{Twenty.Five} Meet Me...Again.

Margaritas, a pool, and mexican food
is how I'd enjoy everyday in the summer if I could.

Sometimes I let my dog have a sip out of my beer or water glasses {more often water than beer..I'm a good fur mom} and I continue drinking out of it.

I enjoy messing with Billy when he's sleeping or when he's passed out after a long day of tailgaiting...
but will whine if he does it to me.


I HATE being late.
can't stand it.

Naples, FL is my happy place!
If I could pick one place to travel to and from every year, it would be Naples. We usually try to go every winter because by the time Febuary hits in Ohio, we are ready to escape the cold!

I'm adopted
and have met my birth mom and other family members!
She lives 15 mins away from me.

2 years ago at a Lil Wayne concert, I decided to take it upon myself to help the young mother in the row in front of us who had 3 children under the age of 10 with her (at Lil Wayne...c'mon now?!) and hold her youngest child for 2 + hours. I held him the entire time and we rocked out to Lil Wayne together.
.....he was pretty badass.

{I think he's singing "A Milli" here..}

I have a list on my iPhone of my favorite girl and boy baby names. Each time I hear or see one I like, I add it to the list. This makes me feel like I won't forget one when "the time" comes for baby K's!

St. Patricks Day is my favorite holiday
with Halloween being a close {tie} or second.

I love a good routine, especially the weekdays before work.
I do the same thing every day in the same order...a little OCD.

I had a semi (ok, full fledge) unibrow in high school.
yes, still in high school.
I wish this weren't true, trust me. I still blame my friends for not telling me sooner to tweeeeezzzz that shizz.

I'm extremely indecisive.
I love to shop {clearly} but I go back and forth between buying things all the time.
I know I won't wear something I bought if I don't immediately take it out of the bag when I get home and hang it up...sooo I usually take it back.

I've gone {semi} blonde once or twice in my day.

I have to eat a banana or an apple everyday.
I'm also known to pack random snacks in my purse.
I have to eat every 2 hours or I get the shakes.

I hate talking on the phone.
There are certain times I enjoy it, but they only come a couple times a year. I'm trying to get better at returning peoples phone calls. :/

I love to drop it like it's HOTTTT.

I love going to the zoo.
I love all animals in general.
My favorite being horses. I would love to own some one day!

The best compliment anyone could ever give me is to tell me
that I remind them of my Mom.
She was the best mother and person I ever knew.

Electrolytes and myself are best friends. bff's. besties.
I feel my best after I work out and
 I get cranky if I don't work out for a while {aka I've been cranky for the past MONTH with this knee injury.}

Ooh, and I miss being that tan.

Texas is not my most favoritee place in the world, but I want the next trip we go on to be there. I'm dying to meet my Stephy & tubby Beau!

I'm as blind as a bat without contacts.
I literally can't see a foot in front of me...
I hope and neeeed to get Lasik one day.

I love to go boating, jetskiing, and fishing.
I just won't take the fish off the hook.

Billy on the boat looking ever so serious.

I've lived in the same city my whole life
and I'm not sure if I ever want to move away.

I hate doing laundry.
I will doing anything to avoid it and
will wait until the last minute to do it.

I listened to Hanson's "Mmmbop" this morning and the radio
kind of enjoyed it.

What Twenty Five things should I know about you?
Link up with Erin and share with us!

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  1. OMG. So much amazingness. Let's begin.
    1. Margaritas... YUM!
    2. I totally do this. Cooper comes to me if I have a mug of ice water because he loves drinking out of it.
    5. I want to go there. Now. Warmth... I miss it.
    6. Why didn't I know this?! My dad adopted me when my mom & dad got married! And my mom's birth family actually just contacted me! RANDOM.
    8. This is genius. :)
    11. It's ok... I had a full fledged mullet until 7th grade. LOL
    14. I need to do this. haha
    16. Dance party!!!!!
    17. I LOVE the zoo! And horses are my fav animal too!!!! WEIRD.
    18. SO TRUE. I completely agree. And every time someone tells me that my eyes well up with pride (and tears).
    19. This is not me.
    20. I also want to go to Texas and meet Steph!
    23. I've lived in my city my whole life and am never moving either!
    24. UGH to that.
    25. love Mmmbop. Always will. :)

    This makes me realize a couple things. 1 - we're a lot alike and should hang out. 2 - I write really long comments sometimes.

    Have a good day girlie!

  2. I'm not gonna lie, I just read this whole list and loved it all... then I got to the last fact and can't stop laughing/can't remember the others! Gotta love Hanson :) Oh wait! Margaritas, a pool, and Mexican food summers?! A girl after my own heart. Love it!

