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I found this fun game earlier this week and thought I'd play along. I can't remember where I saw it now so if it was you, thank you for the idea! :) Feel free to copy the questions and play along if you'd like..I'd love to hear your answers!
1. Tribal or Aztec? I'm liking them both right now, but I'd have to say Aztec. Here are some Aztec looks I'd glady accept as donations to my closet...

2. Girly or boho? I'm probably more girly. I try to sometimes pull of the boho look, but girly comes more naturally to me.

3. Floral or paisley? Floral for sure.

4. Chunky or single bracelet? Chunky for sizzle...{yep, went there.} I'm always wearing my fav rose gold Michael Kors watch with some type of bracelet with it. I love all of the bracelet trends going on right now...stacking, friendship, mixing with watches, etc. and how they can add so much to an otherwise plain outfit.

5. Layered or single necklace? You all know the layered necklace bug has bitten me. Love them.


6. Nude pumps or red heels? This is a tough question for me since I got married in my red high heels {cue Kellie Pickler}, but I'd have to go with NUDE. Nude pumps are all the rage right now and go with everything. I'd take these and then I'd get my red pop of color... ;)

7. Voluminous or lengthening mascara? Typically I look for volume. Bad gal lash by Benefit is my most recent favorite.

8. Smashbox or NARS?  I'll be completely honest...I've only tried blush for NARS and really liked it, but I've heard amazing things about Smashbox products. I'm no help here.

9. Foundation or tinted moisturizer?
 Tinted Moisturizer. Less is more for me.

10. Cream blush or benetint?  I have tried the cream blush and I really like it, but can I pick powder?

11. Liquid liner or gel liner? Liquid, even though I mess it up a solid 75% of the time.  

12. Highlighting or contour? Highlighting. I don't know how to contour. Are you getting the fact that I am makeup challenged yet?

13. Sephora or Ulta? Sephora.

14. CVS or Walgreens? I don't really like either of them...more of a Tar-jay girl. If you threatened to take away my lunch or dinner until I answered, then and only then, I would pick CVS. 

15. Touch up stick or liquid concealer? I like them both. Liquid if it's not cakey.

16. Tanning mousse or tanning bed? Well, mousse doensn't give you cancer so I'm gonna have to go with that. I would rather pick option C that I just made up: laying out in the sun to get a nice glow, but not overdoing it.

17. Feathers or no feathers? Feathers. I just posted about how I got them put in my hair & I love them! In fact, yours truly just got a new RED one put in her hair the other day. Why? OSU football. Judge me....

18. Curling wand or curling iron? I must be missing something because I haven't heard of the wand. The curling iron works just fine for me for now, but I may have to research this wand you mention.

19. Flat iron or blow dryer? Unfortunately, I can't live without either. My hair is such a hot curly mess. The flat iron does wonders for me.

20. Messy bun or ponytail? Ponytail. 

21. Braid or fishtail? Braid - all types of them! I like the fishtail too, though.

What are you favorite fashion or make up items right now?!

On another note....Today is my FRIDAY.
We have a nice 3 day weekend getaway planned and I'm so excited...



I may or may have a video for all of you tomorrow. Guess you'll have to check and find out ;)

PS-I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments from yesterday. I absolutely love the blog world and all the support from you lovelies. It's awesome how much all of us can relate to eachother. Thank you :)



  1. I'm definitely going to *steal* the questions and I'll post my answers too! So fun!

  2. I love this post! great picks!!! i am going to do this so be sure to check mine out.

  3. Omg that skirt is to DIE for! loving the Aztec! SO fun! great post!

  4. I really want to get some nude pumps! Put it on the list!

  5. Okay, so you got a feather and you like it??? I may have to try this out. I want one so bad. : )


  6. I love that bathing suit ..and I am so Jeal that you are goin on a mini vacay ...even though I just got back from one hehe ... greeddddy :)

  7. Couldn't agree with you more on these picks! Love them all!


  8. I love a good pair of red heels BUT I'd have to say I'd choose the nude too - I wear mine with EVERYthing.

  9. So fun! I love that you got a red feather for OSU! :)

  10. I love those heels! Swoon!!! And that suitcase is precious! I wonder where to get it?

  11. IN LOVE with your aztec looks! and those nude pumps with a touch of red!

  12. Holy cow I was right about that outfit being Aztec! Looove it. We're so alike. I have pretty much all the same picks as you! My vote is definitely for powder blush as well. I'm looking forward to this video :)

  13. Love your blog! Hello from your newest follower :)
    xo dana

  14. Cute post! I am a new follower to your lovely lil blog :)

  15. Let's go shopping soon! SO MANY CRISP TREATS FOR FALL ARE OUT.

    Have so much fun on your mini-vaca! You and Billy are going to have so much fun!

    LOVE, JP

  16. Love these questions! I am dying for some feather extensions but my husband thinks they are ridiculous :(

    Have a great trip!

  17. what a little fashionista you are today! super fun, and i agree with most of your choices! :)

  18. Love this and I may just give it a whirl! I'm excited to see that red feather and I'm lovin' that you go it for OSU football! Have a super fun weekend trip!

  19. Fun post!

    Enjoy your long weekend...I'm jealous!

  20. This is such a fun post! I love it!! :) I have finally just caught up on reading your posts as far back as two weeks ago! lol I have missed getting to read everyday but I am finally all back on track!! Anyway I hope everything has been going great for you girly! I am gonna have try a post like this sometime soon!

  21. So fun! I want to play too on my blog now haha! :)Happy 3 Day Weekend!!

  22. I picked out my feathers that I'm getting next week..i picked scarlet and gray and I'm not even ashamed one bit!

  23. Fun game!!


  24. What fun! I just loved reading this and I think I would have answered most of them the same too ;)

  25. Loved this post. I think we're the same person. Ha! And hells yes on the red feathers in your hair! I have an appointment next week to do the same thing...go Bucks!

  26. I would love to have those Louboutins as well...And I love stacking bracelets with my gold MK watch.


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