LISTENING TO: Kind of ashamed to admit how much I LOVE the song "No Promises" 🙋

WONDERING: Does the 'putting your kids zipper sleeper pajamas on backwards so that they can't get them off' actually work?! Asking for a friend... And that friend is me. Sooo Camden has been taking off his zippered pajamas (we had been putting him in these vs two piece sleep sets because he always takes the pants right off) AND his diaper at bedtime. Multiple times in a row. I feel like just being consistent and putting them back on him each time he does it might be the way to go, but what if he just keeps on doing it? He is one persistent little boy, I'm tellin' you guys. What should we do? Weight in... :)

LOVING: I realized the other day I never blogged about these sandals I found last week that are identical to a designer pair that retail for $70. They are SO comfortable! {my color is currently sold out but they STILL have black available! I ordered a half size up}

 (cardigan is from Marshalls)

+this $39 ruffle sleeve dress! (comes in 2 other colors) 

+the most gorgeous color of yoga capris 😍 OBSESSED with these...

RECOMMENDING: this kids carpet play mat for little ones! The boys flipped over it and have been playing with it so much since we got it. It's a really great size (much bigger than other ones I've seen) and is perfect for a play room...

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Weird and really random but I just saw that THIS IS US starts back up NEXT MONTH! Did you guys see that?! Super excited! Our SEVEN year anniversary is also this Monday💗

Billy has been super busy at work lately (which is a good thing), but he's been gone a little more at night so I've been so tired in the evenings and haven't got a chance to blog much this week. Does anyone else find it really hard to get on the computer at night? Going to try to get some posts done during nap time! Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. My little guy had the same problem with the pajamas. I ordered these and they were perfect! They are pajamas with zippers in the back. Hope they can help you too! http://www.littlekeepersleeper.com/

  2. Obsessed with that song and that show too!! :)

  3. I can't wait till This is Us is back!!

  4. Gah. This is us is coming back/! Yay! Also, cheers to 7!

  5. Can you tell me where the Yoga Capris came from. I don't see a link. Thanks


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