The Friday That I'm Too Tired To Think Of A Title...

Gaga got the best of me last night...or was it the 3 sleeves of Girl Scout Cookies I ate? After hitting the snooze button 3 times, I was finally able to drag myself out of bed this morning to get ready for work. I think the traveling, sun, late bed times, and of course the concert last night are starting to get to me (-gasp-I sound like these are all bad things?). This is me yawning every 3 minutes. Must. get. coffee. stat. I'm actually considering skipping lunch and just going on a liquid diet of pure caffeine for the rest of the day(somewhat kidding).

Anyways..."are you goo goo for Gaga yet?" is the text I received from Billy around 11pm last night. Yes, would be the answer. I'm going to just tell it like it is...her concert was by far the biggest freakshow I've ever been to. I don't mean that in any way negative towards any of the fans, just simply about the concert itself. It's not everyday you see the male dancers pretty much naked and grabbing their junks on stage while Gaga is screaming about being monsters and superstars. I couldn't help but feel like I was being Gaga brainwashed. Obviously, this is just my own opinion but her music at the concert...great, her yelling about releasing your inner freak...could've done without. Don't get me wrong all you crazy monster fans out there...I enjoyed the concert very much but I think she could've done better. Lindsay and I have a tradition that whenever we have upper bowl seats to a concert, we try and use our great looks and charm to convince the ushers in lower sections to let us sit in some empty seats. Last night we proved to be successful for I think the 4th or 5th time. I'm not sure if it was our charm or the fact that the usher couldn't really understand what we were saying (probably this one) because of the loud music, but either way we were allowed to sit in empty seats much lower than our original seats were. Awesome. Overall, I would give the concert a B. The people watching however...A + + +. WOW...let me tell you, even better than the airport. Fans were decked out in feathers, leather pants, hot pink wigs, crazy jewels on their face, booty shorts, etc. I took a lot of pictures but don't have time I'm too tired to post them today!

Moving along..I'm not so sure I will catch up on my sleep that much this weekend. Tomorrow is our annual (1st out of 3) St. Patricks Day celebration with my girlfriends. We get up and go to one of our local towns who has a St. Patricks Day parade and they have a strip of restaurants/bars where everyone goes to after the parade to drink some green beers and celebrate the best holiday ever (in my mind). We have done this for about 4 years now and I NEVER miss it. We are starting around 11 am and will make our way to all our favorite stops. Unlike in previous years, we won't be making it an all day event because I have a bridal shower in the afternoon and bachelorette party at night. I'm really looking forward to be able to still celebrate with my girlfriends and go to the bridal shower as well. It will be a day and night full of fun!

Here are some pictures from previous years.

Looks fun, right?! It is!

Sunday, I have a soccer game and we are celebrating Billy's birthday (since we were in Florida) with my parents at their house. In between all that, I will be trying to get as much snugs in as possible with this little man who I missed when we were away...

(taken the day we got home)

I promise that next week I will have much more exciting things to share and I won't be half asleep while writing them. I did finish the book Skinny Bitch while on vacation and can't wait to hear what other readers thought about it. EYE OPENING is all I have to say for now.

PS- You MUST stop on over at Krysta's blog My Life In Food! Her blog is one of my favorite blogs to read...besides that she is super nice, she is a great cook and is having an amazing organic fruit giveaway right now!! I don't normally enter too many giveaways but this one I would love love love to win :)

Have a great weekend ladies!


  1. I bet your tired...I do liquid diet every day..lol StartBucks a must!! My St. Patricks day starts today :) You all have fun this weekend...

  2. The St. Patties Day tradition looks fun! Perk up!!! I am having the same problem today. My feet are dragging. I could have easily slept another 4 hours, but I have 3 kids who don't let me, dagnabit!

  3. Oh my goodness... that concert does sound crazy/ not my type of fun! I wrote you back via email as well :) And... I think you may be out of luck with the sleep thing with your weekend ahead! Oh well, you can sleep later! Have fun drinking green beer!! :)

  4. All the St Patty's day pics are too cute!

    Um I think I would feel the same way about the Gaga concert. My 8 year old wanted to go when Gaga was near us, I quickly said HECK NO because I figured it would be a freak show fo sho!

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm a new follower of your incredibly cute blog and I gave you a stylish blogger award! I have to say I'm a Gaga fan but I have absolutely no desire to go to one of her concerts for the exact reasons you mentioned! :) I hope you had a great weekend!


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