I'm so excited to introduce you all to the newest member of our family...miss Kona girl! 💖 She is a goldendoodle and is the sweetest little thing. She weighs around 5 lbs  and is expected to be around 40-45 lbs (which we know can be off and she may be bigger than that!) We picked her up yesterday and she's already fitting into our family seamlessly.

Camden is absolutely smitten with her...he talks to her nonstop and follows her everywhere. He has loved helping feed her + calls for her right when he gets up from sleeping! Grayson has warmed up wonderfully to her as well and enjoys petting her and giving her kisses. Our neighbors actually have a goldendoodle (a much bigger one though) and the boys have always gotten along so well with her and loved her. We have heard nothing but great things about the breed and how good they are with kids!

I honestly haven't been ready to add another dog to our family, after losing Rocky almost a year ago, up until a few months ago. I never wanted to rush into anything so I'm happy that we took our time and waited until we were really sure. I did, though, research breeds like crazy in the mean time just so I would know for when I felt more ready. When we all met her we totally fell in love and had to have her!

As for the name...it has no specific meaning other than it is the one name that Camden kept saying over and over again and that we kept coming back to :) I've also been told it's a Hawaiian name meaning Lady and Kona Coffee (which we LOVE!!)

I apologize in advance for lots of puppy pics coming your way! Oh, and if you have any puppy training tips send them my way...it's been so long since I've done this!!


  1. Exciting news!! I brought home a Golden Doodle 2 months ago and it was my first time experiencing Puppy life... it was a huge transition, but Tito is great! We spent a lot of time outside when I first brought him home (every 30min) to make sure he knew where he had to go potty, and I crate trained him and he does fantastic at sleeping through the night. The first night we were up every hour (UGH!) but then I started pushing it to every 2 hrs. and by the time he was 9 weeks we were sleeping through the night for the most part. I made sure to set my alarm so he didn't learn that if he cried he got to get out of his kennel - so the proactive approach worked for us. He's still a little monster and I am ready for his puppy teeth to fall out, but I love him! Good Luck - it seems like Kona is going to make a GREAT addition to your family!

  2. How cute.


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