Wednesday Lovin'

Woo-hoo..it's Wednesday!
halfway through the week :)

It's time for WILW...

I'm {loving}: light colored tunic's with dark skinny jeans and a belt. Here's Ashley from the Bachelorette in this look...only pic I could find...

and here are some other similar styles...

Ella Moss Estelle Silk Safari Shirt

Patterson J. Kincaid Harlow Long Sleeve Blouse


I'm {loving}: that I got up and went to the gym this morning for an early workout! I am already feeling really sore so I know it was worth it :)


I'm {loving}: that our Ikea light came in the mail on Monday..such fast delivery! Now it's time to put that puppy together.

I'm {loving}: that this weekend is a long, holiday weekend! We are heading to the lake to go boating :) Can't wait to celebrate 4th of July with good friends & family.

Chasing Pavements

I'm {loving}: My Mix 1 drink I had after the gym! I looovee them.

I'm {loving}: that my love Jess has a phone interview today for a J-O-B in Columbus!!!!!!! {it's 5 mins away from our house EEEEKKKK!} I really really want her to get this! My fingers are crossed.

Jessica Branham

I'm loving that I stole this from her FB page. She be lookin' good, right?! :)

I'm {loving}: that I've reached 250 followers! YAY! I consider many of you great great friends.  

so thank you, thank you :)

♥ Zupermaria -

I'm {loving}: that I got to meet Bethenny Frankel yesterday...

Oh wait, I didn't. :( I actually didn't end up going to see her because I heard the line was completely insane & I knew I wouldn't make it in time to be one of the first 150 people! Maybe next time!

I'm {loving}: these beauties...

incandescent moments maxi dress in emerald

collective thoughts lace blazer
{and all things lace actually..}

cirque citrus color block shorts

mulberry magnifique floral one shoulder dress

I'm {loving}: these boys!

{his spottt}

What are you loving today?

What are your 4th of July plans?

I linked up with Jamie for WILW.


  1. So..Funny story about that silky shirt that Ashley wore on this week's episode. I was watching with the BF and he was like, "WHAT is that shirt she is wearing!?" He was like, "It looks like she is going on a safari" lol...I guess he didn't like the shirt!? haha. SO mad about not seeing Bethenny, next time... I'm lovin your pic with her :)

    have a good day!

  2. I'm loving all of these! So funny your post about Bethenney! You'll get to meet her one day! Love that gree dress and your puppy LOOKS adorable!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. Sorry you didn't get to meet Bethenny - what a bummer!

    Um, I love those pillows in the pic of Rocky....SO cute!

  4. I am loving those adorable pillows your little man is laying on!! :)

  5. I love your impromptu photo cropping/layover skills you have! In my eyes, you met Bethenny!

    Tell me more about this Mix 1 drink?? You only drink it after workouts??!?

  6. I will be doing the same thing this weekend..but on the river. :) And only on Saturday since I have to work on Sunday and Monday. Boo! Can't wait to see pics of your light hung!

  7. Aren't morning workouts the best? Getting up is the worst, but the feeling knowing i'm done for the day cannot be beat. P.S. I did not forget about you. I will be putting together a list that I hope to send off today. Work has been crazy!

  8. I love all the tunic and skinny jeans looks!! And that would have been awesome to meet Bethanny!

  9. Sorry you didn't get to meet Bethenny! I love her!

  10. I'm loving your chevron printed pillows that you're fur baby is relaxing on in that pic!

  11. I'm loving that i live at the beach so I don't have to travel to enjoy the weekend! Happy 4th!

  12. I love Jess!! She is so sweet and her blog makes me smile =) I hope it works out for her!

    Yay for getting up early to work out =)

  13. nice style picks, I really like the salmon colored blouse you picked out, that's what I've been looking for actually but can't seem to find one that fits me! and the lace blazer is cute too

  14. Loving that look and that is too cute where you put your picture in!!! Sad you didn't make it!

  15. HAHA! You crack me up!!! Thanks friend! I love ALL of this! Esp the skinny jeans part with the shirt tucked in! I am loving that tan belt too!! MUST FIND!! I am proud of you for getting up at the BUTT crack of dawn too for working out! I need some of that motivation! Oh, and I would love to be your neighbor....like Mr. Rogers :) YOU KNOW I AM GAY. LOVE YOU!!

  16. Bummer you didn't get to meet Bethanny... glad someone else thinks she is brills just like I do! LOVE LOVE LOVE those pillows in your last pic... where'd you find them?!

  17. Fingers crossed for Jess to get that job (I love her) and oh my gosh... I loved Ashley's outfit, too, the other night! I need to find some new clothes!

  18. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm excited about the 4th of July too :) It's one of my favorite holidays!

  19. You know what I'm loving...YOU {and your lovely blog}! And I am SO adding you to my blog roll...don't know what took me so long!! xo

  20. Oh no! If Jess moves to Columbus then I'll have to give up my dreams of you moving to Lake Norman to be my BFF. Damn! Oh well, I'd take Jess over me anyday!

  21. OMG!! HAHA That Bethenny photo cracks me up!!! :)

  22. This may be dumb....what is Mix 1?! I am intrigued!!!

  23. What is Mix 1? I've never heard of it either.
    Have a great holiday weekend on the lake! :)


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