Vajazzling + You know you lookin' at a Winner...

Winner, Winner,
I can't miss, can't lose, can't miss..

let's all thank Jamie Foxx for that being stuck in our heads the rest of the day.

As you all know, today I am announcing the winner of my monogrammed lucite tray giveaway {I bet you are sick of me mentioning it by now.} But first I want to discuss this new concept with you that I was introduced to recently...


The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's nether regions for aesthetic purposes.
Yeah, I'm not kidding.

GOOGLE at your own risk.
There are some rather interesting pics of this.

This is no joke, my friends. Supposedly, this is the new up and coming trend. There is even a website about it now. I first heard about this because of Cindy from Real Housewives of New York. She owns Completely Bare, the laser hair removal spa, where they also do this so called vajeweling..vajazzling..whatever. How would you like THAT job ladies? I'm a girl that loves her blingy bling bling and is typically welcoming of new trends, but THIS? Unless they were REAL diamonds going down there, I'm not interested.


I remember in middle school putting designs like that on my arm as fake tats. They were rather annoying and itchy if I remember correctly. Here are some strange  completely normal questions if you are interested in Vajazzling:

Will vajazzling hurt the man?
How long do the vajazzling crystals stay on?
Can I vajazzle over my tattoos?
Where exactly do the vajazzling crystals go?
What happens when the hair grows back?
What kind of adhesive can be used?
Is vajazzling safe?

and my personal favorite, Is vajazzling for real?

Now that you all probably think I'm off my rocker, I leave the concept open for debate.

Would YOU vajazzle? Have you heard of this before?

They even have started the male version of this. Can you guess what the term is called?
Ba ha ha.


The winner for this giveaway was chosen by Random.org. Special thanks to Shari for teaching little ole me how to even use such a thing. You know it's legit because it only took me 1 hour not a long time to count through all the comments to determine the winner. Please know I wish I could give this tray to each of you that entered.

and the lucky gal is!



MEGAN at Fried Green Pickles!

Congrats Megan. Email me ASAP sister.
*Thank you to everyone who entered*



  1. Haha I heard of this a while ago, I can't believe people do that!

  2. vajazzling!? really. haha
    this made my morning a little bit brighter just bc i laughed! :) so thank you!

    & congrats to the winner! :)

  3. Oh lord. I have heard of this, and there is NO way I will ever understand it, let alone do it. Love that you brought this up. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. dont lie - you are buying that vajazz thing and you are gonna suprise Billy! lol haha

  5. What is the world coming to?! Just seems so strange and...awkward to me.

  6. my face is on your blog! i'm so excited! now speaking of vajazzling - i remember jennifer love hewitt talking about it a year or so ago..not for me though, no thanks.

  7. I remember a while ago Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about it on some talk show. She even wrote about it in her book. Umm, no thanks! What if I'm walking and they start falling off and I leave a trail behind me, lol!

  8. Megan is one lucky duck! I wanted that tray! :) And VAJA-WHAT?! I don't think so...no ma'am.

  9. Um... no, absolutely not.

    Never heard of it before yet I'm not surprised that it exists. Sheeeesh!

  10. Dear Miss Katie. I miss you. The end.

    I kid! I am so sorry I have been MIA lately... SUPER busy! Anyway... this post got me! OMG this is the craziest thing I have ever heard, I have heard of it, but NOT WITH GLITTER! AHHH! This is the most rediculous thing ever! hahaha!

    So... it's Thursday and that reminds me, I won't see you tonight. Saddest face ever. Make sure you don't ever forget me... that would just suck.

    I miss you. I won't see you this weekend, BUT I hope you have a blast with Jess!!!! Show her some good ol' Columbus fun!

    XOX, Jess

  11. I've heard of this back around Valentine's Day when the salon I go to started advertising for it. It's like $20 for them to put it on when you could go buy the little $3 crystals and do it yourself! I've never had it done but I will admit that it did cross my mind for a fleeting second just for laughs and then wisely decided against it! Haha. I don't wanna think about when it comes off...OUCH! Plus I'm sure you'd be finding little crystals everywhere...and that's the last thing I want my puppy chewing on!

  12. omg never would i ever do that. The first time i heard about this was like 2 years ago. It's so weird lol.

    Oh god now men are starting to do it too? Let me guess...is it called Dickjazzling? Pejazzling? hahah idk

  13. omg. never. crazy crazy. loved this post, girl. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty.Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo


  14. Vajazzling, huh? Really? People spend money on this?? If you need bling to get your man excited about your va-jay-jay, something is wrong with him...or maybe you. (Not you, Katie, but these women who vajazzle their vagina.)

    PS-I'll forgive you for not rigging the giveaway but I totally expect one of these for Christmas.

    i kid. maybes.

  15. vajazzling? really? That is beyond strange! ha

  16. Hahah, I heard about vajazzling on RHONY too! I also saw Jennifer Love Hewitt on some late night show and she said she loves it. WEIRD. Definitely not for me, lol

  17. Congrats to the winner!

    And....ARE YOU SERIOUS? I've never heard of this before...I think I will have to pass. :)

  18. awwww i lOVE Meggy boo - we chatted this morning!

    and yes, totally heard of vajazzling. i think jennifer love hewitt started it. she started it as a way to "love herself." i'd rather love myself with a shiny new pair of shoes vs. some stranger hot gluing gems to my lady parts!

  19. I can not tell a lie. I think vajazzling could be fun. Ive blogged about it a few times. Still havent pulled the trigger....

  20. I have heard of vajazzling! I would NOT do it- mostly because its a WASTE of money and they only last until you wash them off in the shower...just so weird.

  21. I have heard of this. I also know that you can dye you "hair down there" to any color you wish! Little red heart anyone? This isn't my style but whatever makes you and your man happy is fine by me!

  22. Congrats Megan! and vajazzling is so NOT me! I feel like 1) it would not be comfortable 2) would be wondering if they fell off all the time 3) what is so attractive about that? I can be almost 100% certain that my boyfriend would think I was off my rocker if he saw that HAHA

  23. Haha! Never heard of this before, ridiculous!

  24. Ahahaha....vajazzling. Wow. Yes I'd heard of it, but I'm pretty sure its not for me. I found your blog through Pink Lou Lou and its so cute. Glad to have found another Buckeye in the blog world :)


  26. NOOOOO thank you! I don't get it. If I'm gettin' blinged out, I want it where EVERRRRYBODY can see it! (Yes, sad but true) I got a wax *downthere* recently and that was bad enough....embarrassing and I imagine it was over a lot faster than vajazzling! Yikes.


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