The Best Of Hearth and Hand!

Hi friends! Our house is back to being healthy again (minus the lbs I've gained from stealing the boys' Halloween candy) and even though Daylight Savings always throws us for a little bit of a loop, I had to make time to get to Target this morning for launch day of Magnolia!

Duh. Love me some Joanna + Chip!!

I don't buy house decor all that often, so I knew this would be a good time to add some of my favorite things from the collection + spruce our house up a bit. I actually had luck ordering the must haves on my list online before heading into the store, but I still wanted to go see some of the things in person (and the gorgeous display!) and I'm SO happy I did! I WANTED TO BUY ALL OF THE THINGS. The prices are so affordable and there's so much good stuff that are classic (I loveeee all the neutrals) and will last over the years. I couldn't be more excited that Target is going to keep this line around!

Here are the best of the best (IMO) from the collection:

Love this small one too!  

A couple things I did not get but hope to snag in the future...

Letters To Santa (HOW cute is this for your kids! I really want to get this!)

Artificial Sage Garland (this is so pretty and would look beautiful on your mantle or dining room table)

Cocoa Pot
(If you have a beverage/coffee bar in your house-there are so many cute items to add to it!)

Alright....time for you to fess up! Did you love the collection like me or was it just so-so? What did you scoop up? 

PS: Kona had her FIRST puppy training session yesterday! She is such a good pup with a great temperament (+ actually pretty calm for a puppy) but we still thought it was important to do some private lessons while she is so young + potty training, so we hired a trainer that will come out to our house once a week for 6 weeks. We really liked the trainer and are excited to watch Kona progress! (for local gals-we went with PinUp Pup!) 

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