I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that it is FRIDAY! Normally, every friday morning I treat myself to a delicious pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (it really should be made year round), but totally forgot this morning because I am TOO excited for this evening! 

Who am I kidding... I am usually pretty excited every week for friday to come, but especially THIS Friday!  Billy and I are having my mini me, Mara (my stepsister's daughter), over for a sleepover tonight. We are going to carve pumpkins, make tacos, and have ice cream sundaes! I can't say enough about Mara... she is just the cutest and I totally wish I was a cool as she was when I was her age. She is a D-I-V-A, that is for sure!!!  We just love her sooo much and are really looking forward to it. These past couple weeks have been a struggle, so I can't wait to get my mind off of everything and just have fun with her. Meet the princess herself:

 Her and her sister Lia made the most beautiful flower girls in our wedding :)
 Our Lady Gaga pose...See, we're twinsies.
Billy & Mara

Saturday morning we will be taking her to her and her brother Brady's last soccer game. Have you ever watched 4 and 5 year olds play soccer?! If you haven't, you need to. It is absolutely adorable and can instantly bring a smile to your face. Hopefully after the game, I will get to tailgate for the Buckeyes game with some girlfriends - my favorite! Speaking of soccer.... I have my first TWO indoor games of the session this Sunday. I am playing on a team with Billy's work friends, and then on a second team with all of my good friends. I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY AGAIN!!! It has been way too long. Let's hope I don't forget how to play ;)

For anyone reading this... I'm asking for a couple prayers from you this weekend if you get a chance...

*First off, let's all pray for a BUCKEYES (and Bengals...) win this weekend....gotta still have faith. Go Bucks!
*Safe travels for my parents who are still enjoying themselves in Italy
*Most importantly... pray for my Aunt Jacki who has been placed in hospice after her long and hard fight with cancer. Pray for my Uncle Dennis to find strength to get through this very difficult time and for him to lean on us for comfort and support. Thank you in advance.
Have a great weekend everyone,



  1. Hey girlie! I'm so glad you found my blog! And i'm so glad I found yours! Looks like youre off to a great start! Congrats on your wedding!! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope everything else is going well with you! :) Looking forward to following along!


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