Happy Monday! Hope your coffee is as strong as mine is this morning!

So, I figured it's been too too long since I've done a big life update on here so here's a lot of random...


Today officially marks Camden's birthday week! He turns THREE on Wednesday and his birthday party is this Saturday! We are doing a construction theme (his choice) and opted to have it at our house since it will also give us a chance to show a lot of our family + friends the new house. This 3rd birthday, though, is a little bit harder for me to accept than when he turned 2! Three years old just seems so much more grown up - even though he's still little, it doesn't feel that way as much. I have been going through pictures of him and could just cry at how much he has grown. We have been so consumed with getting things done around the house that I'm really excited to take a break and for a chance to just celebrate HIM all week...


Last weekend we took the boys to see Paw Patrol Live at the Ohio Theatre, which was so much fun. Camden was really into it and kept saying hi to all the pups! Grayson loved it too (especially the music) and they both sang and danced practically the whole time. It kept their attention and we loved seeing how much they enjoyed it (the best part about taking your kids to events like that - right?!) 

 (other picture was from a christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family - Gray was pretty happy with his presents... :)) 


I've had some major cabin fever lately with these frigid temps. I feel so bad that Kona can't get any walks outside, and taking the boys to go anywhere in the car takes about 25 minutes to just get them dressed with 101 layers on and to get the car warmed up to leave. I'm thankful we now have a bigger play area for the boys compared to our last house, which is so nice, but it's still hard not being able to get outside at all. I am dreaming of tropical weather!

(not the best angle to see the trim & it still needs to be painted but you get the idea and can see the new color of the room!)


Has anyone had their cabinets sprayed before? After Camden's party that is the next project on our list to have done, and I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback on how you like it and what paint you used! (We are hiring people to do it - we won't be trying to do it ourselves as we've never done that before and don't want to mess it up) I'm super excited to post pictures of the before & afters!


One of my smaller personal goals for this year is to stop staying up so late at night. I have gotten into a bad habit of staying up past midnight every night, and let me tell you it SHOWS the next day in multiple ways. It's hard though because sometimes I feel like that late at night when everyone is asleep is MY time to get things done. I love staying home with the boys everyday, but the hardest part is not having much time to myself or to truly get what feels like a "break". On another note - preschool registration for the fall is coming up and I'm touring a few of my favorite places for Camden to go to this week!

That's enough of my ramblings for today...I'm working on a fun house post that will be up this week! have a good day friends!

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  1. My husband and I actually sprayed our own cabinets - you can see it on my instagram @rachelmeystedt. It turned out GREAT and I would not hesitate to do it again. We think most of the reason it turned out so great is that we used Benjamin Moore Advance paint that is made specifically for trim and cabinets in a satin finish. It's not very shiny, but looks like they came straight from the factory already white! It's around $50 a can, but worth it!


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