Halloween Costumes Gone WRONG.

Billy and I have celebrated Halloween together for as long as I can remember..aka for 8 years. I remember the days in college where we would be at the same Halloween parties and I would always have to be right around where he was. Major crush alert. This was especially difficult considering for all of the time I've known him, he has been Spiderman for Halloween. Not just any Spiderman either....the one who thinks he's still a kid runs around climbing trees and hangs upside down. I'm not kidding.

Anyways, I always look forward to seeing all the cute costumes every year. Dressing up in something somewhat skank-a-liscious is always fun, too. While surfing for ideas for my costume this year, I found all too many costumes that scream "Who in their right mind who wear that?!" So here I am sharing these gems with you.

{if you have dressed up as any of these in the past: we can't be friends anymore I'm sorry if I've offended you...these are just costumes I would never personally wear.}

Broccoli Unisex Costume

We all know I love Broccoli very much but this? really?
Not so much.

Teapot Womens Costume

For only $125.00 - you can be a teapot.

While the idea of this costume is cute, I can't find myself wanting to wear this all night long.
 I would be running into people left and right.

Inflatable Female Doll Womens Costume

Inflatable female doll, anyone?

I got nothin' besides this is just hilarious.

60s Babe Womens Costume

just No...

Raggedy Ann Womens Costume

I did love me some Raggedy Ann back when I was a little tator tot {now THAT would be a funny costume..}, but I just don't think this is the most flattering of choices.

Lava Diva Bunny Mascot Costume

This one kinda creeps me out.

Priced at a very reasonable absolutely ridiculous rip off of $315.00, this bad boy can be all yours!

and sticking with the Halloween theme......

Clif Kid Z bar's have a new flavor for the holiday season ~ Full Moon Brownie.

I actually got very excited about this. So what if they are designed for kids? These bars are SO yummy..they taste like soft chocolate chip cookies. I eat them all the time as my afternoon snack before I hit the gym. {TRUTH: I would've bought it anyways just for the cute packaging} After trying it, this flavor is even better than the chocolate chip! Go try 'em :)

So, whadda say? any of those costumes look like something you would dress up as for Halloween this year?

If not-what are you going to be?! I need some good ideas!

Happy weekend


{they face the Miami Hurricanes soooo we may need some extra good luck wishes/positive vibes..}



  1. I eat these SAME cookies - I'm a vegetarian and these are some of the same cookies a nutritionist told me to eat!! I had all kinds of problems when I stopped eating meat. Aren't they delish?!


  2. haha those really are some terrible costume ideas. i haven't dressed up in a few years for halloween. i'm more of the 'sit at home and give kids candy' types haha.
    xox dana

  3. love the KIddy Z- bars ..yum! I gotta try that flavor ..and I kinda like that costume with the Tamberine hahaha


  4. that brocolli and inflattable doll...henious, just henious.

    i was raggedy ann for halloween like 3 years ago, but not THAT kind of looking raggedy ann. :)

  5. Please go as Casey Anthony.. I was trying to convince Jessie but she is went All Beyonce on me!

    Okay other ideas..
    Katy Perry
    You can be my Jwoww, Sammi or Deana as i am going as SNOOKI!!!
    Betty Boop
    Liz Taylor
    Audrey Hepburn

    Okay i am out of ideas
    by the way i am totally being a blow up doll next year.

  6. oohh myy gosh! Those costumes are positively ridic!! Do you watch Friends?? That bunny costume reminds me of when Monica picks out a pink bunny costume for Chandler as his halloween cosutme.

    Monica "It was a pink bunny or no bunny at all"
    Chandler "No bunny at all! ALWAYS no bunny at all!"

    Sorry, I have a minor Friends obsession. :)

  7. How funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

  8. Inflatable doll? Are people crazy? Who would ever want to be that? WEIRD! What about a ghost? Or a Transformer... or superman?

  9. I mean, I just don't see what is wrong with that broccoli costume. My dreams this Halloween have been crushed ;) Hahaha totally kidding! Can't wait to see what you end up going as!

    I'll be trying the Clif Kid Z Bars!!

  10. The only thing better than that broccoli costume is if they had an asparagus one.

    Why on earth would anyone want to wear these? Unless their was a prize for worst costume - and it was a million dollars!

  11. Those really are some horrible costumes. And I can't believe people pay those prices for them!

    I'm a fan of the glow-in-the-dark stick figures.

    Sarah @ 90percentblonde.blogspot.com

  12. Hahaha! Please post a picture of Billy in a tree! PLEASE! hahahaha! "for only $125 you can be a teapot" hahaha that killed me this morning.

    Thanks for the cute text this morning. Made my day. Stop over at my blog... you might fancy being there :-)


  13. Haha, these are ridiculous! And yes! GO BUCKS!

  14. 1) is that even broccoli? what the heck. so dumb. 2) teapot? looks more like a hard-boiled egg if you ask me! 3) that blowup doll is beyond creepy and seriously gives me goosebumps.

    some people, i swear ;)
    have a good weekend. xoxo

  15. I hate spending a large amount of money on Halloween costumes. I did by a Strawberry Shortcake costume a few years ago and I loved it. The next year, we just had plans to hang out at the house until about 10pm when everyone had this great idea that they indeed did want to go out! So what did I do? Wore my same costume as the last year! Ain't no shame in my game!

  16. Those Halloween costumes are ridiculous! AND spending $315 on an outfit?? NO thanks! Thanks for the laughs, though! :)

  17. OSU won't need any luck beating Miami - they'll be fine! My alma mater (Florida State Univ.) is facing Univ of Oklahoma tomorrow...THAT needs some positive vibes! :)

  18. That broccoli one is awful!!!!!!

  19. The bf and I were talking about halloween costumes earlier tonight! No great ideas yet...Last year we were mr and mrs potato head, super fun but hard to top!

  20. I noticed those Cliff bars at Target today and was wondering if they were good! I love Luna bars especially the chocolate over coconut one!

  21. Those costume are horrible!! Wow! And I'll have to try those clif bars! Brownie? Yes, please!


  22. Halloween costumes are outrageously priced! These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. AHAHAH! This is hilarious!! You crack me up!

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  25. will you pretty, pretty, pretty pleeeeeease be broccoli?!?!


  26. hahahahhahahahahha OMG the Broccoli is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! TOO FUNNY!

  27. dang it...I thought being broccoli was cool. No? Whatevs.

    What about asparagus?


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