Happy Thursday everyone!

The sun is shining and on Sunday it's supposed to be 78 and sunny here so this girl is THRLLED!! I have been pretty busy lately so very little time to blog but wanted to first say THANK YOU to those of you who sent me such sweet messages about my post the other day with going in my old house. They all made me smile! I also wanted to say HELLOOO to all my new readers since I haven't done so yet :) 

Today, I want to show you all what I got in the mail the other day...

My *SHINE* necklace from Ashley!

Not sure what this shine necklace is all about?
 To put it simply - Ashley and her blog The Shine Project are amazing. If you haven't seen her blog before, click on that little link and go visit! You will be so happy you did. Her blog is so optimistic, encouraging, and just makes you smile!

What is The Shine Project?

The Shine Project is going out of your comfort zone to bring light to those who need hope.  The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and CHANGE.

 Ashley has created "SHINE" necklaces to remind her of her goal and currently sells them to help others to "SHINE" as well. They are available for $11 and $1 from each necklace purchase goes towards The Shine Project Scholarship Fund. The Shine Project Scholarship will be awarded to an inner-city student for their college education.
Awesome, right?! Go check it out to learn more!
I knew when I read about The Shine Project and saw her necklaces that I had to get one and it's not just because of how awesome the thought behind it is. I also wanted to get one for this reason...before my Mom passed away, she gave me an engraved picture frame that says:

"Katie, Let your light shine. Love, Mom"
The picture in the picture frame is one of me from when I was about 4 yrs old and I'm looking out the window and the way the sun hit the window it shows a big light in the corner and me looking at the light. It was one of her favorite pictures of me.
I think it's so awesome how this necklace relates to Ashley and her project but also reminds me of my Mom at the same time.

In home news..with recent Spring weather I'm lovin' all things yellow. I'm in the process of decorating our family room with yellow, grey, and navy accents and yesterday I ordered some awesome chevron pillows for our couch that I'm pretty excited about.

can't wait to get them!

have a great day :)

xo. katie


  1. how awesome that the necklace has so much meaning to you! you made me tear up again this week girl!

    love your new pillows too! hope you have a great day! xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  2. LOVE THIS! I'm sure you saw my post too! The Shine Project is near and dear to me toO! I'm glad it has so much meaning to you and reminds you of your mom!!

    Love your new pillows especially the color!

  3. Very cool necklace and project and so special that it reminds you of your mom. I LOVE those pillows. I need to freshen up our living room and yellow might be the next accent color I use.

  4. I love Ashley & her blog! I have to get a necklace still, you're is gorgeous!! Definitely my style! x

  5. Such cute pillows for your living room!! I just redid our living room in yellow and reds, but every time I walk through Target and see the awesome navy stuff I kick myself for not using that color! I love the chevron pattern!

  6. i love ashley and her blog!! i posted about her too today!! :-)

    ps: i'm hosting a giveaway!! hope you'll join in! :)

  7. The Shine Project is such a great idea. I love seeing people do great things! I may have to order one of the necklaces after hearing you rave reviews.


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