday or holiday party everyday to go to.  We traveled to my aunt and uncle's house about an hour away from us on Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the holiday weekend here. Me and Billy usually rotate holidays with our families {Thanksgiving with mine, Christmas with his, and next year we will swap them} since his family is 2 hours away. This year was supposed to be his side for Thanksgiving, but we decided to we will spend Christmas in Cleveland with them instead.

Although we didn't get much R&R over the weekend, it was great to have so many different parties to go to. I had every intention on sharing all the pictures I took today, but at the last moment forgot to upload the pictures. Minor detail, Katie..minor detail.

Here's a little sneak peak
but you'll have to wait for tomorrow for all the pictures & stories!

First up
A video of my niece, Mary Kate,
singing "Sexy and I Know It"

Isn't she cute?
If you're wondering, that's her sister and brother featured in this for the other .5 seconds.

Now...my Dad's side of the family loves to play euchre and every Thanksgiving they pick partners names out of a hat.

So, what do you get when you have 4 of my aunts
+ lots of booze
+ cards?

I'm not sure either.
but it was pretty entertaining to watch them battle it out.

Side note: my Dad and stepmom Judy
 are standing up on the left :)

The last party at my parents house since it sold. Oh how I will miss this backyard and view. Tear.  
{my Dad's 60 surprise party}

Rocky was tuckered out
 from all the Thanksgiving madness...

treated myself to a nice mani/pedi
went with a deep teal on my fingers
deep plum red on my toes :)

and finally...here is the winner for the KEP Designs giveaway!
I used Random Generator to pick the winner.

Congratulations to....

shine on...tales of a twenty-something

Meghan from Shine On

I will contact you shortly about which cuff you would like & to get your address.

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway! :)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Thanksgiving recap
I promise it'll be better than the first ;)


The La Mer wrap watches are back on Ideeli 
so if you didn't snatch one up before this is the time to get one...half off, ladies!
Click here to order yours
or for an invite.

I seriously love mine {black/rose gold; pictured above} and wear it everyday.
They still have this one available.

Get to shopping!!


*A Special List* and DIY Apothecary Jars!

Good morning, darlings!
Happy {almost} Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I spent some time to jot down things I'm feeling thankful for and wanted to share some of my list with you. I would be lying if I said the holidays were easy for me, being that my Mom isn't here to share them with me. However, I am so grateful for the other amazing people I have in my life. It's easy to get sidetracked and to be overly busy in life, but especially around the holidays it's nice to take a moment to appreciate and express all the blessings you do have in your life.

What are you thankful for this year?

So,  you all know how much I love a good DIY project...especially ones that are holiday related! I typically like to get a jump on my Christmas decorations so that right after Thanksgiving is over, we can start enjoying them in our home.

Today, a different Katie who blogs at Married with A Pup will be sharing with you how to make
 DIY Apothecary Jars
that I've definitely been eyeing
 on that one addiction website called

Married...With a Pup

Katie and her husband just built a beautiful new home
 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
...which means she is only 2 hours from me!
Hoping to meet you someday, girly.

Enough of the small talk....
this DIY project is awesome.

Hi everybody! 
 It's Katie from Married...with a pup.  Yup, you've got another Katie today!  Can you believe this is my very first time guest posting for another blog?!?  A BIG thanks to Katie for letting me take over her blog today to feature a DIY holiday project!  Let me tell you, this one was pretty much a nightmare for me.  But hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and it will be easier for you! 
 So you wanna see what I made:

I adapted these DIY apothecary jars from Shanty-2-Chic's blog.  These are a super duper easy way to make your own jars without paying the big bucks!  Plus, how cute and festive do these jars look all dressed up for Christmas?!?  Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Gather your supplies! Here is what you need:

3 jars with lids- differing sizes if you like
3 wooden letters that spell "joy"
3 wooden finials
3 4x4 wooden bases
3 5x5 wooden bases
3 wooden candle sticks- differing sizes if you like
Ribbon to hang the letters
Holiday ribbon to tie around finials
Black acrylic paint
Christmas candy
Gorilla Glue

2. Paint finials, lids of jars, all bases, candle sticks, and letters black with the acrylic paint.  I added a little black glitter acrylic paint to my letters, but it is up to you!

