Christmas In A Nutshell. Or 2.

Hi friends!

I've been totally MIA lately in the blog world. Starting next week I will be posting more regularly and will catch up on all my commenting on your awesome blogs. Promise. Christmas has come and gone in what felt like 24 hours, but we enjoyed all the time we did spend with both of our families. Both sides of our family blessed us with wonderful gifts that most of them we have already started using! Thursday night we celebrated early with my parents and enjoyed home cooked lasagna, many Brandy Alexander's, and opened gifts together. My favorite gifts received, if I had to pick, would be our new TV for our bedroom, an electric wine opener (love), and running shorts that my Dad picked out all on his own. My Dad also gave me some sentimental gifts that were my Mom's - those always mean the most.

Billy and I opted to open gifts just the two of us after my parents left on Thursday night.
This year was one of my favorite years opening gifts with Billy because he had no idea what I bought for him. Not a clue. I got him a silver D&G watch (that was a surprise!), running shoes, a couple shirts, Nike Dry fit shirt, a new tie, and some other misc. items.

Love that watch.
go me.

Billy is a wonderful gift giver. Always has been. This year he got me a personalized Longchamp bag that I had been wanting, Nike Free Run's (yay! new running shoes!), Lululemon gym bag, and a beautiful Michael Kors necklace.

But my favorite gift he gave me is something else!
Every year he gets me a new ornament that typically express what happened in our lives the past year (our wedding ornament, our first house ornament...you get the point).
This year he got me this ornament...


Me on the couch propping my leg up because of my knee injury.
That's what life has looked like for me these past few months and he sure did hit the nail on the head with that one.

and so thoughtful.

He is a good man.

 On Friday, we headed to Cleveland to spend the long weekend with Billy's family. When we arrived, we got some really bad news about his grandpa who recently had a stroke. It turns out the doctors were wrong, and it's actually brain cancer. The worst brain cancer you can have. It was extremely depressing news to the start off the holiday weekend, but the Krysh family is always so strong {with an amazing sense of humor} and together we would get through the difficult time. The mood lightened up throughout the weekend and we had a wonderful time at his uncle's house on Christmas eve...so many laughs, hugs, and of course delicious food. Christmas morning all of us kids {me, Billy, Billy's twin sister, and his brother} waited not so patiently for his parents to get up, and then we all opened gifts together taking turns. Our favorite gifts between the 2 of us that they got us were: North Face jacket, work out clothes (VS!), camel colored purse, money (for our trip to Florida), and charms for my bracelet. Billy's favorite gift? Cavs vs. Heat tickets (10 rows up) from his brother!!! He is so excited.

I ended up making 2 Christmas wreaths for both my stepmom and Billy's mom, and I think it turned out to be one of their favorite gifts! Success. 

(top left to right: new cozy slippers and sweatpants, Billy's mom with her new wreath, Marley Lilly scarf I won in a giveaway, new purse, running gear galore!)

Ooh...and I can't forget to mention the amazing gifts I received from some of my fav girls I've met via blog land?!

Jess bought me a monogrammed pashmina from Marley Lilly in my favorite Ohio State colors and a super cute cup to match! I LOVE them.

...and guess who's coming back to visit this weekend for the 3RD TIME
for NYE?

Yup. Jess - thee Kentucky Priss
{who is still taking a minor blogging break ;)}


Last but not least--those beautiful items above?

My sistah alllll the way in Texas
 you know her as Steph (and BBFT)

surprised me with a beautiful glass ornament (now I'm reppin' TX here!), monogrammed Tervis Tumbler cups, and they even went as far as ICING us......
yup. they did.
Steph and BBFT put 2 Smirnoff Ices in a box (wrapped with like 5,693 bags) and cute notecards telling me to get on my knee and chug! So funny.

I was supposed to video tape it, but I failed.

Steph and BBFT get 10 pts for creativeness.
Should've known since it was coming from you two.
Love those 2 rednecks to death! Now get your asses to Ohio so we can partay and be the 4 best friends anyone could have (..we already are.)

