My Fashion Icons {Olivia & Rachel}

Lately I can't help but notice how much easier it's gotten to empty my wallet shop til' you drop online. Years ago, websites like Polyvore, Google's Boutique, and Pinterest where you can virtually put together your outfits, never existed. The other day I was browsing my favorite online shops when I noticed two of my favorite fashion icons are now guest editors on Piperlime: Olivia Palermo and Rachel Bilson. We all know about Rachel Zoe who has been on there for a while, and I may be behind on this, but I was thrilled to see the additions of Olivia & Rachel {we are on a first name basis-besties I tell ya.}

I immediately clicked through to see all of their "picks" and found myself wanting almost every item. The best part, in my opinion, is that they show you a picture of a popular outfit Olivia has worn, with pieces next to it that you can buy to recreate that same look. Granted, not all of the items are budget friendly for me, but some are. What I like to do is try and find items in less expensive shops to complete the outfit. Having these 2 fashion icons as editors on this website is going to make me silently chant in my head my favorite line from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, "your wallet is closed, your wallet is closed."

I narrowed down some favorites of mine from Olivia and Rachel's picks...I picked ones that are all under $100.00. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

All of these scream Olivia, don't you think? These are all pieces I would love to own. My favorite though? The tie neck printed dress.

What I enjoy most about Rachel's fashion is that she always looks effortless and chic at the same time. Do you love the blouse and those ankle boots? I have found almost identical items as those for less - both at Old Navy.

Overall, I'd say I like Olivia's picks on Piperlime more, but they both select such great pieces to have in your wardrobe. If you are looking to dress like a star for less, I'd definitely recommend taking a look!

....and now my husband is even more scared that I'm going to spend all of our money on clothes. Don't worry hubs, only some... I've limited myself! ;)

Tell me, do you find guest editors helpful when shopping?

Who are YOUR fashion icons?

By the way....Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna take you to....

where I am GUEST POSTING today about something pretty awesome
our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

I don't think I've shared too many pictures on here before and who doesn't love beach pictures?! go take a look.

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  1. Love you post! I adore both Rachel and Olivia's style and love looking at what the pick on Piperlime. It gives me so many ideas!



  2. I want to be friends with Rachel Bilson, so bad!

    I am OBSESSING over that navy jacket Olivia picked! So frickin' cute!!!

  3. Love Piperlime <3 but not as much as I loveee you lady! How are you feeling?! Any better!? Your weekend with Jess looked fantastic and I am sad that I wasn't there to run around, fall in the streets and cause a circus tailgating for the bucks game with you two. You two are precious!

    You know what is sad? I don't get to see you this weekend. And you know what's even more sad? I haven't seen you in almost 2 weeks. This is NOT acceptable by any means, superfox. Let's fix this next week, because I sure do miss you.

    xox, Jess

  4. Just saw Olivia on Project Runway and totally checked out her Piperlime picks! Love her style...same with Rachel's! :)

  5. Rachel is SO adorable - she just seems so normal and her style is both fashionable and functional!

  6. I love Rachel Zoe....I might have to check that out! :)

  7. So I totally got to meet Rachel a few weeks back at a blogger event for Hart of Dixie and I'm pretty sure she was wearing that sweater but in gray! She talked about shopping at Piperlime so it must be the sweater!

    Off to check out your guest post :)

  8. I love Rachel Bilson. You're right, she always looks effortlessly put together and still so chic. I heart her style!

  9. rachel bilson all the way :) i also love kate bosworth and lately ive been eying diane krugers style. she can dress like nobody's business!

  10. I am really loving that cape on Rachel's! While it's a look I like I am not sure I'm ready to sport it myself yet. I have to find just the right cape and haven't yet.

  11. i totally sat and watched BOTH of their videos on piperlime. LOVE them. they have GREAT sense and are drop- dead! and i have been into 'emptying my wallet' these days too ;)

    PS - please send me links to everything you buy b/c i'm obsessed with your style. thanks ;)

  12. i totally sat and watched BOTH of their videos on piperlime. LOVE them. they have GREAT sense and are drop- dead! and i have been into 'emptying my wallet' these days too ;)

    PS - please send me links to everything you buy b/c i'm obsessed with your style. thanks ;)

  13. they are BOTH of my style icons!!!

  14. Love Rachel's look!

    Um, hello...your new look ROCKS!! Love it, girl!

  15. I totally had to checkout their picks as well- love their choices! Now if I could only win the lottery...

  16. Oh god this is dangerous...VERY dangerous!

  17. Love that coat in Olivia's picks!

  18. I love me some Piperlime. I have a serious problem with that site. And Zappos. Damn them both!

    Oh, and I am pretty sure you and I honeymooned at the same resort. We were in Punta Cana in 2006 for our honeymoon and we stayed at Secrets. Your pics look similar so I was curious where you stayed. We had the BEST TIME there and can't wait to go back. Although, with our kiddios still young, we probably won't go back until our 10 year anniversary :-)

  19. rachel is crushing it in the fashion world these days.

    stopped by from eat yourself skinny and love your blog!

    can't wait to keep reading!


  20. I definitely love both of these girls. Especially Rachel and I love her outfits in heart of dixie! I seriously wish I had that girls legs!


  21. Ok love your fashion icons and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look!!! Looks amazing!!!!! Who designed your blog?!


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