  3. So fun! It would take me forever to come up with a list like this!

  4. That was so much fun to read! It's fun to learn more about the person behind the blog!

    I too can have Margaritas and Mexican every single day in the summer. Actually any season to be perfectly honest.

    Hahaha, I mess with hubby when he is sleeping too but he is dead meat if he does it to me. Dead meat.

    I love that you went to a Lil Wayne concert and babysat! Hilarious! Love that he was singing A Milli! Too freaking hilarious!

    I hate talking on the phone too. Absolutely hate it. I am horrible at returning phone calls too. Thank God for texting.

    Anyone who drops it like it's hot, is A-OK with me!

    And that would be Hanson's best song ever! :)

  5. LOVE this list! I've actually been to Naples FL and stayed at the Ritz...so pretty. And we do the same thing with baby names on the iPhone...it's a good idea! :)

  6. Thanks so much for linking up :) Loved your list...First off, I also have to eat like every couple hours too or I get the shakes! Second, love the droppin' it like its hot. Third, I absolutely love the picture of you letting Rocky lick out of your beer hahahah...and four, we need to hang out. Mmmm, yep that's it :)

  7. LOVE this list. I also have a list I add to and then have to cross names off when they hubs says dream on. :( I love that you held that little guy at the concert!

  8. Love this!! You are precious :)

    I too am a big fan of margaritas, mexican food, beaches, working out, St. Patty's Day, dropping it like it's hot, Lil Wayne and being out on the water.... therefore, I think we could be best friends ha!!

  9. love this! you are just cutest. i may just have to come up with my own 25 :)

  10. Oh how I love these little games!! I think I might have to play.... :)

    1. I also allow my little pup to have sips of my beverages...she gets thristy...
    2.I get way too stressed when I am late.
    3.I, being the Irish girl I am, ADORE St. Patrick's Day....a little too much sometimes....
    4. I don't chat on the phone either...pretty much just the hubs, mom, and friends that live hours away (and even that isn't very often). Text messaging is the best thing ever.
    5. Laundry is the devil. It never stops!

  11. Thanks for sharing! Carzy I can relate to like 20/25 on your list! Once things settle in my life I need to get my blog going...any advice is welcome! Go Bucks! Keely

  12. i hate talking on the phone with a passion. my co-workers get on to me for only emailing reps/clients...but...oh well. i get the job done.

    i also hate doing laundry. i would pay someone (in hugs b/c i'm poor) to do my laundry and fold and hang afterwards. that's the WORST part.

    and if i heard MMMbop on the radio right now i wouldn't turn it off.

  13. Wow, I did not know you were adopted! You'll have to tell us the story of meeting your birth parents some day. And I totally agree on the margaritas and pool thing. AND I HATE, HATE, HATE talking on the phone! Just text me!

  14. We want you guys to come to TEXAS too.


  15. haha there are so many great things about your 25 facts and one not so great thing. WHY is TEXAS not your most favorite place????? It's the bomb!! (dot com) and you should add me to the list of people to see if you come here.

  16. We let our cat drink beer a couple of times :)
    And i am always on time too, i'd rather be there an hour early!

  17. you forgot to add that you love getting your back scratched....and massaged

  18. Well Miss Katie, this just made my day! I love hearing more and more about my Superfox. Love you girlie and I will be sad without seeing you this weekend... I am going to Denver tomorrow to see my sister!

    Love you nugget, JP

  19. Aww, this was fun to read! You came up with a lot of random/interesting facts!! I had no idea you were adopted! I also hate talking on the phone, especially for business purposes, ugh! I'd rather talk to them in person. Oh, and you're gorgeous in every one of these pictures. Mmmbop :)

  20. omg lil wayne

    im DYING!!!! maybe that was his kid! and his baby mama!! haahaha

    i think its great that you've spoken with members of your birth family! :-)

    we'd make great real life friends because of #16

    texas is deff on my list of top places and i will TOTALLY come with you!!!

    i loved this katie! :)


  21. 2: You look like a little munchkin in your chucks!! So cute!

    5: Sexy bod. OW OWWWW!!

    7: I always knew you would be a good Mini Lil Wayne mama

    8: I NEED to know your baby girl and boy names!!!!!

    11: At least you HAD eyebrows...

    13: As much as I LOVE blondes...STAY BRUNETTE!! Your eyes stand out SO much more with your dark hair!!

    14: You forgot to add the fact that you eat these random snacks while on the toilet

    15: Kinda with you on this one...I'm not in love with talking on the phone either. Texting is so much easier...

    18: Even though I don't know your mama, I know YOU are amazing which means she HAD to be amazing too! :)

    20!!!! Texas BETTER become your favorite place REAL quick!! Specifically the Niro River...

