Let's Recap It.

Gooooood morning ladies {and the secret gents reading.}

How was your weekend?! Our weekend was wonderful!! Here's a glimpse into what I did - picture style.

I'm going to be super busy with work this week, so my posts may not be the most exciting, but I'll see what I can do. ;)

Friday night-Cheesecake Factory

Billy actually looked at me halfway through our meal and asked why no pictures were being taken {he's catching on..}. That was because we were too busy scarfing the spinach dip, bread, pasta, and bang bang shrimp to breathe for a moment to pause and take a picture for my blog. It was delish though..take my word for it.

Then we watched this movie...

The Lincoln Lawyer

This is a fabulous movie. Go rent it.

It had me hooked throughout the entire time and it was great to see Matthew McConaughey in a completely DIFFERENT role!

Saturday-shopping day at Easton.

the evidence of wallet damage @ my favorite stores...
Anthro, Lululemon, Francesca's, and F21.

Here's some of my shopping goods..

pretty teal bowls from Anthro

Lululemon Athletica - Speed Shorts

I didn't get 3 pairs don't worry :)
 I bought black ones! These are my favorite running shorts ever..foreva eva. That's serious.

Lace dress
{trying to channel my inner Kate Middleton?}

Please note:

A. I won't be wearing a black tank top underneath.
B. I was wearing shorts under this which is why the skirt part has a line in it.

Also, I picked up a big bold necklace {love 'em} to go with this dress, but I will be sharing that tomorrow in a different post ;)

Billy bought me a beautiful coral tank top from Francesca's but I can't find a picture of it.

I will be wearing it with this lace skirt...

timeless treasures crochet skirt

via Shop Ruche
{which is now sold out. sorry lovelies..so glad I ordered this when I did. However, they do put things back in stock pretty quickly so I would keep checking!}

Saturday night- I went out to dinner with my very best friend, Lindsay!

On the menu?

{and some vino ;)}

This sushi was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!
Best I have ever had.

For all of you Columbus ladies, we went to Sushiko. TRY IT!
**and on Tuesdays, they have half price rolls!

Afterwards we may or may not have had a house party at Lindsay's parents house who are out of town {high school style?} including beer pong, flip cup, etc.

Sunday-gave the hubby a boost in the water to go kayaking and I relaxed all day :)

a man on a mission...

What did you do this weekend?

Share your favorite weekend plans with me!

I have a soccer game tonight at 6 - wish me luck!!
I hope to sweat 3 lbs off my body and it may be possible because it is SO hot out and the humidity here is out of this world.

PS- Here's my nail color choice for the week.
Courtesy of Jessie who let me borrow the polish.
I don't think I'm going to buy nail polish ever again because I think she has every one to ever exist.

The color is Essie's - Tart Deco and OPI Glitter on my ring fingers :)



  1. Your running shorts are the size of my underwear. Skinny, eat some food!!!

  2. i am in loooooove with your new dress! goodness it is perfect!

  3. Love the dress AND skirt!

    Also, I have a funny story about Sushiko - e-mail me if ya wanna know! haha...but their sushi is amaze.

  4. Looks like a fabulous little weekend! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white dress! And that sushi looks AMAZING! I was just talking to a friend about how I was craving sushi...and you just made it way worse. :)

  5. Yall are so adorable! Love it and looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

    Stop over and check out my weekend : (


  6. How short are those running shorts? I hate it when I see girls with their butt cheeks hanging out...This was a huge eyesore yesterday at our gym lol. LouLoulemon is great but so pricy! :)

  7. I love those shorts! I want to take up running just so I could wear them. I'm sporting the Lulu yoga pants as we speak. Apparently, I'm going to work out today!

  8. I absolutely love that skirt! I am going to be on the look out for it. It is going to look adorable with a coral top! It looks like you had a really fun weekend. :)

  9. Oh gosh I love that skirt so much! Every version I can find of that style is ALWAYS sold out.

  10. THAT DRESS LOOKS ADORABLE! I also love me some cheese cake factory! So many great pictures/adventures!

  11. I love ALL your purchases and I am soo glad that you bought that dress! WHY have I never heard of Ruche before??? Weird. haha That sushi may be thee best looking sushi I have ever seen in my life. Where is it from and what kind is it??

