My Handsome Hubs

Good morning, friends!

It's Monday again.
I wish I was here saying I'm not sick anymore, and in return had a really fun post for you this morning, but this damn cold won't leave me alone! Once I'm feeling 100% again, I promise to have some more exciting posts for you guys. 

This weekend we were in Cleveland to celebrate Billy's best friend, Cory, wedding weekend. The weather was beautiful, Billy did a great job on his best man speech, and we spent the entire night on the dance floor. Although, guess who had to get up and leave the church right before the couples exchanged their vows due to a severe coughing attack?! Yup, yours truly here.
 I thought I was going to have to perform the heimlich on myself outside of the church I was coughing that bad. I spent the rest of the ceremony watching through the back doors... ha.

Anyway, I got Billy's best man speech on video and he gave me the seal of approval to share it with you guys :) I'm so proud of my hubs. He worked really hard on this speech and had the crowd laughing from the beginning. Billy had the majority of the speech memorized, but kept it in his hand just in case. He looked down at it a couple times, but he thinks that was just out of nervousness. ha.

Some things you will need to know before watching--
-I missed the opening line, obviously. It said something like, "I just want to thank Cory for chosing me to be the best man. Thank you to all the other groomsmen for participating, but we know who the real winner is.." something like that.
-Cory and Jen are both teachers. hense the teacher jokes :)
-The maid of honor "chest" comment at the end (hilarious) was totally NOT planned. You will hear a friend yell "PROVE IT!" in the background and all of us laughing. love it.
-I love that you can hear me and Billy's other best friend, Rudy, laughing throughout it. If you listen closely, you can even hear the bride and groom responding to some of Billy's lines.
-I really just wanted to post this because he looked so handsome and I needed an excuse.

I know, so handsome. Just what I was thinking! ;)

How do you think Billy did? Leave him some LOVE!!

Here are some other random pictures from the weekend:

Rocky loves air vents.

the best man & the groom.

a beautiful drive home

some drinks with my brother in law Kevin

the only normal pic I have from the wedding so far...
more to come later.

....can you find me cutting a rug?

Yeah, I whip my hair back and forth.

don't judge me.


  1. awwww, Billy did SO good! :) J was the best man at Carolyn's wedding and I was just beaming with pride...it's so fun to see your boy do something out of the ordinary, isn't it?

    Also, LOVE the b&w dress you were rocking!

  2. He did awesome! I have the biggest fear of speaking in front of people like that, but he seemed like a natural! :)

  3. looks like you guys had a ton of fun... Love that pic of Rocky soo funny!!! Hope you feel better soon lady!!

  4. he did so well!! He seemed to make everyone laugh, which is always good :)

  5. Billy rocked the best man speech! Whoot-whoot! You look beautiful as always, my dear. I really hope you get to feeling better soon! If you still get coughing attacks mix some boiling water with honey and a 1/2 (or whole!) shot of crown royal. It'll fix you up in no time. :)

  6. This was so cute! I absolutely adore the picture of you breaking it down on the dance floor! :)

  7. I cant' listen to this at work but I am going to watch it when I get home from work! :) you looked cute at the wedding girlie!
    how about those buckeyes!?? UGHH!!

  8. aww Billy did such a good job! I couldn't stop laughing between his jokes and hearing steves laughing in the back! Looks like it was so much fun :)

  9. The speech was great. Well done Billy. I think I just grew to love him (for you of course) even more. Looks like you guys had a great time. Get well soon friend. :)

  10. Hahaha, oh my gosh, I totally just died laughing at the "whip my hair" crack! You're hilarious!! He really did do an amazing job!!

  11. Awww...Billy rocked it! Hate coughing attacks, but love you whipping your hair on the dance floor. :) Feel better soon xo

  12. Wooooo!!! Go Billy!! What a natural! Seriously, I was quite impressed. I kinda want him to speak at my future wedding hahaha. He's hilarious and it all flowed so well together!

    You, my dear, are too cute out on the dance floor. Loving the hair flip :)

  13. wooooo shake ya bon bon girlfrand!

    haha please tell me you were dancing to Chingy. No? (PS-i tried to enlarge the pic to get the full effect...didn't work. Damn you!)

    The speech is adorable and I'm convinced the golf club had everything to do with it.

    I was literally laughing so hard when Billy said "So everyone raise your glass" (pppaaauuussseee) "for a toast" (pppaaauuussseee) "to the bar staff!" lol Hysterical!

    Is that all YOUR hair? If yes, than I'm jealous. Big time. Biatch.

    PS-if Rocky had a speech bubble it would say "Oooh ya. Right there. That's the spot."


  14. Katie! First! Your new blog design! TOTALLY IN LOVE!!! She did a FABULOUS job and I love the color combo! Yay! Secondly, I missed you this weekend but it looks like you had a BLAST at the wedding this weekend! Sorry you are still not feeling well :( Butttt I cannot wait to see your little superfox self tonight for a little YOGA :) YIPPIE!!!!

    See you later love muffin :)

  15. damn girl! you're breaking it down...coughing attack and all!

    you look gorg...duh....and i'm loving the new bloggy design!

    and rocky? um pretty much made my life today - such a cute fuzzy!

  16. Way to go Billy! Love that you're breaking it down on the dance floor. I pretty much have to be dragged off at weddings- I like to break it down!

  17. ohmygod your husband is HILARIOUS! I am laughing out loud at work right now...soo funny! Looks like you had a blast this weekend!

  18. So cute! I love that your seriously whipping your hair back and forth and I'm totally NOT judging. Dancing is one of my favorite and most-supported behaviors :) You go, girl!

  19. Oh gosh, I hate to do this, but I meant you're* whipping your hair... I hate when that happens. Pet peeve! Ha!

  20. He did a great job! I teared up a little. I just love best man and maid of honor speeches. I love the little glimpse you get of someone else's friendhips. I can't wait to hear my sister's at my wedding.

  21. AHHHHmazing. Love that pic of you whipping your hair around. Makes me heart you even more!

  22. He did SO GOOD! And he had the whole reception laughing! I is proud BILL!! You were working it OUT on the dance floor little momma!! Glad you taped this!! So sweet!! xoxo

  23. I have sooooooooooo many blog posts to catch up on, so you're getting a couple comments in one post. Deal with it. :)

    Hubby does look handsome. Good work. haha I love the hair whipping photo. It makes me want to hang out with you even more. :)

    Rocky is precious. I just want to squeeze him and kiss him. You should do that for me. K thanks.

    Love you!

  24. hahahahahhaha that picture of you whipping ya hur is hilar! I love it! hahahahahah

  25. found your blog on 'oh how pinteresting' and have been looking around and love your blog! i am now following and look forward to reading more.


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