Halloween Weekend Confessional.

Happy Wednesday!

I've finally got around to doing my recap from Halloween weekend. To keep this nice and simple, I've decided to just bullet point all the wild n' crazy stories/pictures I have, otherwise this may take all day... ;)

I confess..I really love this picture.

#1. Do you remember how I mentioned the first time Jess came to visit me she got a speeding ticket on the way home? Well, her record is now 2 for 2. Girlfriend is impressive! She got another speeding ticket on the way to Columbus this time. Let's not keep this up Jess or you may not be able to have a license soon.

{all ready!}

#2. I confess I walked in on Jess, topless, doing crunches in my guest bedroom before we headed to the Halloween party Friday night.   After only meeting twice this is rather interesting bahahah but we shared long long laughs over it  ......priceless.

{Billy with another Mad Hatter!}

#3. I told you all about Billy winning $200 for best costume and that I got my car towed for $150 the same night, but I didn't tell you the full story behind it.

After walking 89 (ok..3) miles back to our car in what felt like freezing tempatures with no coats and barely any clothes on, we notice my car is GONE. Obviously we put 2 and 2 together that it got towed, however there was NO sign anywhere near my car. So, like the angry caring husband Billy is, he walked around the apartment complex like a mad man to try and find it. The next thing I know the sign is not in the ground anymore, but in Billy's arms as he is carrying it around the complex and then definitely threw it in someone's backyard. He tore the damn sign out of the ground because he was so angry my car got towed. Thanks, hun.

{in the mix there is a Whoopie cushion, Kate Middleton, a skunk, a witch, and Waldo}

#4. On Saturday...Jess, Billy, and myself all went to lunch and then came back to nap a bit before heading out to go tailgaiting. At that point, my knee felt great {even after all the walking the prior evening} and I was convinced it was getting better. We finally headed to tailgate around 5pm and had a blast. I confess I made a rap video that I made Jess promise to not make public ;)  Anyhoo, things got a little rowdy during the game and I may have danced around for hours on end and jumped on my bad leg when OSU won. Not my smartest decision...

Hunter boot lovin'

I confess {for Jess} that she loves Ohio State
mentions moving here ;)

#5. I confess it took me longer to do my husbands Mad Hatter make up than my own and I thought we would never be able to leave to go to the party. I felt an anxiety attack coming. He literally wanted it to be perfection... "more blue here" "less red there" <--Since when were MEN so picky about their makeup?!?!

#6. I confess I have no idea who these people are {but I like the costumes} and why I kept making this kissy face b/c it is not attractive...

#7. Jess was able to meet not 1, but 2 fellow bloggers on Saturday! My girlfriends Jessie and Ashley. I love that they all got along SO well & are good friends now :)

{Karisa, Jess, Jessie}


we missed you Pink Lou Lou!!

#8. I confess I listened to N*SYNC's Tearing Up My Heart this morning... oh wait, that wasn't this weekend, but it made me pretty happy so it counts.

#9. The best for last. Jess had some success in the man department this weekend {some may call me her "pimp"..}. My friend Matt and her hit it off immediately and I thought they were going to go to the chapel together Friday night. They've already made plans to see eachother again... ow ow.

caught. in. the. act.

This is what friends are for!!

#10. I confess.... I have some pretty AMAZING friends and I'd love to do this weekend all over again. so much fun!

you can read Jess' recap here!


  1. OMG! This is all so funny! I can just see him ripping the sign out of the ground!!! Can I just say I REALLY want your Welly boots. I am going to have to buy some of those. :)

  2. Love the batwoman costume! I was a superhero too this Halloween, wonderwoman.

    Great pictures!


  3. What a cute post! Looks like you had a fantastic time!


  4. You looked adorable!!! Glad you have a great Halloween! Annnnnd GO BUCKS!!! :)

    A Day in the Life and Mind...

  5. Great recap! Looks like so much fun!!

  6. What an awesome weekend!!! I still can't get over Billy's costume. Amazing! It's pretty funny to hear how picky he was about the make-up haha.

    Love all your poses in the pictures too, lady! Your gameday get-up is sooo cute :) P.S. I love NSync!!!!

