Grayson William: 11 Months Old

Only one more month until my second baby boy is ONE! So crazy. I hope this next month goes as slow as possible!

The biggest change this month is that we're currently transitioning Grayson off of bottles and it's going really well. He is drinking out of Nuk cups now that have a spout and the ones Camden always loved. I'm also going to start switching him to whole milk soon!

He is taking steps with the push walker toy that we have, so I don't think it'll be much longer before he's walking! The boys grow closer every single day, which obviously makes me so happy. They love to cuddle, read, and get baths together. Cam lets Grayson crawl all over him too and they think it's so funny. We all can't wait to celebrate his birthday soon-he has brought our family so much love and joy this past year!

Milestones//Special Moments: First time on the boat at the cottage // Taking steps with the help of the walker // 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom)

Weight/Height: 22-23 lbs, not sure on height

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown (one of my fav features-he has very expressive and sweet eyes!)

Clothes: 18-24 months 

Diapers: 4's

Sleeping: 2 naps still- 1st is 9-10am, 2nd is at 12pm-3ish, I think he's been growing through a growth spurt because he's been wanting to go to bed at 6:30pm lately! (and is still sleeping until 7 or 730)

Likes: EATING // Playing hide and seek with Cam // Music // Being tickled // Shaking his head no // Giving kisses // Clapping // Crawling on us // Baths (he is always trying to stand during them now!) // Moana (this is literally one of the only movies/shows he will pay attention to) // Is more interested in books now (Brown Bear Brown Bear and Touch n' Feel books) 

Dislikes: Laying on his back to have his diaper changed (too busy for that now mom) // When we take something away that he can't have

We love you immensely, Gray! Happy 11 Months!

favorite pictures this month: 

and just for fun, both boys at this age :)


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