That's What Blog Girlfriends Are For...

Yesterday I talked about how over the weekend the husband and I went to the Lil' Wayne concert. I wanted to share today about what else I did over the weekend...you know, the thing that all most girls love to do...

SHOP! (duh)

But this shopping experience was a little different...Jess {from Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink OH MY!} and I have became such great friends after meeting through our blogs that we decided to 'virtually shop' together! Why not?! We both loveeee to shop and since we couldn't be together we decided to call eachother while we were both at our locals malls and chat while we were shopping around!

Then, when we tried things on that we were unsure about buying we sent pictures to eachother to get the others opinion! Haha it was SO much fun & felt like we actually got to shop together!

Here's a look into our virtual shopping day...

Now ladies, no judging our apperances in these pictures..unwashed hair, minimal makeup, etc.

First up - TJ Maxx



we both ending up buying those dresses!

Now on to the mall I go...

this is a bad pic but this jumpsuit is soo cute & comfy..I had a coupon and got a great deal!
from Macy's

Jess lookin' purty in pink...

Then, I made my way to Francesca's (one of my favvvorite stores) and started wondering if this virtual shopping was a good idea since we were both working our way to being broke... ;)

{light pink polka dot top...Me: "What do you think?!"...Jess: "Get it!!!"}

a chunky silver necklace I also bought from Francesca's

Jess workin it in Ralph Lauren...
She's adding a wide belt to this!

With other various tops and dresses in between (not all shown)...our virtual shopping trip had to come to an end due to excessive spending.

But not before I made a pitstop at Yagoot
and made her jealous with my Fro-yooo!!! ;)


During my trip, I decided that it would probably be a smart idea to come home with something for the hubs so I bought him 2 shirts. The man doesn't enjoy shopping so I'm typically his personal shopper and I have no problem with that! I love picking out clothes for him :)

But it does come with one little rule..
he has to model them for me after (and subject himself to this pic on my blog hehe)

the compliant model of mine.

Soo do any of YOU ladies do this when you are shopping and you aren't with your girlfriends?! I loved having the second opinion and especially from someone who I met via blog world :)



  1. Yes. The awesomeness of technology! :)

  2. LOl...That was cute...can't go to the mall in same town why not via phone.

  3. Ok so I love that first dress u had on! And love that you found it at TJ Maxx. I have to have someone with me there bc I hate to dig so if someone else does it for me I am good to go! =)
    I love the virtual shopping idea. It's always nice to have second opinions!

  4. hahaha I LOVE THIS POST!! I love how nasty/greasy my hair is and you actually look cute! :) I LOOOOVE that first dress you bought at Tah-tah-TJ Maxx!! Why do we not have the same stuff at ours?!! I got online at Macys today to find that romper - NOPE!! :( Not meant to be!! I looooove you chicky! BEST virtual shopping buddddy evvvvvvvah....even Billy got cute things! haha

  5. oh my goodness..that is such a cute idea..love it! and love all y'alls purchases :)

  6. LOVE this idea, how fun! I definitely have to have shopping buddies with me when I'm on a mission for new clothes. What a fabulous idea ;) And I love all your adorable finds! Ca-ute!

  7. Love that idea! You found a lot of great things too! :)

  8. What great purchases... I wish our TJ MAXX here had cute dresses like that.. I never have any lucky with that place.

  9. This is so much fun that you did this! I love all of your purchases, and I bet it made it even more fun to buy stuff when you had someone to share it with!

  10. This looks like so much fun! That first dress is great!

  11. What a fun way to shop!!! Love love the dress from tj max you got!!

  12. how fun!! I do this with my husband all the time =) I figure he is the one that has to look at me so as long as it is comfortable and looks good I generally don't care haha =) If he thinks I look good/cute/hot/etc that is what matters for me =)

  13. HAAHA you girls are too cute! I love Jess! I love all of the outfits you two tried on!! :)

  14. Katie I LOVE the Jumpsuit in black off the shoulder as Jess will tell you is SOO my thing! As it is hers! What's the brand of that dress via Macys? I may have to run out and get it! Would look great with some black heels no? :)

  15. Ok never done this shopping type thing but I LOVE IT!!!! How fun! :) And Jess your hair does not look greasy!!

  16. this is such a cool idea....and you looks so pretty! i love that jumpsuit! bloggy friends are the best!!


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