MANY Reasons To Celebrate!

Alright, ladies.
(and the few gents who read my blog-aka Billy & Beau)

There is SO much going on this week.......
to L O V E.

and I have finally uploaded all my pictures
from Thanksgiving & other various birthday celebrations
 to finish my recap today!

Let's chat about all these celebatory reasons, shall we?!

#1. I got 4 Christmas presents done yesterday. This is HUGE for me...I don't remember the last time I got gifts bought before December even hit. I'm feeling prettyyyy good..don't burst my bubble for those who have all their shopping done!

#2. The VS Fashion Show last night was by far one of my favorites they have ever done. The aquatic section {along with most of the others} blew my mind and had me hoping a pair of huge wings show up under my tree for Christmas....oh, and light up tutus and bras.

Pinned Image

Fun fact: Not many people know, but the owner of VS lives in Columbus and last year on the fashion show they played Ohio State's hang on sloopy when the girls walked down the runway for a bit! It was prettyyyyy cool, if I do say so myself ;)

#3. Did you guys also see what happened last night in sports?! #2 OSU basketball had a big game against #4 DUKE and well.....WHOMPED on them! Wasn't even close! Final score?

No big deal.
In addition, I know you all have probably already heard, but Urban Meyer has accepted the head football position at Ohio State and obviously, everyone and their dog in our city is over the moon excited!!!!! I have even more reason to like this deal because I went to BGSU and Urban Meyer also coached at BGSU and totally turned the team around! So now, not only has he represented my college team, but now my hometown team. Let's just forget he ever coached the gators, shall we? just kidding, Florida fans. :)

I will be honest though...
I still miss my Jimmy Tressel and wish he were still the coach somewhat.

#4. I woke up to a tweet from Michael Stagliano from the Bachelorette & Bachelor pad 2. Well, he tweeted both me and Kristin, responding about his upcoming trip to Columbus {weekend of Jan 7th}. I'm still a newbie with Twitter, but this must mean I'm somewhat cool right? or just that he's trying to promote his new singing career. I tried to contain my excitement when I shared the news with Billy. Michael was my fav on Jillian's season and I loved him on BP2. You better believe I'm going to round up my single friends and try to "run into" him that weekend...

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#5. The Columbus blogger meet up is THIS SATURDAY! I'm so excited to meet 20-some bloggers & friends around the area..some of which I've talked to for months now. It will be so nice to put a name with a face!

...and then blog about it, of course.

Thanksgiving weekend we had a lot going on -- many many reasons to celebrate! Not only was it the yummiest holiday of all, but it was my Dad's 60th surprise birthday party, the OSU/Michigan game {let's not talk about it.}, my niece Mara's 7th birthday party, and my good friend and cousin came home from Colorado to visit. That's like celebration overload right there and I loved every minute of it.  

At the same time, it was also the last party / weekend in my parents house as they are officially moved out now :( There are so many great memories from the house and I just wanted to stay there all day. My Dad's 60th party was a great way to spend the last weekend there.

the view.

the back of my parents house.

such a fun, beautiful home. I will miss it so much!

For Thanksgiving, we went to my Aunt Donna's house in Xenia/Springfield area which is about an 1 from our house. There were about 50 of our family members there and it was a grand ole time! Our thanksgiving is a whole day thing...we get there around 1pm, snack and drink for a couple hours, eat around 5pm, and don't head home until around midnight. My family always has the tradition of picking teams & playing euchre, but they also started a talent show tradition. This year, all the kids in the family got up and sang songs or did tricks they had been practicting. It was so cute!

You can kinda see all the kids sitting here. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many other pictures. Too busy eating I guess ;)

My niece Mara turned 7 and her birthday was the day after Thanksgiving. She is getting so big so quickly!! I just can't believe it..she's like a young woman and it makes me sad. Here's what I wore and pictures from the day.

{boots: Charlotte Russe, top: Target, Jeans: American Rag, belt: from another shirt, watch: La Mer collections}

the birthday girl and family pictures.

So, I've mentioned it before but for those of you that don't know..my stepbrother has quintuplets - 3 girls and 2 boys! They also have another baby who is almost 2 :) That is the quintuplet girls pictured above.

