a {lovely} hijacking

Yes. I said it.
hi {to the} jacked

Move over guest blogging
I'm just going to take over this thanggg.

HEY-O Keep Calm & Carry On readers!
It's Jessie from Lovely Just the Way I Am

Since the ever so fabulous SUPAFOX Miss Katie
has kindly given me rights to her bank account blog
I thought I'd share some funnies with you today.

Yesterday, while I was sleeping working...
Miss Thang Katie sent me this.

After I spit out mah drank...

It took me a moment, but then the beats were
rocking out in my head and my leg started to dance
and there I was, singing along to
Katie's made up lines.

{Beat the beat up}

pardon my french but...

I mean, allow me to break this down for you,
ooooorrr how I think this played out.

Picture this:

Katie, sitting at a stop light by herself in her car
waiting to walk into Macy's and this song comes on the radio.
Most likely, fist pumping her hand starts to do a little
tip-a-dee tap
on her steering wheel and the light bulb turns on
she thinks to herself, "Oh Em Gee... I'M A GIMP AND I KNOW IT"

I am going to assume this is what happened next.

Katie sitting alone in her car, laughing at herself.

{tweet it, I dare you}

I could only imagine what Fabio over in the car next to her was thinking...

Moving on.

Katie and I like to text only using Emoji pictures
on our iPhones. Ok, don't judge.

Like this little gem I sent her this week:

so scared.

So she then returns the favor... with this.

Move over Billy, I'm moving in.

NOW. Allow me to tell you about my super hot date tonight.
Yes, super hot, sizzlin' date.
I met this girl on match.com and we made an instant connection.

Side note: we begin filming our commercial next week.

Anywhoo... yes, my date is with Katie.
The Super-est Superfox ever.

I'm sure I will take absolutely no pictures what-so-ever
Katie will take more pictures than a high school kid's mom at prom.

We will kiss & tell for you on Monday, don't worry!



  1. OK. I don't even know where to start. LOL All I know is now "I'm a Gimp and I Know It" is stuck in my head. And I may have been #aloneandlaughing.

    So thanks for that. :) Can't wait for the pics!!

  2. this is ridiculous! I love you both! hahah! And you already know that I jacked your window to the wall text and mass texted it to my favorite people!

  3. This is the best post I've seen all day long! Haha

  4. JUST SPIT OUT MY DRINK! This is amazing!!!

    Like Kristen I totally jacked your YingYang twins text! LOVE IT!


  5. haha this is hilarious ...love u both!!! :)

  6. Ahahahaha, your risky katie... I don't think i would let her hi jack my blog....

    Jessie two days of guest blogging... I think your cheating on your own blog.


    im literally dying laughing right now

    seriously katie this needs to be videoed and then broadcasted all over blogland!! hahaha

    and jessie you are AWESOME!!! off to stalk the crap out of your blog hahah


  8. Jessie you just might be more awesome than Katie. Perhaps you should take over her blog more often. Or better yet-blog more on YOURS so I can have THE best of both worlds!! Deal? Deal.

    Jealous you get to spend the weekend with the Superfox...whoever that is. Perhaps if flights didn't cost an arm and a freaking leg I would be there too... :(


    Totally gonna throw this out there but when Katie called me last night to rap her song to me I had no clue what she was talking about. Husband and I are country bumkins so we have not THE first idea as to who/what LMFAO is...lol

    Anyways-I need to meet you when I come stay with Kate & Bill. That's all. BYE!

  9. HI-larious! so Katie totally pimped your blog out on twitter and i was just about to go look to find the link when I thought "hmm maybe i'll pop onto Katie's blog first"...and lo and behold - here you are!

    moral of THIS story...i need this iphone ap stat!


  10. This just cracked me up!!! Love it!!
    I think I need to get in on that texting fun!!
    If only my phone would do that!!


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