 Thank you lovebugs.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family, too! Next up..a new year!
What was your favorite gift you received?!
 I want some good gift giving ideas for next year!!

...and if you're wondering if I got my one true love
 that I've been nonstop obsessing over for 6 mos... 
 the Canon Rebel T3i

well, you'll just have to wait
and see.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! Love your scarves and your main squeeze is too too cute! Love that ornament!

    Those blog gals are so awesome, I love how you all take care of each other too sweet!

    ps.com the necklace you got Stephanie was so precious! Amazeballs girlie amazeballs!

  2. ow, you scored! I didn't get nearly as many gifts, WTH? Ha ha, anyways, my favorites were the 35mm Canon camera lens my hubby got me, and a gray and black cheetah print infinity scarf my friend got me. Can't wait to find out about your Rebel- I'm guessing by the teaser that you got it! ;)

  3. Ooo which lulullemon bag did you get? I got one too! :) Looks like a great Christmas...your hubby is a great gift giver!!

  4. WHATTTT??? I canNOT believe you've never told me that Billhead has a twin sis!!!!

    Is Rocky not the most adorable furchild ever??!! What is it with dogs laying under Christmas trees?? My mom's do the same thing!

    Way to go on the watch sister! And total points for Billy and that Longchamp bag!!

    Whoever your friends from Texas are take the cake for best Christmas gift eva AND quite possibly THE best people in the world. Just sayin'...

    Rednecks...hahaha. So true.

  5. New follower from Ohio(near Cleveland)! Hope you got your camera, it will change your life! lol

  6. Wow, what a fabulous Christmas!! U scored big time!!!!!!!!WOOHOO!!

  7. great Christmas recap! Love that ornament for the yoga pose ;)

  8. What a great Christmas! Love all your gifts including all the monogrammed items and ornaments! Love the yoga one especially! LOL

  9. Longchamp purse! What, what! You are totally going southern now with that thing :) Go Bill!

  10. What a wonderful Christmas! Love your Longchamp - and your puppy is too adorable for words :)

  11. He did SUCH a good job! I am a total Monogram fiend! I want my initials on everything!! Wonderful!!

  12. Thanks to your post, I just bought 2 scarves for my friends!! CUTE!!

  13. that ornament is so adorable!!! I love the Canon! I have one two. its the best investment that we have made! I am going to take an online photography class so I can learn how to use it better :)


  14. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!
    I got a T2i and I am obsessed as well!

  15. Love all of the pictures! I received a new necklace as well and I'm in love with it! It was a wonderful Christmas!

    Oh and me and my husband get each other a new ornament each year as well :)

  16. I love anything monogrammed so naturally, I am DYING for all your gifts! If only we had the same initials, we could just mail and swap things between us! No such luck! I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and hope your New Years is equally fabulous! Love the smirnoff idea btw :)

  17. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that Longchamp monogram purse, it's beautiful!

  18. love all the monogrammed stuff... and I must try out that yoga position =]

  19. WoW what a great Christmas! I got the same Nike Free Runs:) They are great aren't they? Happy New Year! :)

  20. K I lovvve all the gifts you and Billy got each other!! What a cute idea for the ornaments, it adds a lot more meaning to each year! Not to mention, (he got you the best one haha.

    How did I not realize Steph was your sister?! Wow, go me!

    Sounds like funnn :)

  21. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! That ornament is so funny, but a great way to remember what happened this year. He gets major creative points for that one! I'm so sorry to hear about Billy's grandpa. Having to find out at Christmas is rough too. Can't wait to find out if you got your Canon. I'm guessing yes!

  22. love the monogrammed longchamp! i'm thinking about getting mine monogrammed for a while now!

  23. I am a new follower! Looks like an awesome Christmas. I hope you got your canon! I got one from my parents. Love it!

  24. looks like a great christmas! LOVE the bag. and the ornament. so cute!

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  26. Looks like such a fabulous Christmas! Love all the monogramming! xo


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