3.  Using the gorilla glue, adhere candle sticks to top and bottom bases.  Also, glue the finials on top of the lids.

4.  Fill the jars with any type of item; I used the mints.  Here's a hint.....don't use a candy that you have to unwrap.  Please use my stupidity and don't make this mistake!  I unwrapped...and unwrapped for what seemed forever!  You could use mini ornaments, Christmas bells, tinsel, or anything you like!

5. Lastly, assemble and make beautiful! 

This project definitely got me in the DIYing spirit. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and again, thanks to Katie for allowing me to guest post!!!

Aren't those jars perfect for Christmas?
and {relatively} easy ;)
They look so cute, Katie.
Great job and thank you so much for sharing with us!
Don't forget to go check out her awesome blog.

I'm already thinking about where I can get those supplies so I can make some jars of my own.

I want to wish all of you a very
happy thanksgiving
I'll catch you all after we are out of our food comas!

PS: Remember that awesome giveaway with KEP Designs I'm hosting? You have until this Sunday to enter for your chance to win a beautiful bangle!



{Twenty.Five} Meet Me...Again.

Margaritas, a pool, and mexican food
is how I'd enjoy everyday in the summer if I could.

Sometimes I let my dog have a sip out of my beer or water glasses {more often water than beer..I'm a good fur mom} and I continue drinking out of it.

I enjoy messing with Billy when he's sleeping or when he's passed out after a long day of tailgaiting...
but will whine if he does it to me.


I HATE being late.
can't stand it.

Naples, FL is my happy place!
If I could pick one place to travel to and from every year, it would be Naples. We usually try to go every winter because by the time Febuary hits in Ohio, we are ready to escape the cold!

I'm adopted
and have met my birth mom and other family members!
She lives 15 mins away from me.

2 years ago at a Lil Wayne concert, I decided to take it upon myself to help the young mother in the row in front of us who had 3 children under the age of 10 with her (at Lil Wayne...c'mon now?!) and hold her youngest child for 2 + hours. I held him the entire time and we rocked out to Lil Wayne together.
.....he was pretty badass.

{I think he's singing "A Milli" here..}

I have a list on my iPhone of my favorite girl and boy baby names. Each time I hear or see one I like, I add it to the list. This makes me feel like I won't forget one when "the time" comes for baby K's!

St. Patricks Day is my favorite holiday
with Halloween being a close {tie} or second.

I love a good routine, especially the weekdays before work.
I do the same thing every day in the same order...a little OCD.

I had a semi (ok, full fledge) unibrow in high school.
yes, still in high school.
I wish this weren't true, trust me. I still blame my friends for not telling me sooner to tweeeeezzzz that shizz.

I'm extremely indecisive.
I love to shop {clearly} but I go back and forth between buying things all the time.
I know I won't wear something I bought if I don't immediately take it out of the bag when I get home and hang it up...sooo I usually take it back.

I've gone {semi} blonde once or twice in my day.

I have to eat a banana or an apple everyday.
I'm also known to pack random snacks in my purse.
I have to eat every 2 hours or I get the shakes.

I hate talking on the phone.
There are certain times I enjoy it, but they only come a couple times a year. I'm trying to get better at returning peoples phone calls. :/

I love to drop it like it's HOTTTT.

I love going to the zoo.
I love all animals in general.
My favorite being horses. I would love to own some one day!

The best compliment anyone could ever give me is to tell me
that I remind them of my Mom.
She was the best mother and person I ever knew.

Electrolytes and myself are best friends. bff's. besties.
I feel my best after I work out and
 I get cranky if I don't work out for a while {aka I've been cranky for the past MONTH with this knee injury.}

Ooh, and I miss being that tan.

Texas is not my most favoritee place in the world, but I want the next trip we go on to be there. I'm dying to meet my Stephy & tubby Beau!

I'm as blind as a bat without contacts.
I literally can't see a foot in front of me...
I hope and neeeed to get Lasik one day.

I love to go boating, jetskiing, and fishing.
I just won't take the fish off the hook.

Billy on the boat looking ever so serious.

I've lived in the same city my whole life
and I'm not sure if I ever want to move away.

I hate doing laundry.
I will doing anything to avoid it and
will wait until the last minute to do it.

I listened to Hanson's "Mmmbop" this morning and the radio
kind of enjoyed it.

What Twenty Five things should I know about you?
Link up with Erin and share with us!

**If you missed my giveaway from yesterday, go here to enter! It is open until this Sunday!**