    23: I take this as a sign that you're never moving to Houston

    26: I made this one up just to tell you I hope you have a wonderfantabeautifulgorgeous-kinda-day! That's all.

  22. 1. Mexican food is my weakness!

    3. Shawn is so easy to mess with especially when he passes out! So much fun to do!

    4. Being late gives me major anxiety!

    5. I will totes go to Naples with you this winter because Feb. in Ohio sucks.

    8. I have a list...in my head. Must put in my phone!

    9. Love SPD! My bday is the day after!

    10. Are we the same person?

    12. Again, I think we're twins.

    13. I used Sun-In a few times in middle school. Not a good look on me.

    16. YES!

    17. Horses were my fav growing up and I too hope to have one some day!

    21. Word.

    22. This makes me really miss my grandparents' boat!

  23. this was so fun! I love all the pictures you posted too =) a little glimpse into your life! =)
    I give my pup beer and coke only because he sneezes and snorts from the fizz in it and I think it is hilarious =)

  24. This is cute!! I let Tugger drink out of my cup too, but I do NOT drink after him! He's a 72lb Bullie and has some serious drool!

  25. I also have a list on my iphone of names that I love for future Mayes babies! Hahaha! Glad I'm not the only one who does this :)

    And I definitely think you should come to Texas :)

  26. very cute post, girlie!! :) I didnt know a few things about you... interesting!! hehe

    I love that pic of you working out! you look so cute and soo tan!! :)

  27. Love this post! I'd be spending all of my summer days the same way right there with you! I think I have an addiction to Mexican food....

  28. I've done the drinking after dog takes a sip thing! I take close up pics of my bf while he sleeps. I have a names list on my iPhone too! And the thing you did at the Lil Wayne concert....pretty badass!

  29. This is an awesome post! I love it. Definitely learned more about you!

  30. SERIOUSLY LOVED reading this post. You go girl!!
    I agree with so many of these

  31. I love this post! Had no idea you were adopted but that's awesome that you have met your biological family! I want to do a post like this but I'm afraid I wouldn't know what the heck to say! And ps - horses are my fave, too. Other than Brady boy of course. :) Annnnnd I love fishing, but I can't look at the fish after a hook is in in. Feel so bad for the little guy!

  32. This was so much fun! I hate being late too...so I totally get that! Love how you included pictures! Super cute! Woo Hoo for "Mmmbob!" LOL!

    Liesl :)

  33. Loved learning more about you, obvi... I did not know you were adopted (or if I did, I did not remember). I may or may not steal this post idea. :)

  34. OK a few things... my dog has the same bee costume! LOVE IT...

    i also let him sip from water/beer... his favorite is coffee, though i try to not let him lick it, i don't want hyper yorkie running around! i'll occasionally let him lick my ice cream cones. i see it as no different than letting them lick your mouth.

    i'm adopted too! though i don't know my birth mom... i was left in south korea in a box on the steps of a police station... that's great that you are able to have a relationship with yours.

    and i have an ongoing list of kids names picked out - a secret list that im ready to bust out on the hubby when the time comes!

  35. Um Hi i thought we were friends... But until today, i just realized How much i still didn't know about you lol!!!

    First off Adopted.. How haven't we had a serious Wine talk about this?? Will need more details..

    2nd the Uni Brow... Is there pictures of this, I need to see!!

    And you held that lil boy the whole concert... First off bravo to you for being soo kind and not dissing that woman... 2nd WHO takes their kids or lets their kids listen to LIL WAYNE!!!

    Your pics of Florida make me wanna go!!!

    I also hate talking on the phone... I rather text... Glad someone else 2nds that!!!

    Have a good Thanksgiving love!!

  36. love this post! ive never been, but naples looks gorgeous! ummm WHO takes their children to a lil wayne concert?! but that was cute of you to hold the baby :)
    and i have a baby name list on my phone too... even though we're a good bit away from having a babe... i just dont want to forget any of the good ones ;

  37. Fun post! Loved learning more about you :)

    I'm SO indecisive and hate talking on the phone too!

  38. i love this post! i seriously think we would be bffs.....becuase half of your 25 things are just like me!

    ok, your purple tennies - are those the ones you sent me or are those different? love them!

    oh, and I want your hair!!

    PS - the kid at the lil wayne concert? i died!!

  39. I found your blog through Lindsey from Lovin' my Life and loved checkin' your blog out. I'm from Ohio, but live in NOrth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina now. I saw you were adopted and that your birth family live 15 minutes from you. Ironically, I was adopted by my mom and I lived 15 minutes from her all my life. I recently met her about 3 years ago.
    I'm a new follower now. :)


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