"So, HOW did you guys meet again?"

That seemed to be the common question we got asked when Jess was in town.

Most of my friends and family know I have a blog, but I don't think they realized I'd actually meet people in real life because of it. Uh..hello! of course. ;) When Jess showed up to our house on Friday evening, she drove up and down our street passing our house not 2-3 times, but 4 times. Even with me standing in the doorway and driveway to greet her. I knew right then and there that A. I could blame it on her hair color, or B. that she was quickly changing her mind about meeting me and was trying to get out of it quickly. I'm gonna go with option A.

Friday night plans consisted of sippin' on the Honeycrisp Apple Sangria I made (the recipe floating around on pinterest-it's GOOD), showing Jess our house, introducing her to everyone, and dinner at PF Changs with a big group of my closest friends and family. All of Billy's cousins came in town, except one, and his brother surprised me at the last minute by showing up at the restaurant after telling me he couldn't make it.There were 12 of us total who went to dinner and I give Jess MAD props because she didn't know anyone, but was still outgoing and sweet to everyone.

{see my hubs and jess bottom right? adorable.}

After dinner we headed back to our house and had a few drinks before heading downtown. Downtown Columbus is so much fun...everything is very new and modern and it's basically bars after bars. aka party time. I was so excited to have Jess meet all of my good friends & Billy's family. Downtown quickly turned into tooooo much fun because at one point I looked over to see Jess and one of Billy's cousins all lovey dovey together....and by lovey dovey, I mean making out for a solid 10 mins at the bar. GOTTA LOVE IT.

The night was crazy fun. We danced, sang, and laughed until our stomachs hurt.
Oh, and I lost my credit card and didn't realize it until Saturday. Way to go Katie. After one too many drinks, we were walking to get a cab ride home when we saw Jess and Billy's cousin topple over eachother and Jess fell smack in the middle of the street. Then Billy's cousins proceeded to fall on top of her, but kinda still held himself up over top of her, and he scooped her off the street and carried her to the cab. It. was. hilarious. let me tell you. I thought I was going to pee my pants. The cab ride followed suite and was one of the funniest times spent in a cab. Billy's brother Kevin is the funniest person I know and he comes up with these long stories / conversations with cab drivers. Let's just say we left that cab ride with a new friend named Reggie who wants to hang out sometime (you know, when he's not driving his cab) and referred to us as the "most entertaining people he's ever met". 

Saturday morning we all got ready and headed down to OSU's campus to start the tailgaiting. It was freezing and rainy, but we didn't hold back at all. I HAD to show Jess what we were all about (besides losing terribly to Michigan State).  She kept saying how she couldn't believe how many people / places there are to tailgate on campus and that UK tailgaiting doesn't even compare. CHA-CHING. I'm not lying, ladies. I only speak the truth :) We went to Varsity Club, a friends tailgate, and made our rounds around the bars. Jess fit in wonderfully and even got to hang out all day with my bff Lindsay. They both love eachother now. :) 

Here are some pics from the day.
Keep in mind we tailgaited from noon until about 10pm.

Jess may or may not have caught the attention of a different cousin of Billy's this day (a girls gotta keep her options open, right?) and they are now texting buds. I'm tryin' to get her in the fam, you know...

that night we kareoked to *NSYNC's Bye, Bye, Bye at the bar and got it on video...
maybe I will share sometime. ;)

Sunday morning Billy and I showed Jess the city where I grew up, my office, and showed her all around town. Billy and I took her to my parents house and they got to meet & chat with her for a while! She even got to meet one of my little step nieces, Lia.  After my parents house, we were so starving & went to breakfast at First Watch (one of my faves) before Jess headed home.

Jess went the extra mile and gave me some gifts...totally not necessary. She got me a OSU shirt, a dog toy for Rocky, and a health book that has a TON of healthy smoothies and shake recipes! Girl knows me far too well. So sweet of her.

Overall, the weekend was a BLAST. Nothing about meeting Jess was awkward or weird, and I can't wait until she visits again. All my friends and family loved her. If you are contemplating having a blogger meet up, my suggestion would be to DO IT!  Jess ~ Thank you so much for my gifts. We are so glad you felt welcome in our home and we welcome you back to stay anytime. I'm soo glad we're friends! :) I hope you will be attending some of our family get togethers as well. he he he. ;) Love ya!

Want to know what Jess really thought about us? and if she thinks I'm a big weirdo?

Read about her view of the weekend: here.

...it's pretty good I must say.

*I linked up for {WILW} with Jamie to share this blogger turned real life friend experience..because well, I do LOVE it.*


  1. sounds sooo fun. when i went to visit lindsey and people would be like "you're from where? and you're here why?" we would just look at each other and laugh and i would make lindsey explain. it was quite comical.

    sounds like you and jess are quite the pair too. hope you have many more visits.

