From One Princess To Another...

...Happy Wedding Day Kate! 
(word on the street is she reads my blog)

I can't help but see the resemblances...

-My name's Kate {shh, Katie}
-My husband name is William {and his friends call him Prince William!}
-I have brown hair...Kate has brown hair
-Billions of people tuned in to watch our weddings (more like her wedding)

OK, that's about all that we have in common.

I hope you all know I'm kidding.

Anyways, I love Kate and William together. They are classy and she is the definition of a true Princess. I didn't wake up to watch The Royal Wedding this morning, but I did watch some of it at the gym since it was plastered on every TV around me. That actually worked to my advantage, because I was able to burn some cals while watching all the coverage of it.

Everything about The Royal Wedding was magical.

She looks flawless.
William looks handsome too.
..and all those hats? AWESOME.

Prince William and Kate

You can't help but love it!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

xo. katie


  1. OMG! That was so worth getting up @ 3:30 thismorning to watch. Wow I so wanna be her...

  2. I loved it! All I want to do today is watch coverage of the wedding. I'm a Kate (Katie) too, but my Hubby is an Eric not a William (does still have a full head of hair though, so that's something). He gave me a Diana/Kate engagement ring replica this morning so I celebrate princess Kate style, so I guess in that way he's a prince. WHY didn't I take the day off today! :(

  3. She looked so classy and beautiful! And, I totally see your resemblances! ;)

  4. everything about this morning was so incredible! she truly is a princess!!!

  5. the wedding was fabulous!! definitely a fairy-tale!!

    i loved her dress too!!

  6. You are too funny! She is GORGEOUS!

  7. I love it! :) Her dress is STUNNING. They're so stinking cute together!!!

  8. Such a romantic, real life fairy tale. I wish the kiss was a tad bit longer but such a lovely ceremony/day all around.

  9. I loved it too! I had my 1st hour class watch the coverage. My boy students weren't to happy about this! Happy Weekend :)

  10. okay okay i'll admit I wasn't into the whole wedding hype leading up to the even...THEN yesterday I couldn't stop watching the reruns and newscasts and E! updates! Incredible! I am still drooling over her dress! have an awesome weekend!!!

  11. she was SO pretty right?! i loved the double balcony kiss. i also loved pippa's dress! i have a feeling i'll be scooping up a bride magazine, donning my fake engagment ring and laying by the pool today - (ok, kidding about the ring but everything else will probably legitimately happen). haha

  12. The wedding was perfect!! I loved watching! They are so cute together and Kate looked absolutely stunning!! As I'm sure you did on your wedding date to your Prince William ;)

  13. I watched the wedding with Addaline, and it was so fun! Love all these photos, and her dress was SOOO beautiful, and timeless!

    P.S. I tagged you in a fun post on my blog! Play along if ya want!



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