Things That Make My Life Better...

Erin Condren Life Planner

I just received her last night and she has already changed my life.
*I will be doing a review on Eric C vs. Lilly P soon.
**Yes, that is my middle name.

{No one said this list was going to be concrete things...}

I know what you're all thinking...
"...that Katie, such an A list celeb"
Pah-lease, I'm flattered, but I assure you I'm not that cool.

Sure, he's from the Bachelorette, but I still count this as moving on up in my book.
If you missed Part 1 of this where he tweeted me the 1st time--Michael Stagliano is coming to Columbus Jan. 7th for an acoustic show and my girlfriends and I WILL be there as the doors open. #Truth.

*What he is referring to by "more than a hug" is that he said he may "sing"le some of his fans out at his performance. If this happens-expect a blog post about me fainting in public.
**Billy thinks this is so silly. what does he know?!

Blogging friends
ie: group chats
my real life friends becoming friends with my blogging friends
and blogging in general.

the bloggah's in these chats:
                             Jess {currently MIA}

I mean, who wouldn't want to be involved in chats like that everyday?!
I may have said it before (meaning I've said it at least 20 times), but blogging is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I love all the friendships I've formed in the past year!

Even better than that??
My girlfriends who I grew up with meeting my blogger friends
and all of us hanging out together...like tonight for Alicia's Ugly Sweater Christmas party...can't wait.

I ask you, what little things have made YOU smile lately?
-other, more obvious things, not in this list that make me smile include: my hubby. pup. warm socks. extra hot starbucks skinny peppermint mochas. stripes. sunshine.

*stay tuned to see Billy and I's "not so ugly" sweaters...

**KC&CO has a facebook page! "Like" it to stay updated easier & to see pictures I post!

***Hurry up and go enter Beth's giveaway! You'll love it. Since I may not be posting tomorrow or Sunday morning, here's the line up for 12 Days of Blogger Christmas over the weekend: Saturday - Erica @ Young and Fabulous, Sunday - Shayln @ So Shay!
***I WILL BE POSTING MY GIVEAWAY @ MIDNIGHT SUNDAY NIGHT!!! The winner of Shayln's giveaway will be announced on this post as well. Don't forget to enter :)


  1. OMG! I love the Michael Stag tweet! He is beyond adorable!

  2. So happy you got it!!! Love it :) and it truly is a life changer :)

    & what a great convo!
    can't wait to see those sweaters ;)

    my unrehearsed life

  3. That chat is hilarious. Virtual happy hour...We do that on skype with my brother in law. Best ever!

  4. oh michael stag. i think i just love that he called you "katie." speaking of michael, i have a friend that is BFF'S with blake and holly since they live in Greenville in all. i have yet to meet them to make my own judgement. and who doesn't love a good blogger meet-up. i say we pick a weekend and a place (vegas perhaps) where we have a HUGE blogger meet up!

  5. You're precious. :) And it looks like Mike Stag knows it too. He must have good taste. haha

  6. LOOVVVVVVVVVE YOU!!!! You make my life better.

  7. I should be getting my Erin Condren planner next week, can't wait! You girls are too funny!

  8. How fun that you all talk everyday! That must be so fun. Have a ton of fun at Michael's concert-that's super cool!

  9. I LOVE planners. I need more details on yours??

  10. I so need one of those planners. Can't wait to see your sweaters! :)

  11. amen. Group chat makes errrrrthing better!!! (And KEEEEEEELS my cell phone battery but hey...NBD.)

    Tell Mild Bill your obsession with MSTAG is totally acceptable. HELLO??? He IS a mini-celeb. Who invited you to his concert and possibly his bedroom. That's a BIG deal.

    PLEASE let me know what you honestly think about the EC planner. I've been holding out on getting one because I just don't know about it yet.

    Calling you Eileen from here on out. Done and done.

