I'm taking a quick break from my California recaps just so I can post some random happenings lately. I feel like it's been so long since I've just posted pictures of the boys and what we've been up to. Grayson has decided to walk full time now (he was still crawling a bit before) so now I'm trying to master wrangling two kids that go off in separate directions. When I thought my hands were full before...ha, wrong. Now I've really got my hands full. Mad props to those of you with more than 2 kids!

Anyway, this time of year is full of SO many of my favorite things...pumpkin patches, apple picking, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. What's not to like? (Besides winter coming after it...) This weekend was a great start to all of that fun! It has been so nice out so we headed to Powell's Oktoberfest during the day on Saturday, which is basically a festival that had music under tents, food trucks and stands, kettle corn, and a playground close by for the kids to play at. Camden was living his best life because he got to take a tour of a firetruck there (actually got to go on a different one earlier that day too that happened so randomly!) They let him touch the hose, their helmets, and sit in the drivers seat. He immediately honked the horn and was screaming because he was so excited that he did it...it was so freaking cute.

 (their matching shirts are from old navy!)

Saturday night we set up our tv outside on our deck and had our neighbors and their boys (they have two boys as well) over to watch the OSU game. We got pizzas and had a fire in the backyard!

On Sunday I knew I wanted to make a yummy soup recipe that we haven't tried before (I've been slacking on trying new recipes lately), so I decided to make this Panera Copycat Chicken + Wild Rice Soup. It tasted just like it + was SO good. Adding to our rotation for this fall and winter, for sure! We also went to my girlfriends sons birthday party in the afternoon which happened to be at one of their favorite play cafes! All the kids had such a good time + the mamas enjoyed catching up. 

Now I'm just sitting here counting down until Tuesday night at 9 when This Is Us is back on. Are they going to throw us a twist or did Jack really die in the fire? What do you guys think? I loved the premiere but figured they would throw something like that in RIGHT at the very end and I NEED answers...

PS: I woke up to the heartbreaking news in Las Vegas and my heart dropped. I'm so sad for our world and all the people/families affected by this heartless crime. Sending so many prayers and love today to Las Vegas today. 

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  1. It looks like Camden was in heaven with the firetruck. Your OSU game watching sounds like the best evening. Jess at Just Jess


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