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend!!! :)

    PS, how do you do the little picture grouping thingees? :)

  3. The sangria looks so yummy! Your weekend sounds like it was SUCH a blast! I love all the pictures... especially the one of Jess being scooped up on the sidewalk! SO awesome that you were able to snap that in time!! Billy's cousins are definitely cute so props to Jess ;)

  4. sounds like a blast!!! love that she got along so well with all your family and friends, so awesome!!
    match maker...so cute!!! :)

  5. Sounds like you ladies had a blast.. the photos are priceless!!! Sad we didn't get to meet up!!

  6. Can I just say how J I am of this weekend! Sounds so much fun!! Just my kind of shenanigans!!! Love it :)

  7. Ah, sounds like such a blast!!! Love all the cute pics :)

  8. love all the pictures! sounds like such an awesome time! I wish we all coulda met up!!! next time, please!! I must meet Jess!

  9. Looks like you guys had a great time. Way to show her how Buckeyes do it (even if we did lose :()

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend and she must be a good friend now if she will let you write about making out and falling on your blog! :) So glad you guys got to meet.

  11. sounds like a great time! how fun.

  12. Sounds like you've had so much fun. I love your outfit in the first pictures! Very chic.


  13. awh love this!!! it looks like y'all had sooo much fun..I'm jealous!! I wish we could all have a big blogger meet up with all of our closest bloggy friends ;)

  14. Glad you got someone to fall in love with buckeye tailgating..it's like christmas every saturday!

  15. yummy sangria! :) looks like you had a fabulous weekend! so fun that yall could meet up! i wish there were more close bloggers in DC!

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  17. Sounds like yall had a BLAST! When Jana came to visit me this summer, Cameron's dad asked us how we knew each other..after what seemed like an ETERNITY of akward silence, we muttered mutual friends and moved on. haha!

  18. She sound slike my kind of girl! Falling the street, making out with cousins, etc. HA!! I need to go check out her blog.

    Looks like so much fun. When I told all my friends how I knew Beth, they're like cool ... so she's going to kill you? haha then they met her and realized I was NOT crazy. I can't wait to have our meet up part dos tomorrow. Your bloggy meet up post just got me more excited!!

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  20. The weekend looks like SO much fun, and P.S. Billy has some attractive family members. I mean really. If i'm ever single again, I may have to make my way to the O-H-I-O. Just sayin' ;)

  21. What a FUN/HILARIOUS weekend!!! So cool you girls were able to meet and had such a great time, not going to lie I'm mega-jelly! :)

  22. This sounds like so much fun! I met up with a blogger friend for a run when I as in Chicago! It does make blogging so real! :) Glad you had a good experience!!

  23. I found that sangria recipe today! i can't wait to make it!

  24. Fabulous! I LOVE it! hahahaha

    1. To everyone thinking about making that Sangria- you should definitely try it and beware that it is in fact very potent! :)

    2. I LOOOOVED your recap! It was way better than mine! Everyone was SO SO nice to me this weeekend! I LOVED everything about the weekend {including the cousiN) who is now singular hahaha! We will see how that unfolds. What would that make us? blogger/cousin-in-laws? Y'all need a little Kentucky mixed in.

    3. I am still in awe of your tailgating rituals! They. Were. AWESOME and I think I'm ready to do another game chick! I mean, it's not like I don't have something to wear now! haha

    4. I now crave First Watch!

    5. I think you need to post our dance moves to "Bye, Bye, Bye"

    6. Thank goodness I didn't eat the cantaluope. MISSS YOU SIS and I hope you have fun at your wedding this weekend!!!!

  25. Looks like a blast!! Wish we were only 3 hours from one another!!

  26. I definitely vote that you post the Bye, Bye, Bye video. Hilarious! Do it! Do it! Ha ha

  27. aww your pictures are sooo cute!! Looks like you had a great time. Love the suede looking jacket that you wore in the first set.. so cute!!! xox

    Check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!


  28. Haha I love now knowing the story behind those pics!!!!!

  29. Looks like a super fun weekend. I'm so jealous you got to have a blogger meetup!

  30. looks like you all had a fun time and that she like the OSU game scene!

  31. I've been a blog lurker for sometime now...just too "shy" to say Hello!
    Love your blog! You're so adorable along with your adorable husband!!
    You're definitely a bloglebrity in my book...I mean you only live an hour away from me...(Dayton). Crazy!!

    Go Bucks!

  32. Just found your blog...and see that you're an OSU fan! Go Buckeyes! :)

  33. per our convo today i needed to read about this blate

    i am so so so so so so jealous!! this sounded like a BLAST! and you were all right...those some HOT MEN!!! oo la la!!

    i also flew across counrty to meet blogger friends and everyone thought i was cray cray haha i FEEL you!

    you girlies are just TOO pretty for words :-)



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