Trendy Tuesday {Sharing My Fav Bold Necklaces}


This year I'm loving how "in" accessories are...the more the better. Whether it be feathers {in your hair or as earrings}, colorful handbags, or big, chunky necklaces - they are definitely statement pieces and can instantly brighten up a wardrobe.

My personal favorite right now are statement necklaces.


{the Stella & Dot necklace a lot of celebs have been seen wearing}

You can wear them with a casual top to make it a little more formal, or you can pair it with a dressy tank top and skirt to add some personality to the outfit. They are so easy and that is right up my alley.

I've found so many chunky necklaces that can have a hefty pricetag {hello Anthro}, but I've also found some major steals that are definitely worth sharing.

I've picked my top 5 necklaces in my collection to share with you guys and where you can find them.

1. Francesca's Collection- around $24.00.
This silver necklace goes with so many outfits. I wear it with striped shirts a lot to dress them up.

2. Francesca's Collection- $22.00-$24.00
Francesca's is one of my favorite stores to buy jewelry. Everything is afforable and they always have a huge collection. A bonus? You can order them online on their website if you don't have a store near you.

This white necklace is one of my favorites. It's a different shape/design and is different than your average chunky necklace. I love white in the summer and you can wear this with any color and it will stand out!

3. Forever 21- $13.00
A turquoise necklace is a must have in my closet.
This pic was taken with my iPhone so you can't see the color real well, but I'm wearing it in the picture on my right sidebar -->.
Perfect to wear with plain black and white outfits.

4. Charming Charlie's- $16.00
Charming Charlie's is a HUGE store of just accesories-all jewelry, shoes, handbags, headbands, etc. The store is even sectioned off by color to make it easier to find what you're looking for...amazing I'd say.

This twisted multi color necklace couldn't be more versatile...it goes with brown, black, silver, and gold pieces. I wore this at our wedding rehearsal dinner so it holds a special place in my heart :)

5. Forever 21- $11.00
I bought this necklace over the weekend {mentioned yesterday}. I bought it to go with the lace dress and it adds so much personality to an otherwise somewhat plain dress. It will look great with blazers, and that makes me oh-so happy, because I just love my blazers. I can't wait to wear it!

There are other places you can find bold necklaces too, like H&M and Express, but these are just some of my favorites I've found.

Which necklace is your favorite?
Which would you wear the most?
If you have a favorite accesory, what is it?!


Please just look at this picture Billy found on his phone of our precious little furchild the day we brought him home.

Makes my heart melt...

That little duck {his fav toy from his auntie Linds} was seriously almost his size, minus all his fur. He literally HOPPED for the first 2 weeks we had him..he didn't walk or run. haha
He was precious.
Ok, still is.
Momma's boy for SURE.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. how cute is rocky?
    i have a momma's boy too :)

  2. precious precious photo of your Pom, my mom's maltease hopped like a little lamb for the first couple of months we had him too haha.

    love those necklaces and I adore Forever 21 and Francesca's Collection for jewelry too, but I have never heard of Charming Charlies, I'm going to have to look 'em up!

  3. Eva Mendes necklace is stunning!

  4. Love that white necklace #2, I may have to go get that one!! Charming Charlies is the BEST accessories store, just be careful what you buy some stuff can be cheap and break.... But everything i have bought so far from there has held up to perfection!!

  5. I love all of the necklaces in your collection. I'm really getting into bold necklaces :)


  6. 1, 2, and 4 are my favorites. I never heard of Charming Charlie's before, I will have to check it out. I love me some accessories. :)

  7. I am loving number 4 and 5...They are all so cute but those are def. my favorite. You will look beautiful in all of em' :)

  8. Love these necklaces... I need to swing into francesca!

  9. I love charming charlies. I got a perfume from there actually and its my favorite. It comes in one of those roll on sticky things...
    Love those necklaces!

  10. OMG! J and I were looking at baby pictures of Bailey last night and I couldn't take it! She was so tiny! It makes me want another puppy!!!

    I also love the chunky jewelry trend...but I got way more excited about the baby. :)

  11. I am so into this chunky necklace trend.. how gorgeous is Eva in the turquoise!? I cannot get enough of that color. I think its so pretty on us brunettes bc the color really pops with our dark locks ;]

    have a happy turquoise tuesday!

  12. Love your necklace collection there! Absolutely ADORE Charming Charlie - so glad Fort Worth just got a new and closer location:
    Definitely somewhere I'll be frequenting every week!

    Cheers! - Megh

  13. I loved that turquoise one that Eva Mendez wore.....and I love your number 2!! SO cute!!

  14. That turquoise one on Eva is gorgeous! Great finds!! And your pup is too cute!


  15. LOVE #2....might have to go stock my local Francesca's.

    I just saw a necklace Ali Fedotowsky had on that was stella dot. Loved it....did not love the price tag!

  16. That Stella necklace has been an obsession of mine for a while now. Gaahahhh. I need to get my hands on one.
    I love Francesca's for statement necklaces like these. It's such a cute, little store!!
    P.S. Your puppy butt is ADORABLE to the max.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. You've got an eye. I love your necklace collection. I have the least amount of patience for large amounts of accessories in stores, but if you had told me those has each cost $50+ I wouldn't have doubted you for a second. Charming Charlie's is the most overwhelming place in the whole world.

  18. Love love love them all! Thanks for posting links...I am planning to buy a few of them! WOOHOO!

  19. How fabulous is Charming Charlies?! I love it!
    Great pieces in your stash, love them all!

  20. You can definitely tell you love statement necklaces from your profile pic! ;) I LOVE all 5 of your chunky necklaces! But if I had to choose: 2, 4 and 5!!
    Rocky is so cute! Looks like Chloë when she was a baby!!

  21. ahhh! adorable furchild. and holy schamoly. i am all about those bold chunky necklaces. <3 rubygirlblog.com

  22. Gorgeous necklaces! I love me a statement necklace, but I'm always too shy to wear them. One day I will have to make a statement!

  23. I definitely love statement jewelry. All your necklaces are absolutely stunning and I love the ones that Eva and Sandra are wearing!


  24. Aww that pic is so adorable! I love your necklaces! All great and affordable!


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