A Black Peacoat {eShakti}

A couple weeks ago, Jennifer from eShakti contacted me about reviewing
one of the stores clothing items. Have you heard of eShakti? I hadn't at the time, but since then I've learned that it is such a unique store that I knew I wanted to try. eShakti is a unique womens clothing store online that offers custom changes in the style of the garment...like the sleeve, neckline, and length. It can all be costumized to your preference!

When I first heard that any garment can be customized, I figured it would take a lot longer to process and receive the product, but it turns out even the custom clothes are shipped within 3 days. Pretty awesome, right? eShakti has dresses, blouses, jackets/cardigans, and some really cute scarves!

The clothing item I picked was this wool black peacoat. A good black coat is essential in my closet since it gets really cold here in Ohio and it's perfect for not only work, but for nights out with my girlfriends. I actually wore this coat to the Columbus Blogger Meet Up that I posted about earlier this month. The coat isn't currently on their website, but will be back on it soon.

The coat exceeded my expections in that it fits me like a glove and is a lot warmer than I expected. I loved that I could put in my height and weight {you can even do bust size ladies} when I went to order, and it turns out it couldn't fit me any better. My favorite part of the coat is that it has 3 buttons on the side, instead of in the middle like you normally see, so it's really flattering in the midsection.

Now for the exciting part...

Jennifer is offering my readers $20.00 off anything on their website until December 31st.
{use the code: NOTES0811}

eShakti also offers free shipping.

This means that you can buy any of the following items below for $25 or less. A little holiday shopping for yourself? I'm not judging! ;) These are my personal favorites on the website that I'm wanting to order, but there is so many other items to pick from as well. Take a look how cute they are...

All of those are so afforable and cute! This is a great way to shop at eShakti
if you haven't got a chance to yet.

Happy shopping, friends!!
*eShakti did not pay me to write this review!
These are my own personal thoughts on the coat :)

PS: Want some awesome modern backgrounds for your iPhone?!
the wonderful Aly posted about them today & I thought I'd share with ya'll.
 They are so cute.
Download them here


  1. Ohhh ... I've never heard of this site! I'm gonna check them out! But I'm warning you: If this becomes another blogger-induced addiction I'm holding you responsible!J/K LOL! :) :) :)

  2. That coat is adorable! I'll have to check this out...I have a think about sleeves being long enough.

  3. You look so cute!!!

    I love eShatki! I did a review for them about a year ago! Desgined myself a custom dress. Amazing!!!

    All your picks (esp the bow dress) are so cute! :)

  4. EEEEEEEEE i am excited about this im going to stalk the site!

    girl you so FABULOUS and CHIC


  5. Ahh Michelle introduced me to this site a few months ago and she actually ordered a dress from there .. It's very cute! Love the jacket .. Look at you. All these peps contacting you .. you.are.my.idol.

  6. Ooo how fun! Love your coat, I better check it out. Please ship to Canada!!

  7. Thanks so much for the share!! <3

  8. Great to know about this! I really love your pea coat!

  9. I love there website! I have been eyeballing a few dresses here recently! I may just have to purchase one now! Love the coat! It is adorable!

  10. I had never heard of this place before but, WOW! My biggest fear about ordering online is getting it and not having it fit me correctly so this website sounds amazing! Definitely going to check it out now :) Beautiful coat by the way!!

  11. oh wow this is super cute!! they had contacted me a while ago but I couldn't find anything I really loved that much to review..but this coat is awesome!!!

  12. They have really cute stuff! Thanks for sharing! I am in love with their dresses!


  13. Love that coat! I've heard of eShakti once before awhile ago. I might have to check them out and see what goods they have for me :) Thanks for sharing, doll face!

    P.S. totally downloading an awesome iphone background! whoop!

  14. Ooooh I think I might have to try them out sometime! I would love a custom fit-for-me dress! I love the coat on you :)

  15. I'm off to go stalk their website!

    I'm totally dying for the Sunset Pashmina!

    Thanks for the review! I'm jealous-I want to review LOL

  16. Cute outfit... LOVE your shoes!!!! xo

  17. I'm glad you like the iphone wallpapers. Thanks for sharing with your readers! Happy New Year!

  18. What weight did e-shakti give for the warmth of the coat? I'm looking at this one (http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0024373/Houndstooth-topper) and it says "medium" warmth. I don't need Ohio levels of warmth, but I'd like something that's warmer than my current softshell!


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