Billy playing rock paper scissors with my nephew Brady.

The next party was my Dad's 60th surprise party. That morning of, he was still clueless even when people were showing up for the party. He knew that some of us were coming over to watch the OSU/Michigan game, but he didn't know the extent of WHO all was coming. It ended up that 60 of our closest family and friends showed up! He was so surprised. I made two big batches of cowboy cavier and it was a big hit. I also put up some pictures of when I was younger with my Dad scattered around the basement. I wouldv'e liked to do more, but I just didn't have enough time with everything going on.

my family.

Dad was tired of pictures at this point haha

picture boards my aunt made of my Dad's football career
 in high school and college

watching the game in the theatre room for our last time..

2 things to notice here:
My Dad's cah-razy friend who wore these sandals with socks. NOT OK. ha.
Yes, that's me choking my best friend Lindsay. who is a Michigan fan. hiss...boo.

Michigan won this year, but the previous 7 years we have won and now that we have Urban Meyer I think our winning streak will be returning!

OK...Almost done...enjoying a night out with friends! :)

A special CONGRATULATIONS to one of my best girlfriends, Rachel {pictured far right below} on finding out she is having a baby GIRL!!!

Oohh, and look who I got to hang out with for her birthday celebration...

so much fun.

WOW...Sorry for so many pictures but I wanted to get the recap done :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I'm not a fan of Urban Meyer. I think that they handled this situation really poorly, and should have given Luke a 3 year deal. We are family friends with the Fickells and I really just don't like how this all was announced...

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. So much good stuff in one post! haha

    Good work on the Christmas presents! We've been really proactive this year too... it's kind of nice crossing stuff off lists! :)

    The show last night was AMAZING. The only reason next year's will be better is because of our amazing party. hahahaha The aquatic section was my favorite!!!

    Yay for OSU! I totally thought of you when Jake was watching this last night.

    Jealous about the tweet. I wanna come! hahahahaha :)Holly was an idiot not to stay with him. Hot and sweet. Good combo!!

    Also jealous about the blogger meet up. Not fair. I want to meet blog friends.

    Cute outfit for Thanksgiving! But when do you not look cute? Gosh. LOL

    Gorgeous house! I can see why you'd miss it!

    Cute party for your dad! What'd you end up getting him?!?!

  3. I am LOVING your Thanksgiving outfit! :) Super cute!

    And I loooove Michael Stagliano!! He was my favorite too :)

  4. Ok I am so jealous about your tweets with Michael! :) lol

    so glad you posted about our meet up!! .. although .. that is not the best pic of me lol ... bad angle haha

    See u this weekend!!!!!

  5. if you find a light up tutu and bra SEND ME ONE!! i wont disclose my boob size on here because its friggen tiny..but ya know ;-)

    i need to do some mike stag investigating because DAMN his twitter pic is HOT

    i wish i was closer to ohio so i could come to the blogger met up wahh :(

    and that pic on the table of your dads party with you reaching out to your dad gives me chills! so beautiful :-)


  6. Congrats on the new coach! I bet it'll be a fun ride while he's there. Your thanksgiving outfit was cute! I'm beyond obsessed with plaid & flannel lately, especially my bf's soft, worn out flannels :)

  7. basically im obsessed with your house. and i thought you should know :)

  8. Your parents' house is GORGEOUS! I'd miss it too! Hopefully they are loving their new temporary place.

    So jealous you got to hang out with Ashley for her birthday! Hope you gals had fun! Can't wait to see you both on Saturday!

    Loved tweeting about the VS Fashion Show last night! And can't wait for our viewing party next year!

    Oh, and GO BUCKS!

  9. Love the post! So many things to be excited about! Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!:)

  10. Look at my Beau Beau getting all this blog attention lately. HA! Kills me!

    1. Amen to getting a lil Christmas shopping done yesterday. A-frickin-men!

    2. You know my every thought on #vsfashionshow so I don't even need to go into detail. Except: Team Miranda

    3. Basketball...smashketball...who cares. Ok-just kidding. But really...

    4. The tweet from M Stag is TOTALLY a big deal!!! But not as big of a deal as my tweet from Holly. For reals. You need to ask him to tweet you when he gets the deets for his show. You could be his newest little groupie! Yes?

