Our Christmas Scrapbook

There are so many different reasons why I've come to love blogging but one of my favorite things is the sharing of different ideas for your home, recipes, crafts, etc. I absolutely love when people post cute ideas because sometimes I just am not that creative to think of it myself! :) 

I can't remember where I saw the idea of a Christmas scrapbook for every year of marriage (actually I think I saw it on multiple blogs!) and I knew I had to do it... it is such a cute idea! Since we got married this past year...what a perfect time to start it! 

The best part is you only have to do 1 page (or 2 if you don't have enough room like me!) per year so it'll be really easy to keep up with. On the page, you can include your Christmas card you sent out in the mail to your friends & family, a picture from Christmas day, and whatever else that is important to you! 

I finished our "2010" pages this past weekend and figured I'd share it with yall! Plus, I never got to share our Christmas card we sent out so you can see it on here :) I did 2 pages this year since it was our FIRST year married and was super special but I am going to try and just keep it to 1 page the following years!

Stickers galore (all 70% off!!): Check!!

Scrapbook and Christmas paper: Check!

A little cut, glue, and decorating action and VOILA!!!!

Page 1...

Page 2...

I LOVE that we'll be able to look back each year we are married and see the cards we sent out and how we spent Christmas together! 

Thank you Blogger...




  1. Oooh I love love this idea!! Your first page looks sooo cute!! And your Christmas card was perfect! I am also digging the new blog lift :) Very cute!

  2. What a great idea!! I haven't heard of it before now, so thanks for sharing!!!

  3. That is so cute!! I have been planning to do the same thing with our Christmas cards for 2 years! I have the cards just no scrapbook yet....and you are way more creative than I had even thought of! :)

  4. It's so cute!! I love this idea!!! I may want to copy you. :)

  5. so copying you, love this! :) you did a great job on your first page!

  6. Such a cute idea!! I love that you are going to have memories of your Christmases together :)

  7. Very cute!! I think I'm just going to frame our Christmas cards & display them each year, but the scrapbook idea is awesome, too!

  8. I'm doing this too! I just haven't gotten around to buying everything yet. I should really see if Hobby Lobby has any Christmas stuff still on clearance. I know another blogger who did this found her scrapbook at Tuesday Morning, so I'm going to check there too. I love how yours turned out!!


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