Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Bless this day.

This week seems like it is taking FOR-EV-ER...think The Sandlot for that one. For..ev...errrrr. for...ev...er. Alright, I'm done.

It's been a long time coming that I finally link up & use the best of my abilities for my crazy but good friend Erin's Awkward & Awsome (she can't even spell awesome right for her button? she's a winner ;) Thursday!

This is my first time linking up for this so cut me some slack..


1. The fact that I got super glue in my EYE one morning before work this week. Then I decided to continue going to work like it was nothing only to drive all the way there with an itchy, irritated, red eye and have to sent home to get a new contact because I couldn't see my computer screen. I drove with one eye closed home (it's a 10 min drive.) Sounds safe, right?

I felt like I was in grade school and the nurse was telling me to go home, honey.

"Mistook Superglue for Eye Drops" --surprisingly enough..this is NOT me.

You're probably thinking..how does one get SUPER GLUE in her eye?
I thought that too, even after the fact.

I wish I had a better story for this..but I blame it on my lack of brain power in the mornings that I didn't wait until what I was super gluing to be completely dry. So I snapped it...and BAM! the super glue splashed up into my eye. If you would've seen my facial reaction when that happened..you would be laughing.

2. That Billy sometimes tricks me and when I'm scratching Rocky's belly {if you are new here: Rocky is our little pups} he pushes my hand down to his ____ you know what, to be funny. Too bad this is like borderline nasty/violating my poor fur child.

Billy just cracks up like it's nothing.

TMI? Maybe, but this is AWKWARD & Awesome Thursday.

3. The old, bald man that was trying to grind with me and my girlfriend at the Kenny Chesney concert.

His pickup line?
"My wife is all the way up in the 4th row!" (we were in the 11th)

Gee, that REALLY makes us want to make things happen with you.
A. Do you not see the ring on my finger?
B. You are old.
C. You are married
D. You are old..like my Dad's age. Sick.

I then proceeded to go help him find his wife in the 4th row. Hey, I could get a better view from there...?

The end.


1. The fact that Billy finished staining our deck. Woo-to-the-fricken hoo..it's completely finished and looking beautifulll.

Not awesome?
That I don't have a picture yet and how Billy told me the news.

Billy: "I have a confession....you aren't going to like this."
{and a pause for like 3 mins..}

Me thinking...OMG..What did you do?!

Not cool, not cool.

2. This amazing invention.

I want it!

3. The 3 day weekend ahead.


lots of this...


some of these...

Another World

can't wait for a break from work to celebrate the 4th.

Well, this has been a special edition of Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Go link up with Erin.

ta-ta my loves :)


  1. aahh, I can't even imagine getting superglue in my eye - glad you're okay! and that hilarious about Rocky's "belly scratches" my husband has that sense of humor too... real mature. ;) have a great fourth!

  2. Ooooh how exciting you linked up, atta girl :) I love that you found a picture of somebody who mistook superglue for eye drops...Hahaha.
    Great and funny post. Also-I am loving that jewelry contraption. If you find out where to get one let me know pronto. Thank you for the shout out girly =)

  3. my husband does that little dog trick too! I dont get boys!

  4. Yay for staining the deck and that POM is so friggin adorable! Me wants!

  5. I LOVE that picture of the pup -- hilarious!

    Boys are so weird -- we are also talking about the species that thinks farting and pooping is hilarious so....what do we expect really?! hahaha =)

  6. Ok so i have to say i laughed out loud at the pom pic! SOOOO cute! what a little package of love!

  7. where in the world did you find that jewelry thing?? please tell me!! and i'll share with u a funny one.. So i went to get my eyes checked they didn't tell me they were going to dialate them.. Welp.. guess who drove 20min back home with those huge black looking things for sunglasses?? yup me haha wonder i didn't kill myself

  8. Ewie to that old man. What a DINOSAUR.
    Love that jewelery mirror, INGENIOUS.

  9. I swear I saw that mirror at sears or somewhere and was in awe! I haven't gotten super glue in my eye but I have gotten fingernail glue all over the screen on my blackberry..epic fail! Hope you have a great weekend girl!!

  10. I love that jewelry mirror! I want, I want, I want!

  11. OH my gosh...the "bitch I am fabulous" picture made me laugh outloud. So did your story about the old man trying to grind on you on the concert. I had an old man come up to me at the grocery store and ask me out. ON A DATE? I had my 3-year-old in the cart and I was wearing a wedding ring. Seriously dude?

  12. 1. I am calling Animal Services.
    2. I FINALLY got PINTEREST salads.
    3. I want to roast SMORES with you. Smores and vino {but don't roast the veeeno}
    4. Are you nervous that I've not had a meltdown this week. I probably just jinxed myself with that.
    5. YAY for the deck being finished!!!!! I know you had that as a major summer project!!

  13. ok we have to back up because I am cracking up about the Pinterest SALADS comment...I meant to say I finally got Pinterest WORKING-- someone just came in and asked me what I had for lunch {a Wendys salad} OMG -- way to break my concentration. You love me.

  14. You are too funny! I loved that! :)

  15. are you telling me you don't like old men grinding on you? that's my bread and butter! TOTALLY kidding...please don't think I'm a reverse perv! ;)

    SOO glad for the almost long weekend!

  16. super glue eyedrops???? wow what a mistake!

  17. Seriously laughed out loud at the glue in the eye story! And the old man. Jealousss I can't catch some "mature" attention!

  18. Oh my gosh, you poor thing!! I don't even know how it is possible to get super glue in your eye! Haha!!

    That jewelry thing looks amazinggggg!! I need that RIGHT NOW!


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