  7. SOOO fun!!!!! And yall's costumes were awesome :)

  8. looks like ya had a blast. i love costume filled weekends!

    your tailgating outfit was super cute. love those red rain boots.

  9. Looks like so much fun! If only you lived closer..

  10. I is SOOOO mad that I missed Billy ripping up that SIGN!!! I want to do Halloween 2011 again, and again, and AGAAAAIN ;) Love ya bissshy!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS - I always do crunches naked in my bedroom, you act like that's WEIRD!! hahahaha

  11. Your weekend sounds fabulous!!!! Love your stories and props for hooking miss Jess up!!!


  12. i wonder if jess had worn her costume while driving, the cop might have let her off ;-) maybe she could have bartered with him...

    "I'll do a high kick if you kick away that ticket!!" har har ahr

    you are a TROOOOOPER for walking a million miles on your gimp leg!

    if jess and stallion make it to the chapel, i better be there! ;-)

    you girls look like so much fun. when can i party with yall!?!

  13. This was too funny! Sorry your car got towed, but it looks like you all had a great time!!!

    I heard N*SYNC's song on the radio this morning too! Bahaha!

    P.S. Hope your knee is feeling better!!

  14. so amazing. still cannot get over Billy's costume!

  15. That mad hatter costume looks amazing! Looks like such a fun time! I love your blog. It is so cute!! :)

  16. You and Jess look so cute! :) Love both of your costumes! Looks like such a fun weekend! :)

  17. I just love your blog layout! Who designed it? I am having my first ever giveaway! Please stop by and check it out!

  18. Funny story, I was looking at your first set of pictures and under the caption read "{in the mix there is a Whoopie cushion, Kate Middleton, a skunk, a witch, and Waldo}"

    I looked through the pictures and said to myself ( I'm at work) "wait, I don't see Waldo-Where is he?" Seriousssssly, It's as though I was reading the Where's Waldo books all over again, I was never good at those anyways. hahaha!

    I'm glad you had a blast on Halloween, loved you and Billy's Costumes!!! :)

  19. It looks like y'all had such a good time! Love your costumes!! Great job on doing Billy's makeup....it looks straight out of the movie!

    {And I swear I saw the term "man buffet" someone in this post and now I can't find it for the life of me. I want dibs!! Haha}

  20. Yay for those Buckeye's!!!! I'm still happy about that game. SOrry you hurt yourself a bit though. Jess loves those Bucks too, heck she is one :)

  21. Avid reader for a few months now.. but I have to say I too was ecstatic when Tearin' Up My Heart was best request this morning!

  22. OMG this is HILARIOUS!!! Jess had quite the weekend, huh? Speeding tickets, topless crunches and a new hubby? Too much fun!

  23. Such a fun weekend!! I loooove Billy's costume! It's amazing!

  24. ok i totally want jess's abs and your arms! FIERCE!

    hilarious you walked in on her doing crunches - that is awesome (i still need the WHOLE juicy story!) ;)

    and are you mini-bottling it at tailgating?! hahaha

    sorry for the speeding ticket and towed car but sounds like a successful weekend other than that ;)

  25. So what's the story on your knee now? why am I not surprised as to her doing cruches the girl is OBESSED with makin them abs as toned as possible! LOL

    Who's the italian guy that she was smitten with? Hope he's a good guy, and if so, how's come he's still single!?!? LOL I always ask that!

  26. Sounds like such a fab weekend. Love all of the funny stories. Amazing. :)

  27. Great recap! LOVE all of the costumes!! And those Hunter boots...swoon. ;)

    Just found your blog & we're now following. We'd love for you to visit ours sometime!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  28. Seriously sounds like you had the best halloween weekend!!! I absolutely love your OSU outfit...I may copy if we ever get to a game!! PS- Your husband's outfit was amazing!

  29. You were the sexxxxxxxxx-iest cat woman, that I ever saw.


    (PS. Have you noticed yet, I am still catching up on blog comments... yes, they will still be coming your way Superfox, so you betta like/love it).

    PSS. I am totally "in like" with you.

  30. I knew you looked familiar! I totally follow Jess, and read her whole halloween weekend post awhile ago!



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