Florida 2018

Oh yes, another trip recap that includes a lot of pictures and not a whole lotta talk...SORRY you guys! But do you know how nice it is to be able to look back at these memories every year and have a "place" for all these fun pictures I took? 

Because it means kind of everything to me. It's crazy to think I've been documenting our memories/trips since 2009!!!!

I never ever ever want to forget this sweet sweet season we're in right now. The boys are the best of friends and want to do everything together and don't complain about holding hands so I am soaking it all up. They ask where the other one is if gone for 5 minutes and they are just so much fun.

This trip was definitely our best yet since Grayson is now only taking one nap (and Camden is still napping too) and Camden gets excited about doing all the things and is much more independent now, so we were able to be pretty productive about our days: beach in the morning (I'm talking before 9am early ha), lunch and nap for the boys, then it was off to the pool.

I know I'll never forget what their faces looked like when they got to the beach on our first day...

And what the rest of our days looked like...

(their shirts are from old navy!)

We were there over my birthday and Billy rented a boat for it so that we could go to Keewaydin Island, which was so special and just the perfect way to celebrate turning 33! There was hardly anyone there and had the most gorgeous water and beach. We are already talking about heading back next time we go because it was just breathtaking.

I get a lot of questions about traveling with 2 toddlers and if you have 3 or 4 you're probably thinking, "oh that's a breeze!" so just keep scrolling, if that's you. :) But I honestly have no real secrets. When we fly, we try as best we can to NOT fly during naps or close to bedtime because that just asks for meltdowns or fussiness, and we ALWAYS pack at least one car seat to check at the gate and ask if the plane is full (because if it's not they will let you bring it on which is so helpful! We put Grayson in his own seat in his carseat and that was a huge help since he was contained.) 

Snacks, a few *new* small toys, stickers, more snacks, and the iPad are my go-to's to keeping them occupied during the flight. I have no shame using the iPad if it means other people (and us) will have a little more peace and happiness on the flight. :)

As for our days, we do try to stick to normal nap times and bed times as much as we can, but keep them up a little bit later at night. Overtired kiddos = overtired parents!

Another question I'm frequently asked is about where to stay in the area and since we stay at my parents place, I don't have any experience with the hotels so I'm not much help. But, if you're looking for kid friendly restaurants or ideas of things to do in the area - I have a bunch of previous posts with recommendations if you search for Florida or Naples!

Here are a few of our go-to's, some have mentioned before: The Bowl (acai bowls), Tommy Bahamas, The Dock at Crayton Cove, The Turtle Club (for a fancy dinner), Bistro 821 (we had the best food here on this visit!), Jane's Cafe (brunch), Campiello, M Waterfront Grille, Bricktops. If you ever need an inside activity to do with your kids for a rainy day, definitely visit Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples! 

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  1. What a happy holiday and the very best memories!!! Reminds me of our Mauritius trips x


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