Weekend Updates

And by far the favorite thing that happened all weekend...

Billy's brother and his wife are having a BOY!! We couldn't be happier for them (and shocked because we all swore it was a girl) and to have a nephew! Is it not crazy how deep the boy gene pool runs on Billy's side? ha! 

I just love this jumpsuit I ordered last week. Normally I'm not a huge yellow person, but I had to try it and it's a win! Runs tts.

Fitting into old jeans that used to be tight on me basically can qualify to make a woman's whole week am I right?! Because it totally made mine.  (and I'm sooo thankful that I started on my new nutrition a month ago this week!)  

{Top is Old Navy, jeans are from a boutique in San Francisco that I got when we visited (sorry), Booties are Target!} 

If you didn't see on my instastories, these sunglasses from Amazon (mine are the tortoise) that are $9.99 are dupes of a pair of $250 Karen Walkers! Such a good find!

Just because I love this pic. The boys have been obsessed with getting "blanket rides" lately - where each of us take an end of the blanket and we swing them back and forth. They ask us to do it about 30 times in a row. 😀 

I admit I've been working on their "3 year and 18 month update" post for literally over a month now. Must.get.it.together!

This weekend is St. Patty's Day!!! What are you guys doing to celebrate?

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