Fashion Finds {and a look at my Playlist}

Happy Friday to you, friends!

After yesterday, I've decided I have thee coolest readers {ahem..yeah, you}. Reading all of your 'confessions' & responses on my post yesterday had me laughing all day! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments.

Maybe I will do another post like that in the future since it seems we can all relate? or maybe a link-up? Hmmm... what do ya think?

It's been a hot minute since I've last shared some of my fashion finds, so today I'm sharing what I've found lately.

Straw tote from H&M
Marked down from $34.95 to $20.00

Remember the black jumpsuit/romper I posted a while ago from
my virtual shopping trip with miss Jess?

They now have it at H&M for only $19.99 in this olive green color. It's pretty much the same thing I got from Macy's but it has that tie around the waist which I think is a nice touch. I love my other one so much that I had to get this too..{but but but it's soo cheap}

F21 Tie Dye Stripes Tank - $12.80

This floral light pink maxi skirt from F21.
I haven't decided if I'm keeping this yet though..I may exchange it for a different one.

F21 Floral Dress $12.80
H&M Tie Dye Skirt - this isn't the exact one, but I couldn't find a picture of it. Mine is shorter and is black and turquoise. Same concept though.

Do you like my recent finds?
What's your favorite recent find you've found?

Last week I was MIA from the gym. I can usually blame that on lack of motivation due to the gorgeous weather, running outside, etc. In this case, it was boredom from the songs on my playlist. I have added some new songs and am completely motivated now to get back into it! Sometimes all it takes is to just switch up your music so you don't get bored.

Here's my favorite workout/running songs right now...
download them!

{anybody notice the Biebs at the end? This is totally NOT a work out song,
 but seriously, how cute is this song?!?! LOVE it. him. everything}

Let's see..what are we up to this weekend. This weekend is all about getting stuff done around our house since we are actually home for a whole weekend, for once! We are planning on working in our yard (depending on the rain), finish staining our deck, and I'm looking to finish 2 DIY projects so I can share them with you all next week.

For Fathers Day on Sunday, I invited my parents over to our house for a cookout. I'm so thankful to have my Dad in my life so I can't wait to give him his gift and spend time with him.

What are you doing this weekend?

adios amigos.



  1. you never told me where you got your running shorts from that you posted a few days ago of yourself doing a squating position in!

    Love the hate and the Romper.....I am eagerly awaiting to get paid next friday so see how much I get from summer school that i can "spend" and or save..

  2. I LOVE that jumper! OMG OMG its stunning! I LOVE it and I want it! Its beautiful.

  3. Great finds! I am SO impatient so I can never find anything in F21, but I need to start trying to shop there more often because you snagged some cute stuff!

  4. Well aren't you the cutest thing ever?! I'm new to your blog ... Love it!

    You, my dear, can pull off a Romper like whoa. Seriously. And the hat? You need a ticket to the hamptons for the weekend!!

    I love that you are sippin on some Skinnygirl and are a runner! So cool! :)

    Have a fab weekend :)

  5. I'm loving that floral pink maxi skirt!!!

  6. Bryan hates rompers, which is good because I look horrible in them. They're definitely not made for girls with hips, lol! You llok adorable in them though!!

  7. love love love all of this. that hate is perfection. you look amazing. thanks for another amazing post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest Fabulous Friday post, as well as my choice for Fash Fave and Fash Fail of the week. xoxo


    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.


  8. I love that straw bag! Perfect for the beach

  9. i LOVE your H&M finds! that place is seriously the best! i've been lusting after a jumpsuit for the longest time!

  10. Love that hat and jumper on you! You look so chic :)

  11. I am totally downloading some of those songs..thanks so much for sharing :) Cute finds by the way..love that floral print dress. Happy weekend love!



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