So many great things happening lately! The Bachelor finally picked the right girl...Spring is on it's way...St. Patricks Day is right around the corner...I won my 2nd giveaway...and my favorite stores have some of the cutest outfits & dresses out right now. First, I want to see what everyone thought about the Bachelor {GASP!} finale last night.

Here are my thoughts: The entire season I never really thought too much of Brad.  He somewhat bored me and said "honestly" or "are you OK?" more times than I could count. However, on the finale last night when he finally got to see his family we got to see a more vulnerable side of him and I really liked that side. It showed him in a much more "real" light and I really felt for him there. On his final decision - I'm so happy Brad picked Emily. YAY!! You can tell how head over heels in love with her he is. It's adorable. I love how he says she makes him a better person. His proposal... so so so sweet. Chantel has already moved on (new boyfriend mentioned in After the final rose) and that's not surprising to me. I was pretty shocked to hear Brad & Emily have already 'broke up once' but really hope they can work things out. It was disappointing to hear Emily say she is not willing to move to Texas yet...umm...didn't you expect something like this to come?! Didn't she say she would love to move to Texas "if his family would have her" when she met his family? That threw me off. She acted like she loved Brad, but also seemed apprehensive about being in the public eye and about Brad's communication/temper issues. They are so cute together though, I will say that!! I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Another celebrity couple to stalk..just what I need.

One thing I know for sure is this...I'm running out today and buying Essie's 'Fiji' nail polish that Emily was reported to be wearing. I'm loving it

What did you all think of the finale and After the final rose?

So back to my 'winning'...yesterday I won my 2nd giveaway! I don't typically enter them but this one was too awesome NOT to. What did I win? I won Krysta's Harry & David Organic Fruit Giveaway! It is a 4-month organic package where you get pineapples in March, Cherries in June, peaches in September, and Royal Riviera pears in December delivered to your house. I'm so excited. I couldn't have won it at a more perfect time. Like I mentioned before, I just finished reading the book Skinny Bitch and now Billy and I are trying to eat more organic foods..this will definitely help with that. ~Thank you again, Krysta!

If you want to go check out what Harry & David has to offer, click here. They have some pretty cool gifts to give!

Other exciting news... Attention TARGET {Tar-jay} lovers. 

Have you heard about Target's new GO International designer collections? Just when I thought I couldn't love Target any more than I do now...they come out with this. Desinger inspired dresses for afforable prices. Awesome.

Here are some of my favorite dresses so far.

Go here to shop til' you drop!

I'm feeling extra happy at work lately and know the culprit. I have decided to take some of the fresh flowers I have at home and dedicate some to my brighten up my work desk.

this week..my favorite: Daisies.

Don't they make you smile?!


  1. I def like that nail polish color and I like the second dress you posted via Targets new collection!

  2. Omigosh. Emily! Let's talk Em. She was my favorite ALL season and I thought Brad made it pretty clear that he loved her with all the special little things he said and did for her that he didn't do with everyone else. That's why I was SHOCKED when Emily was insecure when watching the season play back. I understand the whole fantasy suite with Chantal thing but c'mon, you are on the Bachelor. Sorry, but what do you expect? Not that I'm condoning it. I'm not. Moving on. I was disappointed with hoe reluctant and hesitant Emily was with Brad on after the final rose. I didn't really believe she loved him. And this was a shocker because she just seemed to be screaming "love me, take care of me" through the entire season. Or maybe that's just what I projected onto her. Anyway I'm glad he chose Emily, but she needs to get with it, and fast or it's not gonna last.

  3. Well aren't you just a wealth of knowledge today?! I, too, was loving Emily's nail polish last night and wondering what it was...I gotta get me some! :) And Target's new line? LOVE IT!!! Okay, so Ms. Emily...I loved her all season and was thrilled when Brad chose her. That being said, what was with her on After the Final Rose? If she watched the footage back, she should be seeing that all season he broke rules for her and singled her out from the other girls! I hope they last though because although I'm not super fond of Brad, I love Emily and they deserve to be happy!

  4. I hope Emily & Brad can work it out. It's definitely hard to deal with tabloids and everything that comes with this type of experience. I read some awful things said about her so I can understand she may have been feeling defeated and torn to pieces. Like she said, she puts up a shell and I think she did that last night again but she didn't have to. Hopefully they can move on now, start a new page and start planning a wedding!

  5. Lucky duck on winning the organic fruit!! That's awesome! Loving the Tarjay dresses too! Especially the green & navy stripe!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  6. I have so much to say about this post, but first let me answer the question you left on my blog: NO, my knees haven't bothered me. No leg pain at all really, I am totally crediting my new shoes for this. Also, I am doing a few more it band stretched (that is typically why the knee hurts).... Here is a good one: while standing, cross the right leg over the left leg (right toe just barely touching the ground) and push out the left hip. Hold for the 30 seconds and switch to the other side. Repeat after your run as well. Maybe that will help your pain?!?!

    Okay, now:
    I was so disappointed in how Emily acted! I mean, it seems like Brad has some anger issues but I never thought Emily really LOVED him. She seems to care about him but she def. isn't head over heels like he is for her. It makes me sad for him. I really hope they work out!

    Target has a new collection, that is fabulous?! Sign me up!!!!!!

    Congrats on the giveaway win, that really was an awesome prize! I have a giveaway for a necklace on my blog right now but getting organic fruit every month is TEN TIMES COOLER!

    Okay, done with my way too long comment!!

  7. Spring time just makes me smile! What fun little things for you! Mmmm, the fruit sounds amazing. I love Harry & David. xoxo

  8. I find it interesting that Emily kept telling brad on their last night together that its not always gunna be easy... yet she is now the one struggling. and she the whole watching back the episodes and getting in fights about what happened are a little ridiculous. What was she expecting!?

  9. I'm so frustrated with Brad and Emily. I cringed throughout the whole after the final rose show. Can't they just get it together? Geez louise!

  10. i'm in LOVE with this post...i have essie's fiji too and am blogging about it tomorrow...lol. great minds! fabulous post lady!

  11. I just discovered your blog and really like it! I look forward to reading more. In re: to The Bachelor I just don't think they will last. I can tell he adores her but she seems to be hesitant. I just don't see it turning into a marriage. Oh well. And I love the new Target dresses too. So cute!

  12. o0o0 I was wondering what color that was!! Thank you!
    I'm interested to see what the tabloids dig up (or make up) about Brad and Emily!!

  13. I adore Target... that new line is so exciting!

    I don't know how I feel about the whole Emily/Brad thing. I think they looked really uncomfortable last night, I am not sure if it is going to last! She is really tough on him!

  14. I tried on like three of those dresses today at target! Ah, love them!

  15. I was SO happy that Brad picked Em...and then so disappointed at the after show. Why did she act like that?? I totally understand that it must be hard to live like that for months, but still, she acted like she didn't even care about him. It was SO weird. I really hope they make it.


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