I could've made this more tricky, but I did trick some of you.

My lie is.....


I changed my major twice in college.

I actually changed my major THREE TIMES in college.
and still made it out in 4 1/2 years...that takes SKILL people.

I went from Early Childhood Education, to Business Adminstration, to Human Development and Family Studies. :-)

....so this means that I AM actually allergic to cigarette smoke (proven) and I did accidentally cut off an elderly man's oxygen supply for approximately 1 minute.

That story will be explained NEXT WEEK in my VOLUME 2 of "Did I Do That?"
Get excited. It's gonna be good.

GOOD JOB to those who guessed right!! BUT, even if you guessed right, I bet you didn't imagine I changed THREE times.



  1. I WIN!!! ;) And that's pretty impressive that you changed it THREE times and made it out in 4.5 years! Good job, girl! :) I was a a Business major too and later changed! Can't wait for the story about the elderly man's oxygen supply. This should be good :)

  2. I can't wait to hear your story!!! Have a great weekend girly.

  3. This is a fun idea! Might steal it for my blog :)

  4. I teach college English and my icebreaker game every semester is 2 Truths 1 Lie and it is always a hit (well...as big of a hit as any college icebreaker game can be)! Some of them get pretty creative. And just for the record, even though I didn't post, I guessed your lie correctly. It's always the sneaky ones that change up numbers. Nice work :-)

  5. miss katie! i am so glad i found your blog. put the biggest smile on my face this morning. so happy to be following you :)

  6. I knew it! Wahoo! I win!!! I was a solid major-changer too...I actually had 4 majors, eeks.

  7. I still dont know what I wanna do when i grow up! Picking a major is so hard!

  8. I think everyone goes through the major change thing. It's hard! But in the end, I majored in art which was my passion and have not looked back!! hope you had a great weekend.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  9. I love this game! :) I also changed my Major three times; Psychology, Business Administration and finally Interpersonal/Organizational Communications. By the looks of it, with our similar name, blog title from the same quote, and major changing-we have a lot of in common. haha

  10. I'm stealing this idea, too. Hope that's cool with you. Nevermind that-I'm still stealing it. ;)


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