Grayson's First Birthday Party!

Finally getting a chance to post Grayson's birthday party recap!

I can't tell you guys how much fun I had putting together Grayson's Little Blue Truck birthday party. Little Blue Truck is a popular children's book for those who don't have kids or may be wondering where it came from! He loves trucks and anything with wheels, and since the book is a favorite in our house I knew it would be fun to do! The week of his party, I saw a neighbor was selling a bounce house that was in great condition so on a whim I decided to buy it so that the kids would be able to play in it (and I knew the boys would LOVE it!) 

We were actually supposed to have the party at our house outside, but the morning of his party it was raining really hard and the forecast called for rain on and off all day. So, after going back and forth like 3 times (#indecisive) we loaded up my car with all the decorations and food, and I rushed over to my parents to set everything up since they offered to have it at their house instead. They have a huge basement that is perfect for entertaining and my dad said he would set up the bounce house down there so that the kids would still be able to play in it. Naturally, it didn't even end up raining all afternoon (FIGURES!) but we were still glad we decided to have it over there because it was really hot outside. But of course that would happen...right? :)

As for the food for the party, I wanted it to coordinate with the truck and farm animal theme from the book so we had pulled pork sandwiches, garden veggies, farm fresh eggs, little piggies (pigs in a blanket), chicken feed (popcorn), baked beans, and diesel fuel (lemonade in a big pitcher.) My stepmom went completely above and beyond with the awesome truck birthday cake and farm animal cupcakes!! I was blown away by cute they were and how good of a job she did on them!

My favorite decoration was his highchair birthday banner. I got it from this shop (the owner does a ton of different themes or other colors) and it is even cuter in person!

It should come as no surprise to us (or anyone that knows him) that Grayson completely devoured his smash cake! He wasted no time getting in there and would not stop eating it. He had some help with his presents, since Camden was WAY more interested in seeing what was in them than he was. :) But they both loved all the cute gifts he got and have had so much fun playing with them together...


And to top of a wonderful party for the SWEETEST little dude around...we somehow even managed to get a picture of all 4 of us looking at the camera. Nowadays it takes about 25 not so good ones to get 1 decent looking one, so yes, HUGE SUCCESS...

It was such a fun party celebrating our little man, and I'm already looking forward to what next years party will include!

Other sources: 

Pig Balloon // #1 Balloon // Truck Poster (printable) // Wood Crates are from Michaels // Gingham tablecloth I found at the Dollar Store // Grayson's birthday shorts I found at a local boutique, top is from Old Navy!

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  1. Such a fun party - and well done mama, everything was great! x


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