    5. If you lived in Houston you could come to the Houston blogger meetup on Sunday but no-you're stuck in OH-whatevs. Nah-you'll have SO much fun!! I LOVE going to ours!!

    6. HOLY HUGE HOUSE on the lake!!! I would LOVE that house too! Dayyummm

    7. A movie theater room...really??!!! Jee-sus!

    8. Love ALL your outfits...as always, you inspire me more and more to actually "care" about what I'm wearing.

    9. Y'all did SUCH a good job throwing your dad's birthday party!! I just adore the college football memorabilia...so thoughtful! I fully expect all that at my 26th bday next year.

    10. The end.

  11. I am jealous of your tweet! And, I'm sure your daddy was so thankful for you over the break! That house is really pretty! Will the new one have an awesome theater room too? Geez! I need one!!

  12. Your parents house is beautiful! Why are they selling it and moving??

  13. I love your parents house. So gorgeous!!

    The party looked perfect! What did you get him?

    I saw that Tweet and thought you were legit friends. Ha!

    Have fun at your meet up!

  14. I had a run in (completely accidential) with 5 or 6 girls from the Bachelor. They were at a bar in DC for their friend's bachelorette party. I WAS SO EXCITED. I hope your Michael run in is a success!!!

  15. first of all, you are adorable. second, you already know how jelly i am of that house and how super bummed i am that they are selling (are they selling it to you and head by chance?) and third, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! aside from the mug breakage this morning I have been just giddy about our super hot new friend Michael! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!! and you girly! xo.

  16. Aww, looks like you had a great time! OMG THAT MAN TWEETING YOU, IM SINGLE?! HOW DO I GET TO MEET HIM? Only kidding, he seems like a sissy, not my type LOL.

    Miss you :)

  17. I freaking LOVED the VS fashion show!! Everything was so stunning!

    Omg your parents' house is HUGE! I love it!

  18. your parent's house is GORGEOUS!

    I JUST LOVE the outfit you picked for pictures -- you look awesome =)
    oh AND the two pairs of boots your rocked in pictures = AMAZING =)

  19. You grew up with a "theater" room... really??? WOW!! And your family is absolutely darling -- I think I could fit in as a cousin now that I have brown hair? Can I come to the next family function, paleeeeeeease????

  20. So many recaps... YAY i thought the blogger thing was on Sunday for some reason... SOOO HAPPY its Saturday I can defs go now!!!

    looks like you had a good thanksgiving day weekend!! Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  21. Looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!!

  22. I love all of these pictures! You're a TOTAL twitter celeb now!! I would've freaked out too.. that's really exciting! ha

  23. your posts are always so full and glorious! i want to write a book after i read every one! but, i'll spare you and just write the highlights

    -you got to meet up with ashley again! AMAZING!!! You girls are awesome!

    -michale s tweeted you?! OMG! you are a celeb in my book

    -sassy outfits (as always)

    -the VS Fashion Show...AMAZEBALLS!! I need a light up nip bra asap!

    XO, A

  24. SO bummed I can't make it to the meet-up Saturday :( One of my best friends is having her housewarming party that day :( :(
    LOVED the Urban announcement this week and the Buckeye win last night over Duke! What a great game :)
    p.s. Your parent's house is UH-mazing. Seriously. I'd be sad they're moving, too!

  25. I have to say that is amazing that M. Stagliano replied to you on Twitter. He was one of my favorites too! So funny. I hope you do run into him and have a full recap!

  26. Too cute. Love the blog. Oh I loved the VS fashion show too, and the aquatic portion was amazing. I had a panty exchange part in name of the show last night! It was awesome!

  27. loving all the pictures!! parents house is gorgeous!! and that bean corn dip looks super good

  28. Thanks for linking up!

    I can see how y'all will miss your parents house...it's beautiful!

  29. Love the post about all of the fun happenings!

    However, not so sure Urban is all he's cracked up to be. Yeah, yeah I'm a Gator but I think he handled things a little too shady. Anyway...best of luck! We'll see you guys Jan 2nd at the Gator Bowl!

    Go Gata ;)


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