If I had 3.2 Million....

....I probably still wouldn't buy this house. 

This house is listed for 3.2 million {keep in mind they probably won't get that} and is 4 houses down from my parents house. I couldn't help but share the pictures of it.

This house happens to have a HELICOPTER landing. The owners are known to just randomly fly it around the neighborhood and land it in the backyard. Normal, right?

and NO...my parents house is nowhere near that price tag.

(If you're wondering what I would buy...I'd invest in some Jimmy Choo's, LV, and buy my own fro yo shop..not sure if you can consider some of those investments;)

Look at these pictures...

Alright, I may take this house for this closet. Swooooon.

Pretty awesome, right?

What do you think? Would you buy this house?

By the way, you can almost see my parents house in this picture to the very very far right. By that I mean you can see a tiny bit of the roof, he he.

I'll show you a picture of it so you all know our house isn't as extravagant as our neighbors... it's a beautiful ranch. Now if I could just convince my Dad not to sell it... :)


Before I go, for all you Kim Kardashian lovers, here's a video I found sharing her 'Workout Secrets' with her trainer Gunnar Peterson. 

Kim K Workout Secrets

I watched it and some of these moves I do thanks to the Tone It Up Girls so you should give them a try!!

xo. katie


  1. Oh em gee, the CLOSET- yes please! I don't think I would need anything else, just the closet, fully stocked with clothes and shoes, and maybe a mini fridge ;)

  2. By all means the house is gorgeous but its TOO big for my likig and just not warm and 'homie'. I would rather take a smaller space and make it my own! Wait, would it be strange to have a closet the size of my bedroom in my future house? Now that, I could deal with ;)

    Your parents home is beautiful! I love the porches!

  3. One word: AMAZING! I would loveeeee to live in that house! Gorgeous! It would probably be a great investment. I would buy if I had the money and I would still work to buy lots of luxurious items to put in that closet!

  4. OK the closet is amazing but otherwise, that is way too much house. J and I talk about what we would do if we won the lottery and we agree that we would never want something that extravagant. It isn't our style anyway -- we like for things to be comfy =)

  5. I want that closet!!!O my word!!!!

    O and your parents house is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. That closet is amazing but does the master have his and hers huge flat panel TVs? That is definitely what I call decadent :)

  7. OMG!!! beautiful!! i prob wouldn't buy it either, but i would take that closet!! swoon!! off to check out the kim k tips... :-)

  8. ummmmm a helicopter pad? for neighborhood trips? wowzer.

    I do LOVE {and need} that closet though! :)
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  9. Holy buckets! I want that workout room! I wouldn't fight working out if it was like that! :) Happy Thursday!
    ps tell your dad not to sell thats beautiful!

  10. yes I would so buy it! Gorgeous! but geesh, the cleaning of that house? however, if I could afford a 3.2 mill dollar house, I"m sure I would have a housecleaner, or 5. Gorgeous.

    ok honestly, I like your parents house style better. I'm totally a cute ranch house over a big sprawling mansion :)

  11. i need that closet in my life asap.

    love your blog, following you now :)


  12. 2 things....

    1. do they really need their own tvs in the bedroom???

    2. i would buy it just for the closet....

  13. Love that house absolutely gorgeous! And so is your parents!

  14. A helicopter pad?! Wow! If I had enough money to buy it I sure hope I'd have enough money to pay someone else to clean it too!

    Your parent's house is gorgeous by the way!

    I'm a new follower!:)


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