Ugly Sweater {or Onesie} Christmas Blate

First things first...

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{husband and Rocky half asleep during this}

Over the weekend, Billy and I plus some of my girlfriends attended Alicia's Ugly Christmas Sweater partay. We had only met once before at the Columbus Blogger Meet up, but had so much fun that night and wanted to do it again! Holly and Kelsey came too so it was like a little Christmas Blate. There's not much I love more than finding a ridiculous outfit to wear, an excuse to eat yummy food until I'm going to explode {to the new ones here: you'll learn my love for food very quickly}, and spending time with old and new friends!

Billy and I kind of waited until the last minute to get an outfit {hey, we were busy Christmas shopping!} so when we couldn't find any ugly sweaters, we went to plan B.

dun. dun. dun.

Here's what we came up with.

a preppy Santa {somewhat} and his reindeer??
in a onesie?

Sounds good to me.

Left: the hostess and myself
Right: My bff Linds and her light up sweater

Alicia was an amazing host! She DECKED the halls of her condo (literally!) with anything and everything Christmas. She even changed out normal lightbulbs for red and green ones...who would've thought of that?! Probably not me. Get this...she even had Chick-fil-A cater the party AND she had sushi. Girlfriend did an amazing job.

Alicia..feel free to invite me over anytime. No, really... ;)

Take this for example.

So cute, right?
It was so yummy.

and some of the spread...

You better believe I ate most of what is on that table.
I think Billy had like 5 plates, too.

Now let's play a little game....shall we?!

Who in this picture can you recognize
 from their blogs?!

I spy Kelsey
I spy Holly (being inappropriate)
and I spy Alicia

If you're wondering what my girlfriend Christine on the left is holding up, it's her gift card she won for Ugliest outfit! She duck taped her stocking on to the front of her onesie for an uglier touch. So creative! Overall, the party was a blast and I can't wait until the next meet up with these girls.....aka Michael Stag. No other words needed.

Have you attended an Ugly sweater party this year?!
If so, where did you find your sweater?
Maybe next year I'll make one
{or just wear my onesie again-I love that thing-so warm and cozy}

I also had my very first Christmas celebration on Sunday with my Mom's side of the family. Every year a family friend dresses up as Santa Claus and surprises all the kids with gifts.

 He does an AMAZING job and
let's be honest, he looks pretty legit.

Ho Ho Ho!

I think I'm ready for Christmas now :)


  1. fun!! :) That food looked so yummy! & i love the gift wrapped door!

  2. Super cute. I need an adult onesie stat. Where is that one from?? I've seen them at Wal-Mart but they are covered in tinkerbell and winnie the pooh. If I'm already rocking a onesie, I'm gonna need it to not have cartoon characters on it.

  3. I have never attended a party like that:( I think I must host one next year. None of my friends do this which most of my friends are guys lol. I love that onesie is it bad that I want one to wear around the house?!?! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Looks like you guys has so much fun, I wish I had been able to make it :) you gals are fun!

  5. How fun! Parties with a theme are the best!

  6. So much fun! How awesome it was for a blate to be combined with an ugly sweater christmas party!

  7. What a fun party! Love all of the crazy Christmas outfits!

  8. So glad you had fun! Looks like a killer party--I really think you should have included the rap video! :)

  9. I've been seeing so many pics from Ugly Sweater Parties! They look like SO much fun!!! Thanks for sharing your pics, I may need to make that punch! lol

  10. Is it weird that I kind of like your onesie?

  11. Hahah! I agree with Megan's comment, I kinda like it too! Haha! I like how you "sassed" it up with some cute boots! Looks like you had a TON of fun. Jealous I couldn't make it! Alicia is adorable!!! What a cute host!

    Have a great day superfox!

    Oh, PS. Did Billy come up with anything special for you?? I told him to make a quick stop in a store for you because they were having a great deal! If not, punch him. I told him it could be a "Just Because I Love You" present. haha!

  12. You always have the BEST weekends! It looks like it was so much fun! Love how you and Billy dressed! Oh, and that spread looks amazinggg! Now I'm hungry ;)

  13. Sad I didn't make it .. Looks like fun!! P.s. I have been on twitter all morning .. Still haven't quite figured it out :/

  14. Danggg girl... lookin' fine in that onesie! And jealous you get to meet up with blog friends!! Esp Holly! Too fun. <3

  15. How adorable are you in that onesie?! That's the best. Looks like a super fun party, girlfriend. Your pictures are so cute!

  16. As I tweeted you about loving your onsie - I'll say it again! You guys looked great!

  17. LOVE your outfits! I have an ugly sweater party this week...so excited!

  18. Love your onesie! Looks like you had a great time. We had an Ugly Sweater Party this weekend too but I didn't think to change out our light bulbs - oh, well...next year! Merry Christmas! Oh and um Chick-fil-a AND sushi - yes, girl after my own heart! XO

  19. oh man oh man your onesie is priceless. i was at a club on saturday night and a huge group of people came in all wearing their christmas onesies. it was awesome!

    wish i had a christmas onesie..

  20. Your onesie is AWESOME! <3 I got mine from goodwill and we had a blastttt!! (:

  21. That party looked like so much fun! I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull off a onesie anymore though..haha

  22. the party looks like it was so much fun! i love your onesie! haha!! we're having a christmas pajama party at my house tomorrow... so i need to get on planning the food and grocery shopping.

  23. You sure know how to paaarty! Looks like so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing and getting me excited for the holidays!

    I'm following you!!

    Be sure to check us out at www.shervinsworld.com



  24. looks like so much fun! I went to a xmas party in DC and usually Im uncomfortable wearing heels and tight jeans but I wore leggins, uggs, and a giant xmas sweater, most comfy I have ever been while out! haha

  25. Any party that has Chick-fila cater AND that punch, has to be fantastic. You look so stinkin cute in your onesie, love love love it. I suggest rockin' that outfit more often, ha.

  26. I had so much fun at the party - even though we were like 4 hours late! Can't wait to hang out again soon! xoxo

    P.S. Thanks to Alicia for hosting! I too am available for invites to hang at her crib any time!

  27. love this

    so you should have put up yourself rapping in your reindeer outfit like u texted us! hahah

    i love the wild side punch idea!!!!! i hope you got wild ;-)

    HO HO HO!!!


  28. Haha. Love your last minute costume ideas. :) Merry (almost) Christmas!

  29. loving all the pictures!! I just blogged about mine, I made mine. Got a $6 sweater at walmart and bought stuff at michaels to glue on :)

  30. Send those PJ's my way!! SO CUTE!

  31. I have NEVER been to an ugly christmas sweater party! Either I get invited to one next year, or I host my own! Looks like so much fun! And you looked so cute. Seriously!!!

  32. Best. Onesie. Ever. LOVE it! You're adorable!

    I'm one of your new followers--love your blog!


  33. I actually bought our ugly Christmas sweaters on ebay! I ended up wearing mine (to work) but hubby didn't. I felt sick and we weren't able to attend the party we were invited to! :( bummer! LOVE your onesie though!

  34. OMG! Love it. The onesie is amazing. :)

  35. Ummmm...I'd probably wear your onesie around my house. Don't judge :) Looks like a fun party. Merry Christmas!


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