I started putting together another "currently" monthly update type of post, but then this idea dawned on me. 9 honest truths...I like it! And if you want to share an honest truth of yours below (or can relate to any of mine), I'd love to hear them.

1. January is the hardest month of the year for me. The holidays are over, the weather is way too cold, it's not yet February so you can't start mentally getting in the spring mindset or excited about a holiday, and I always just feel down and not like myself. Exercising really seems to help a little bit, though (more on that below.)

2. Preschool open registration for Camden gave me at least 10 gray hairs and stressed me out way too much. They take it pretty seriously at my top 2 choice programs and by seriously I mean people line up starting at 3:30 am for current families and 5:30am for new families. The good news is that he got into the class that was our top pick, so he will be going to the same church that me and Billy actually got married at, which I think is really cool and kinda special!

3. I have old lady knees. They are so bad that they crack loudly every single time I bend down, and bother me a lot when I do certain workout exercises like squats. Speaking of - I just started the BBG 12 week workout program. I like it because I can easily do the exercises during nap time at home and it's quick workouts.

4. I have "temporarily misplaced" something really, really important to me when we moved. I say misplaced because I'm trying to stay positive that it's not lost forever. It was one of those situations that the item meant so much to me that I decided to not put it in just a regular moving box, but somewhere that I THOUGHT would be safer, and therefore because I put it in a "unique" spot I can't find it anywhere. I feel really stupid for not remembering where I put it and have been really bummed about it. I've spent spent hours looking with no luck. I feel like I won't stop thinking about it until I find it, and it just really sucks.

5. I'm having the hardest time trying to pick out rugs for our family room and dining room. I'm mainly torn between going with a neutral rug or getting something with color? This is the one with pops of color that I really like. I'm so NOT good at bigger house decor purchases like this because I'm so indecisive (and hate returning things!)

6. I have a crush on Lip in the show Shameless.

7. I've sucked at cooking new recipes for like, oh the past year. I'm wanting to cook in the crock-pot more (mainly because I can prepare in the morning vs. scramble to put something together at the busiest time of our day) so I posted on my instastories about compiling crock-pot recipes that you guys submit to me. I have gotten SO MANY GOOD recipes sent to me and WILL have the post up sharing them tomorrow!

8. I attempted to apply shiplap wallpaper on a wall in our half bathroom and no - it definitely ended up in a giant wad on our dining room table after an hour. It was the biggest fail. Not every house project goes well or is "easy" like they appear on Pinterest. :)

9. The other day I told someone my wrong age. I blanked and FORGOT my own age?! Like, what? I swear to you my mind is mush some days. I think I need to take some vitamins that help with forgetfulness. Stat. 

Happy Wednesday! Don't forget to check back tomorrow to pin a bunch of yummy recipes and get some cooking inspiration!


  1. I his stuff from myself in “safe” places when we moved too! I actually finally found the stuff I hid in zipper pockets of a purse that I use when we travel. I’m still not sure why I thought that was a safe place.
    The time before that my husband kept putting stuff in his truck, in the passenger seat and the glovebox.

    And for winter: I heard yesterday the weatherman said we were halfway through meteorological winter(which runs from 12/1 to 3/1) so YAY! I mean, it still won’t be warm-ish until early May....

  2. Oh that black hole where things go when you move! I'm so sorry! I really hope it shows up! Congrats on registering Camden for pre-school next year! Can you believe we will have pre-schoolers?!! Can't wait to check out those recipes tomorrow!!

  3. January gloom is definitely a thing for me! AND I'm 7 weeks pregnant so I just feel really gross! Just holding on until the end of February, hoping I make it there so we can tell friends and family. In the meantime planning a trip to California and Vegas in May to have something to look forward to.

    With regards to your rug, I would say if your room is neutral and the decor/paint is pretty neutral go with color to give it a pop, and if it's the opposite then go neutral. We just finished design-building our first home and it was so much fun but so much pressure. We stuck to a very neutral scheme though because the house is very modern. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  4. Oh no my friend, I hope you find your something special soon! Haha, I also have to second guess my age?! x


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