Happy Monday! I've been working on this post for a few weeks, yikes! Is anyone else a little thankful that it's getting darker earlier? Bedtime is much easier and the boys are now falling asleep earlier, which is giving me some time to fit in blogging. 

We've had so much going on the past month that I just wanted to share all the fun (and some not so fun things) currently happening....


He started the first week of September and he is in the purple room with Mrs. Curley and Mrs. Tatum! He goes just 2 days a week, but is loving it so far and has made some friends. He walks right in and I'm lucky if I get a big hug or smooch prior. Grayson cried the first few drop offs, but quickly snapped out of it when he realized mommy was going to give him some fun one-on-one time. I've been enjoying the extra time with him so much. I know Camden is going to learn so much this year and we're all happy for him because he was so ready. 


I leave in less than 2 weeks to go on a girls trip to Disney with Steph! Can you even believe it's been over a year and a half since I've seen her?! Another very very exciting thing? For those of you that don't know, Steph has her own travel agency business (Traveling Ears-look her up on insta or Facebook) and she offered to do GUEST POSTS on my blog!! Woo woo! I will keep you posted!

(you guys-my hair was about 6-7 inches longer than that longest piece pictured)


I know I did a post recently explaining a little bit of what has been going on with my hair loss (due to my thyroid med), but unfortunately it's gotten even worse. I'm now on a different medication and although the scalp issues I was having while on the previous med (burning and itching) went away RIGHT after I stopped taking that med, the hair loss has continued and gotten even worse. It takes time for that old medication to get out of my system and boy is this depressing! I fill up my brush daily (yes daily) and had to get hair extensions put in last week because of how bad the condition my hair is in. I know there are way worse situations out there so I hesitant to use this word - but it's been traumatic for me. It's happening all over my head - not just the bottom layer. My top layer is about 4 inches long now. I can't believe I'm posting that picture but I wanted you all to see what I've been dealing with and that I'm not just being dramatic. The hair extensions I got put in are absolutely amazing and look just like my real hair - they are the length that I (used) to have and blend so nicely. I plan to do an entire post about the hair extensions and who I used soon so stay tuned!!

It's been legit ages since I've shared a recipe here, but after lots of feedback on instagram I wanted to share it here too. I have been making this recipe a lot recently (this time I didn't have red grapes so just used green) and serving it over lettuce as a snack in between my Isagenix shakes, or when I don't feel like cooking dinner! It's really good.


If you missed the post I shared on instagram, here's what I wrote....

This past week Grayson had his first speech therapy session. (He's had 2 now!) He has always been able to say almost any word (with prompting) but is just more on the quiet side when expressing on his own. We knew he’d benefit from speech therapy and that he just needed a bit of a nudge in the right direction. ๐Ÿ’• I could cry as I type this but just after one session and us working with him all week, he is now combining two words, talking so much more confidently, and has finally said the words every mama anxiously awaits to hear, “I love you!” ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜ญ So happy and proud of this angel!!!

So yes...speech therapy is going well for us so far! Like I said, Grayson can say a good 50-60 words but he hadn't combined two words yet, and rarely spoke up on his own without prompting. He also makes a "blowing" noise when trying to say certain words that isn't very noticeable unless you live with him, but he has done it for a very long time. We took him to an ENT to make sure it wasn't a larger issue and to get his hearing checked (which he passed with flying colors), and our ENT (we actually used him back when Camden had to go to an ENT!) said he thinks it's just an odd habit and to continue on with speech therapy and hope that as he continues to speak more that he will just stop making the noise. So far - he's correct because just after these 2 speech session he rarely makes the noise anymore and is speaking so much! Of course we're thrilled, but what's even better is that HE IS SO MUCH HAPPIER because he can communicate with us!

Phew. That was a lot in one post. Thanks for reading friends and hope you had a great weekend!!

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