2 FOR 1.

Since Blogger decided to be not so cool and delete my last post about "Who I Am" and with my office desk sneak peek, I decided to repost my office desk find from yesterday and my original one for today..aka 2 for 1.

My inspiration was the Z Gallerie ~ Jett Desk

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I had been lusting over this desk for a while now..but the price tag? Not so much.

I got really lucky and found this almost identical desk at World Market for $199.99!

Josephine Desk

Josephine Desk | World Market

Josephine Desk | World Market

We actually like it better because it doesn't have that ledge in the middle to hit our legs on and of course it was half the price. We are really happy with this purchase and love it in our new office space :)

What do you think? Do you like the desk, or not so much?

This week I got some pretty awesome snail mail...

My SHINE shirt from Ashley!
Had to sacrifice losing the "E" to get Rocky in the picture. What's a picture without his sweet face?!

I also got these pink "Cuteness for a Cause" earrings from Nichelle's Etsy shop....
Check her shop out here

Proceeds from the purchase will be donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. They came just in time to wear tomorrow in the Race for the Cure! Love 'em.

Last night I had my first volleyball game of the season. It reminded me how much I've missed playing these past 2 years (I played 2 years ago with my old work). It was so PACKED and so much fun. I had to take a few creepy pictures of the place to show you guys how big it is.....

I realize this picture kinda sucks but hey, I was busy getting my game face on. The courts go ALL the way back and see the upper level patio on the right? It's huge and filled with people.

Here's another part. This is the new swim up bar (..I'm in!!!) they are building and is expected to be done by the end of the month. It's a pretty cool place!

One more thing to share before the weekend comes and you don't have to hear from me for a bit.

The Krysh residence had a temporary resident this week....

Meet Bo the Bird.

(yes, I named him Bo...just sounded right. Don't judge me.)

Isn't he adorbs?
 Totally feelin the somewhat mo-hawk he's got goin' on.

Bo fell out of his nest in our tree by our deck a little too early before he could fly. This is my assumption at least. He was so stinkin' cute I had to get extra close and scare him with my camera. NO, don't worry, I didn't touch him but I did talk to him for a bit in a weird little girl voice and also put out a small bowl of water (how about a bath Bo...?) and some bread for him to nibble on.

I sat outside on our deck for a bit and watched him learn how to fly off our deck and make small "flying strides" with his momma. It was precious. It took him a while to make it out of our yard but he did! Go Bo!

Alright...Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

It's 85 and sunny here and I'm craving Mexican food and a MARGARITA (perfect pre-running food, right?!).


xo. katie


  1. I love love the desk... YAY for getting it cheaper, and for that bar not being there, I would hate that! You look adorable in the shirt, and of course, Rocky needs to be in the picture! ;)

  2. Bo is so cute. 85 degrees! Enjoy it. Oh, and I love the desk.

  3. Wow you just really made me want a margarita, and that desk is adorable! Love it. Hopefully your post is back up!

  4. Love the desk..and now I'm craving margaritas and Mexican;)

  5. I love the J desk from World Market!!! It's a great piece!


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