Wednesday Lovin'

I almost didn't have time to blog today but here I am...

a short version of WILW for you all!

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I'm {loving}: the dream Billy told me he had last night. It was this: We were in Ireland and Billy was cutting the grass somewhere but I was yelling at him telling him I need to go get some beer (burr) to get our drink on!!
Then, via text this morning he told me, "the funny thing is I can picture you doing that.."
I swear, I'm not an alcoholic.

I'm {loving}: how GREAT I feel not eating meat!! 5th day people, 5th day. I'm not completely giving it up forever, but am majorly cutting back.
I will update more on this later.

Speaking {eh, typing?} of that...

I'm {loving}: the vegetarian Tex Mex quesadillas and cucumber salad I made for dinner last night from Krysta! Billy gave me the stamp of approval..big deal.

I'm {loving}: that we are headed to Cleveland this weekend to Billy's home-home to see his family and friends!

I'm {loving}: Olivia Palermo's hair, skin, clothes..ok, everything...

I'm {loving}: that we (yes, Billy too) COMPLETELY reorganized our master closet the other day. It's now free of random clothes, shopping bags, etc on the floor and is sorted by colors & type of clothing! I just love it!

What? you don't believe this is my closet?

::tear:: it's not. A girl can

I'm {loving}: this mascara. Very, very, good...me likey.

I'm {loving}: our precious fur baby!

Just wanna squeeezee him...

(taken during closet cleaning)

Last but not least, I'm {loving}: my other half :)

xo katie.


  1. Bahaha! That dino picture is hilarious!
    LOVE your blog!! :)

  2. Your blog is so stinking cute I can hardly stand it! Glad you (and Billy) enjoyed the quesadillas. I LOVE the dino cartoon strip. Hilarious!

  3. I wish I had a closet that looked like that one too. :)

  4. That closet is amazing!! I wish I had one like that too!

  5. Ugh Olivia! I love to hate her too!!! And THAT closet is a dream! Your dog is pretty much as precious as can be... :)

  6. that closet is UH-MAZ-ING! I seriously drooled a little bit haha and was so going to have to unfollow if that was your closet haha
    ok jk jk =)
    I always think about trying the no meat thing btu I don't like veggies =/ so meat it is haha

  7. you two are beautiful!! i love olivia as well...way too much i think :)

    cute blog!

  8. I organize my closet by color too!!! Makes everything better!!! :)

  9. Great things that you are loving today!!! I just got that mascara yesterday! I love it too!

  10. Where in Cleveland is Billy from? My guy is from Cleveland!

  11. Cuuuuute post!! Now that you have your closet organized/colorized/style-ized ...come on over and do mine! It's a little out of hand. What is so great about that mascara? I love trying new mascaras.

  12. I would be SO jealous if that really was your closet. Wouldn't it be amazing to have one liek that? Maybe someday!!

  13. I was DYING because I thought that was your closet!! Hopefully one day we both have one like that!


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