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Hey friends.

Just a little reminder before getting into my favorites of the week to enter my monogrammed lucite tray giveaway with Sweet Tea Paperie if you haven't already done so!

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so exciting.

Now for my Pinterest Favorites this week:

honeycrisp apple sangria

this breathtaking room Kiki designed for her daughter.
it is one of my favorite little girl rooms EVER.
Go check it out.

this bracelet I bought from H&M last week for $5!
I saw mah gal Chelsea pinned it and thought I'd share :)

ps-go visit her blog..she may have been pinned something or someone that is familiar to you ;) thanks Chels. mwah.

thick socks. boots. and leggings.

a shoe stroage ottoman 

this would make my husband really happy. He then would get like 1/4 of our closet with some of my shoes being moved out ;)

what's not to love?
of course I'm in love with the pops of red :)

and it's so brighttt....picture me saying "oooohhhh...ahhhh...."

I've decided I'm going to pray every single night until we conceive that our future daughter is this adorable. TMI?  maybe.
I will love her anyways if she isn't, but seriously, this girl is PRECIOUS and the dress? Le sigh {and I'm going to stop talking about our pretend child we don't have...now.}

...for a good laugh.

this triple necklace is swoon worthy!

motivation for the rest of the week! :)

link up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple to join in on the fun.

Only 2 days left to get our house ready before Jess comes to visit. I'm so excited but just hope we can get everything done in time. Billy has been so understanding with my long list of things to do and has helped out so much. I can't wait to finally meet her {even though it feels like we already have}, show her around my city, and introduce her to my 2 loves...

these boys :) 



  1. Love everything!! And that apple sangria would be perfect for the Fall, yum! :)

  2. Love the pins this week! Can I have those boots with the zipper? And that belt bracelet is the cutest thing!

  3. That apple sangria looks delish and I would LOVE to have that kitchen! Those were great pins (especially the shoe storage-yes please!)


  4. Ya know what would happen if those two dogs got it on? They'd have a PUGGLE! :)

    Your kid will undoubtedly be that cute!

    The shoe ottoman is beyond belief....who is the genius that thought that one up?!

  5. I think your future child will be just as adorable as that girl! How could she not be? Unless that is, you have all boys! I love that kitchen

  6. That little girl is way too cute! I think when you have a little girl she will be even cuter.


  7. that little girl is adorbs! lol - she is very cute, but I am sure your future child will be ever cuter! :)
    Love that braclet too, must.go.shopping.this.weekend. :)

  8. I love the little girl's room. So cute! It's so fun and creative. Your pins are so great this week. Hope you're having a good week! :)

  9. Yum! That sangria looks awesome...I just got done eating a honeycrisp apple haha!

    That little girl is adorable!

  10. Oh, I need that shoe storage ottoman!

  11. You're right - we ARE telepathic! I MUST go get that H&M bracelet now that I live near an H&M! The little girl's room is so perfect with all the pretty colors and the ceiling is a must!

    The shoe storage ottoman is a necessity as is that GORGEOUS kitchen! Oh, and I'm loving the triple necklaces and secretly want her "beehive."

    I have a feeling if you and Billy have a little girl, she will MOS DEF be precious and wear adorable outfits like that one :) PS thanks for the shoutout ;)

  12. Rocky is super cute in that last pic! I definitely think I need that shoe ottoman in my life - the shoes in my closet are a DISASTER!

  13. Oh what lovely pins!! That kitchen is gorgeous! and that little tennis player is just too precious!!

  14. I just pinned that boots, socks, and tight picture too! Loving your pins and blog!

  15. 1. We're going to have that SANGRIA!!!! eeeekkkk!!

    2. And I KNEW you wanted to have a bebe!!

    3. Can we talk about that blondes buffont hurr?

    4 I actually feel sorry for Beeelster and your slave driving ways! bahaha

    5. 2 more days!!!! FO.REALS!!

  16. Just found your blog.
    Awesome much?

  17. If you make that apple sangria, you must let me know how it is. It looks fab. Happy Wednesday friend!

  18. Writing down that sangria recipe right now. It's perfect for fall dinner parties!

  19. Love your pins...especially the kitchen! It's beautiful :)

  20. that sangria looks great i just got my apple share from the orchard and they were honycrisps!

  21. The ottoman is great. It really would be so functional! And I also really like those boots. The zipper in the back is a cute detail.

  22. love thoses trays and the puppy photo!

    xoxo navy & orange

  23. I seriously need that ottoman!!! Perfect storage

  24. Following you on Pinterest now ;)

  25. If your daughter is that cute I may have to steal her. Check out that little outfit?! She's more fashionable than me...I mean...not that it's better than my camo onesie, ya know?

    PS-if the pic of Billy and Rocky had thought bubbles I'm pretty sure this is what they would be saying...

    Billy: "Katie. Really? ANOTHER picture of me and Rocky for the blog? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen stirrin' up some grub for mah belly?"

    Rocky: "Ya mom ya! Take another! How does my head look tilted like this? What about like this? Make sure I don't look fat in that picture. Is my hair too fluffy?...Ok-let me see if we need to take another."

    That's all. Bye love.

  26. Laughing outloud for serious about your pretend child! :) It's ok, I think we all do that! And dying over the puppy photo!! hahaha love it


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