New Year, New You? {Happy New Year}

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Happy {almost} New Year, loves!

What are you hoping this New Year brings?
any New Years resolutions?

I don't really like to make New Years resolutions.
I feel like often people are so gung-ho about them for the first few weeks (like working out at the gym), and then a month passes, and suddenly they don't care to continue with it. It's not that I don't think people have good intentions or that this happens all the time..I just think trying to make a lifestyle change is more successful than creating a New Years resolution.

This year I'm hoping to:
-join Vista church and go regularly (it's a different church than where we got married and I think it's a perfect fit for us)
-continue with the vegetarian lifestyle and {try} to cut out cheese 1 or 2 days a week
-get this booty back in shape after months of being off {I've been able to jog the past few days and let me tell you...homegirl is out.of.shape}
-double what I'm saving every month
-run a half marathon
-spend less on clothes (it's a good thought, right?)
-travel to a different country
-keep good communication in our marriage and be a loving wife!

With the holidays, my body is pretty much screaming at me to give it a major detox. I make a lot of veggie juices in my juicer at home, but I decided to start this New Year off a little differently...

After researching a couple different options, this weekend I'm starting
 Advocare's Herbal Cleanse.

It's a 10 day system that helps rid the body of toxins and waste.
I haven't tried it before, but I've heard great things about it.
When my 10 days is up, I plan on blogging about the results in case some of you are interested in doing it.

So, my plans for this holiday weekend?

Lots of R&R
girl time for my girlfriend's birthday tonight
 spending New Years Eve with Jess (Billy, too..obviously ;))
play with my new favorite toy
 (if you follow KC&CO on facebook then you already know)

(not sure why I left ya in suspense yesterday..I can't keep secrets for long!)

and count down the days until...

Naples, Florida

Last night we booked a trip for mid Febuary (Valentines Day!)
and I'm so excited.

besides, I may have a visitor or 2 when there.
....more on that one later ;)

Have a {safe} and happy New Year, everyone!


  1. I want to hear all about this cleanse when you're finished. After NYE, my body (ok, ok-really,my liver) will be demanding I get rid of all those toxins!! Anywho, have a wonderful NYE w/ the Hubs!! Xoxo

  2. I love doing cleanses. I do them a couple times a year! January is a great time to do one! I'll be interested to see how you feel! I always have so much more energy afterwards!!!

  3. I am so glad you are able to run again! I know you have been just dying over there! Tell me about that cleanse, I wanna know everything about it! I need to do something like that, because this girl is huuuuuuuuuuuge. I wish I was spending New Year's Eve with you, love muffin! We would have a blast!

    Oh... not spending money on clothes... I think I am going to try that one out too. We will see how far I last.


  4. i know who your visitor is. and i hate it!!!!! well not hate it but im super jelly!!

    im aiming for your savings resolution..double on savings. NEEED TO!!

    if you want to travel to another state thats like another country, travel to BOSTON! wicked pissah

    im so glad to have gotten to know you during this year! you are sweet as pie and i just LOVE you!



    Great resolutions, especially the double the savings!

    I am with on the injury keeping you from running. I am really out of shape because of my injury and it sucks. I was majorly defeated last year but am OWNING it this year and getting back to the grind.

    Happy 2012!


    ps.com awesome camera missy

  6. I love your list for 2012! I'm really considering going Vegetarian! I'm so jealous of your new camera! Can't wait to hear more about your February trip!

    Happy New Year, love! xoxo

  7. I've never really been good about keeping up with my new year's resolutions, so therefore i dont bother making one lol. This year though I do want to learn how to cook!

  8. Is that your NYW Eve dress? It's gorgeous!! Have so much fun and I love our goals for 2012!

  9. I too am going to do a cleanse starting January 1st! However, I do the 7 Day Slim Down from Tone It up! You should check it out. Last time I did it I lost 10 pounds and over 7 inches off my waist in just 7 days! It's amazing - just cuts out carbs and sugar for 7 days. Amazing!

    Anyways, love your goals for 2012!!

  10. I am excited to relax this weekend too!! Don't forget, its bad luck to do laundry on New Years day..not that you planned on it, but just a heads up! I have no idea where I heard that, but I am not taking any chances! Happy New Year!

  11. looks like you'll DEFINITELY have two redneck visitors in Naples this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I am SO flipping excited!!!

  12. I have always wanted to do a cleanse but im a little scared lol. Keep us updated! And yay on you getting your camera!

  13. The best resolutions are specific ones do it sounds like you have a good start! Your new camera is amazing, I have been lusting over one of those for a while now :)

  14. I really wanna run a race this year!

  15. ooh love the new camera!! i've been thinking about getting back into photography and want to get a nice (new) camera. thinking i might splurge in 2012 hey one of my nyr's could be "get back into photoging" right!!

  16. gorgeous dress! I just love it! What are y'all's new years plans? I am going to make some goals and lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year as well as continue some lifestyle changes that i already started in the last few months. And congrats on your new camera! Have fun with it!

  17. the advocare cleanse is awesome!! and of course you know why I love you for being a vegetarian, I am going to DO IT this year! And going sans cheese for a few days a week is a good goal, once I'm not sure I could ever do! Happy almost 2012!

  18. I am totally doing a 1/2 marathon in May.. The Cap City Half! Join me!
    I am so sick of this ass jiggling I resolve to be able to bounce a quarter off it by May. For realz.
    Have fun with the Kentucky Priss - she seems like a ball of fun!! Let's meet up soon! =)
    Happy New Years to you guys!

  19. I've done the Advocare cleanse before! I was surprised at how many pills you have to take. The fiber mix is pretty gross but if you just gulp it down, it won't be a problem. I think my cleanse was the longer one though? Anyways, good luck! Let us know your results.

  20. I'm anxious to hear how the cleanse goes! I've tried a few before but probably not any that I would recommend. And I'm drooling over your new camera!!

  21. minus being the amazing communicating wife....my goals are SO similar to yours!! and i cannot wait to read about this cleanse! i have been toying with the idea but am basically a big wimp! happy new year chica!

    XO, A

  22. You inspire me to eat healthier and workout! I can't wait to hear the results! That is so exciting that you're going on a V-day trip! :)


  23. I love ur new years thoughts!! I want to start attending church regularly too!! and saving more money is always a good idea :)

  24. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love Naples! Let me know if you stop through Orlando :)


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