Gift Guide: Activewear For Her & Him!

I'm sitting here chowing down on a pint of Halo Top's peanut butter cup ice cream while creating this fun gift guide. It's been a WEEK...you know, one thing after another. As for the main event (the one I can share-more on the other SOON!), a lot of you follow me already on instagram and know this but on Wednesday Grayson tripped and fell and lost his top (right) middle tooth. It wasn't a bad tumble at all (he didn't fall on anything and he was on carpet) so it's crazy to me that the whole tooth came out! I've been so sad because I really love his gap tooth smile and I just feel like he's so little to be losing teeth. However, I'm just glad he is okay and his mouth is okay. I took him to our pediatric dentist and they did x-rays to make sure the other teeth were okay and that his tooth fully came out and none of it was still in. He has been really sore and kind of miserable ever since it happened (getting a molar too so he's teething as well) which breaks this mama heart.

Moving on...does anyone love to shop online on Friday's? It's definitely my favorite day of the week to shop! So I had this idea to create an activewear/athleisure gift guide for women and men because I feel like EVERYONE loves wearing and receiving these type of gifts. They are the gifts that you know will get worn over and over again.

Comfy leggings...a warm hoodie...sign me up. This is the first year creating a gift guide like this so I hope you like it! I also ranked my top 3 items...check them out below...

The North Face Crescent Parka Fleece (two other colors available)

Zella Frosty Asymmetrical Zip Pullover (LOVE!!)

Nike Roshe Sneaker

Zella Sport Knit Leggings

The North Face Slacker Poncho (My #1 pick! Look at the back...so cute)

Wunder Under Leggings (my all time fav year round workout pants-seriously the best)

Hotty Hot Shorts

Zella Alcove Duffel Bag (My #2 pick, literally use for everything!)

Fitbit Ionic Watch (soo sharp! treat yo' man)

Nike Thermasphere Running Hoodie

Swell Teakwood Water Bottle

Nike Hyper Dry Training Tee

Adidas Swift Run Running Shoe (these are awesome! I pick these as my #3 because I had to include a fav for men & athletic shoes are my obsession)

Evolution Polo (Billy loves these polos-they are great and worth the splurge)

PS: If you're looking for a quality jacket for the winter I would recommend THIS ONE!! 😍

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  1. I work at North Face and the slacker poncho is my absolute fav! I have it in 3 colors!


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