  12. haha ooo sweet jesus, idk about anyone else but i couldn't read through the rest of your post... Why would you put such a goodie at the beginning... {Eileen}... I know what theme song to play when you walk in our door next time :)

  13. I am totally looking forward to your review. I haven't bought one yet because of the $$$$ but if it's that amazing maybe I will invest. I almost bought a Lilly last night, so get that review up sistah!

    Oh and mad props on being famous now!!!


  14. I love us all. { Whoo feels weird being back on blogger} xoxo sissssybelle.

    PS- I still need vino hehe.

  15. Oh man. I love Michael stagliano. I was so thrilled when Emily Maynard and Tenley tweeted me happy birthday! I think it shows a lot about them when they take the time to respond to people :)

    And I would die if he sang to me! wahhh.


  16. OH and my erin condren planner is on its way!!

  17. Oh. My. Gosh. I am dying. One of my girlfriends and I have been obsessed with Michael Stag since he was on the bachelorette. We may or may not have been stalking his life and friended him and holly on fb (before the whole messy break up) just so we could better stalk. I am so jealous you a.) are going to his show and b.) have had TWO tweets from him..he is an A list celeb to me :)

    Can't wait to hear all about the concert!


  18. I love Michael Stagliano! The girl who left him on Bachelor pad is crazy. I also love my Erin Condren planner.

    Little things that have made me happy lately are Christmas ornament stamps, Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal, and glittery nail polish (that is a beast to remove).

  19. That is so cool! I love Michael Stag!!

  20. Ha, when I saw that tweet to Michael and his response I thought for sure you two knew each other on a personal level... like you two went waaaaayyyy back or something. In which case, I would be jealous because out of all the crazies on that damn show, I liked him the best :)

  21. i hope you still remember us when u are famously dating mike stagg on the side from billy. Billy wont care right!! hahah

    literally our chats get me through the daaaaaay! i LOVE it. esp when we also talk about poop and periods and other nasty things that no one ever wants to talk about. But we are all ok with it. hahaha MUAH love yall so much!

    i cant wait to hear more about this twitter guy....literally he better sing that song to YOU!


  22. This is nice. I love how many friends I've made through blogging/ the internet.


  23. I am addicted to finding great planners. Can't wait to hear your review!

  24. Love the M Stag situation and boys never do get it. :)

  25. ive got to get an ec planner. maybe with some christmas money... if i find a deal.

    your group chat is so funny!

  26. I'm so jealous of your blog local friends! There are no Phoenix bloggers.

  27. I have been hearing a lot about these planners! Are they worth the $50 bucks though?!

    and two, I LOVE group blogger chats. The one I have been on has lasted for seriously like two weeks now, but I love it!


  28. I love twitter! I've got a couple reply's/retweets from celebs and it makes you FREAK OUT!

    This post is too cute!

  29. Once I FINALLY started using my iPhone calendar...a "paper" planner has become so tedious to me. I bought a Lilly this past year and have just barely used it. It's been sitting on my desk at work for months. As for the group chats--I'm scared to update my iPhone. My hubs did and lost all his contacts so I'm hesitant!!!!

  30. I want that!!! :-)


  31. so guess what.......... we have the same middle name.

    I don't think I have EVER met anyone with that middle name! I thought it was one of a kind! how do you pronounce yours? I say it "I-Lean" :)

    so cool!

  32. I got the Life Planner a couple months ago and since then I think five of my friends have. It's seriously incredible. Who doesn't love colored stickers? I want to plan a trip to Vegas just so I can use that sticker.



  33. hahaha erica is cheating on us!! i have a group chat with her too....haha just kidding. the real question here is why are we not texting yet?!

    um twitter totally makes my life better and since I think the bachelor and all its versions are the greatest thing in the world...you totall count as an a-list celeb in my bok!


  34. I too am married, and I too have a major fangirl crush on the Stag. If you meet him, I will be insanely jealous. :)

  35. whooaah that's awesome that Michael S. tweeted back to you!! ;) Love that guy!

    Your chats are so stinkin cute and hilarious!! ;)
    Sure pays to have great friends with great convo!!


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