  12. Looks like an amazing weekend! I love that dress.. very Kate Middleton. And I love your store selections.. some of my faves! I have been wanting those exact bowls from anthro too!

  13. what a fun weekend! looks like a blast and that sushi looks so good!

  14. You just had an amaaaazing weekend!! Loving all the pics you took! Great finds from your favorite places! That dress looks great on you!! (even with the black tank underneath ;) and I am DYING over your nail polish!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I might steal this idea from you!! You're so amazingly stylish!! ;)

  15. Love that dress! I'm glad I'm not the only one who tries things on over my shorts/pants :)
    I need to rent Lincoln Lawyer, I read the book forever ago and totally forgot to see the movie! :)

  16. Couple of things here-First off, I was just thinking this weekend how much you look like Kate Middleton. Why I have never mentioned this before is beyond me. Second, love all of your purchases..the bowls are so cute-and you look great in the dress :) Third-Yummmmm to that sushi. And last-your weekend sounds perfect. K, thats it :)

  17. You definitely found some cute shopping treats!!! LOVE the lace skirt (cough, cough, I wanna borrow it, cough, cough).

    Cute nails too! Bought a new color this weekend. Essie "Absolutely Shore" its like a soft green.... LOVE it. I'm sure I will be hand delivering it to you this Thursday at volleyball my lovely.

    Glad you had a great weekend!!! Have a fantstic week!

  18. Looks like a great weekend and I love the dress you bought. So cute! :)

  19. I love the bowls & those shorts!!!

  20. I just found your blog and am absolutely loving it! That dress is gorgeous...where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking... my best friend loves lacy dresses and I need to buy her a birthday gift could be perfect! I am your newest follower!


  21. whoever the kid kayaking is, he's HOTTTT!!!

  22. cheesecake factory, lululemon, shopping, and sushi! Now thats a good weekend!


  23. My hubs and I just watched The Lincoln Lawyer too and really liked it!

    What a great weekend!

  24. Where to start? You, me, and Cheesecake Factory had a great time this weekend obviously :) Everyone is saying Lincoln Lawyer was amazing so I will be renting that soon! I'm obsessed with everything you bought this weekend... love your style, girl! That sushi looks beyond amazing. My mouth is watering! Lastly, I've been wanting the Tart Deco color! It looks great :)

  25. I LOVE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. YUM. :) Have you tried the mac and cheese balls?!?!? LOL

    That dress is SO CUTE! Where is it from?!? I'm sensing a great rehearsal dinner dress! :)

  26. Looks like a great weekend...yummy food and shopping...It's a win-win.

  27. You are a girl after my own heart! Sushi, the cutest dress EVER, and kayaking! ahhhh


  28. OMG, what a fab weekend! Love LuLu Lemon...those shorts look amazing. So does that white lace skirt. And omg, I love sushi. Last, how ADORABLE is the glitter on your ring idea! I am LOVING that! Such great inspiration, per usual!

  29. girl, looks like you had an amazing weekend! :] i love cheesecake factory, especially happy hour where all their apps are $5 & so are like 5 of their cocktails! so yum! -- love that essie nail color, one of my favs!

  30. Katie, you are SO adorable! I love that white dress and I love those tea bowls!! Great finds!!

  31. I could seriously spend all of my money on lululemon workout gear- OBSESSED!

  32. per usual i have 900 things to say about this post!

    Cheesecake Factory is my favorite restaurant. I dont even care if that's crunk!

    I tried on an IDENTICAL skirt like that the Limited but my booty belongs to a girl named Shaquina so it did NOT look cute.

    I'm so glad you reviewed this movie b/c I saw it on Pay Per View but didnt want to waste 5 bones if it sucked!

    AND I just blogged about tart deco....and I am so going to buy it now! AND i have been dying to try that nail trend!

  33. the lincoln lawyer is such a good movie! i love that cream lace skirt too :)

  34. I saw that dress but immediately dismissed it because it was see through. DUH I could wear a tank under it. I hope it's still there when I go back!

  35. those running shorts look so comfortable!!
    you look darling in that lace dress - and I am really loving the white lace skirt! I have to go shopping more lol

  36. Those shorts look so comfy but sooo short! I couldn't rock them :(

    Love that lace skirt!

  37. Looks so much fun! Ahh I miss Easton! And that sushi...looks amazing!

  38. juuust found your blog - how cute! loving that nail polish!


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