what i'm loving wednesday.

Here's what I'm loving on this beautiful day..

I'm {loving}: these ESSIE colors..

Turquoise and Caicos

Essie Mint Candy Apple with Aquamarine glitter on top
...if you haven't seen this yet on Emily's blog, cupcakes and cashmere, go check it out! such a cute idea.

I'm {loving}: this complete outfit from head to toe! I'm obsessed with those jeans..oh, and Kate herself. gorgeous.
I'm {loving}:: PINTEREST!

You get it.

Follow me if you'd like!

I'm {loving}: my husband & his AAA membership. Guess who locked her keys in her car {just sitting there on the passenger seat} while at the gym yesterday?
 This girl...sigh.

that kinda looked like me...
 I was trying to magical open the window or door with my eyes.

I'm {loving}: these shoes from Zara...SWOOOOOOON.

I'm {loving}: that I'm having dinner with a few of my closest girlfriends tonight at our favorite mexican restaurant. My girlfriend is back in town from New York so we are all getting together to see her!! Bring on the chips and salsa {and queso}.


I'm {loving}: my little family<3

I'm {loving}: all of my Blogger friends! You guys are awesome :)

What are you loving today?

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  1. i'm loving pinterest too. its super addicting... i even have the iphone app for it and check it when im not by my computer... im going to follow you!

    and that essie polish with the sparkles added is so fun!

  2. love the essie colors!

  3. Such a fun post and I love all the pictures and that nail color, so fun!

  4. Ok, I can't pull off glitter. Anywhere. But I REALLY want to try it. At least on my toes or something.

    One of my biggest fears in life ... getting locked out of my car or home or SOMETHING! Thank goodness for AAA!!

    The second pair of shoes from Zara ... umm, HOT. I want them. But my tall self and clumsy self can't handle them. Le sigh.

  5. Those second shoes with the rhinestones?! Ah-maz-ing!

    I love that glitter idea. I need to try that one out. :)

  6. That first pair of shoes are tdf! And I love Kate, obvi!

  7. I love Kate!! She has such great style. :)

    And that nail idea actually looks cute!

    If it makes you feel any better, I've locked my keys inside my car TWICE in one week! It was pathetic. haha

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. You've got such a cute family!
    I love that polish color! I may just need to have it today :-) Very cute blog girly :-)

  9. Ha, i blogged yesterday about my recent Pinterest addiction. Also, die over those nails! Going to have to try that.

  10. Turquoise & Caicos is my faaavorite Essie color! I also love what Emily did with her nails using the glitter so I'm adding that on my list of things to do.

    How true is that Pinterest picture? Haha, no time to sleep. Must pin! Story of my life :)

  11. I am so with you on loving Princess Kate. She is gorgeous. Her style is amazing. Love that outift!! I want a pair of white jeans so badly!! :)
    Yay for getting together with girlfriends...especially at a mexican restaurant. Love me some margaritas and chips and salsa :)

  12. The nail polish colors, and Kate's outfit. I die. Love them. Enjoy the margaritas and Mexican food. Two of my favorite things!

  13. I love that nail polish idea! So cute!! And those tan shoes... I DIE.

  14. I'm addicted to Pinterest! I love that nail polish

  15. I'm having girls night tonight too!!! :) Yay for wine and margaritas! :)

  16. oh man, SO addicted to Pinterest!
    I have a color similar to that first one, from OPU called "Mermaid's tears" I LOVE it! That glitter is such a great idea!

  17. Love all of this--I just got a new nail polish color--mint sherbet. i la la love it--looks a lot like your essie color.

    i also love free stuff--and on my blog currently is a giveaway where you can enter and win!

  18. Pinterest is awesome! Best time-occupier ever!
    I'm gonna need to get that Turqouise and Caicos nail polish for my friend who's getting married there in September!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  19. Thanks for playing along!

    LOVE Kate, her clothes, that nail polish, and Pinterest!

  20. I LOVE the glittery nails! Thanks for sharing them, so cute!

  21. Locking the keys in the car is the worst! One time I pulled into a handicap space and left my car running to drop off a library book in the return box. . . and yes locked the keys in the car! It was not cool.

  22. I will now be painting and "glittering" my nails this weekend. And I wish that I had access to Kate Middleton's closet.

  23. Pinterest and I are on a break right now because when I log in I AM THERE FOR HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS! Nothing can pull me away!

  24. CUTE blog! I'm addicted to Pinterest too!! :)

  25. I'm following on Pinterest! And that glitter over the polish is a great idea. I got behind on c&c. Does she just dip when they're wet. Did you try it yet?

  26. I am loving something you didn't mention-your pillows {in the picture that your dog is}..I love navy and yellow together. So cute!

  27. Those shoes from Kate's outfit are my FAVORITE. I.need.them.
    And you and your hubs make the cutest family ever!!
    I am loving that I just found your blog! So happy I did!

  28. The nail polish with the dip in glitter looks absolutely amazing, almost like a cup cake!! Enjoying your blog and am following, hope you will too Pearl xx


  29. love a good marg (and chips...and salsa...and queso!)

  30. I love cupcakes and cashmere's mermaid nails! Too cute!


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